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Bangs never go out of style! Face-framing bangs, front bangs, side-swept bangs, curtain bangs; which one is your favorite haircut?

Types of Bangs

long bangs

Long bangs

What face shape and hair type do long bangs suit the best? Let our experts guide you through the latest trends for long bangs and help you choose the right ones for you!

side bang

Side bangs

The ultimate list of the best hairstyles for side bangs! What is the best way to wear them, and what type of side bangs is the most flattering for your hair type?

curtain bangs

Curtain bangs

Explore the most flattering ways to style and wear your curtain bangs. Read on to learn how to frame your face and transform your look in a blink of an eye!

cute hairstyles with bangs

50 Cute Hairstyles With Bangs Trending In 2024

Reinvent your face, style and appearance with these cute hairstyles with bangs. They are a must-try this season!

hairstyle with bangs

The Definitive Guide To Choosing The Right Type Of Bangs

Bangs can change your vibe and accentuate your features. Here's how to choose the right type of bangs that frame your face and elevate your look.

long pixie cut with bangs

80+Stylish Long Pixie Cut With Bangs Trends

If you're looking for a fresh hairstyle, a long pixie cut with bangs should be your number one pick. Choose your favorite one from our collection!

face framing bangs

30 Trendy Face Framing Bangs For Every Face Shape

Face-framing bangs have the power to accentuate your jawline and cheekbones. Find the perfect ones for to your face shape!

medium hairstyle with bangs

50 Medium Hairstyles With Bangs You’ll Want This Summer

Mid-length hair with bangs is the perfect mix of versatility and low-maintenance. Here are 50 styles combining bangs with medium hair to inspire you.

layered bob with bangs

40+ Chic Layered Bob With Bangs Ideas For 2024

A layered bob with bangs is an easy look that can be casual, edgy, flirty, and everything in between. Pick your favorite from our selection!

blunt bob with bangs

40 Stylish Blunt Bob With Bangs Trends To Try In 2024

A blunt bob with bangs is an adaptable haircut that can be worn in many ways. Find the one that fits your face shape, hair texture and personal style.

bob with curtain bangs

40 On-Trend Bob With Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Tailor-made curtain bangs and a bob that works for you will create a hairstyle that's uniquely yours. Here's how to pair a bob with curtain bangs.

short bob with bangs

60 Short Bob With Bangs Pics To Show Your Stylist

There are lots of different ways to wear a short bob with bangs. Here's all the inspo you need to refresh your look with this easy and versatile haircut.

long bob with bangs

50+ Long Bob With Bangs Looks You'll Want To Try Right Now

Spice up your already cool lob with bangs to take it to the next level: a long bob with bangs is versatile, attractive, and suits any occasion.

inverted bob with bangs

40 Up-To-Date Inverted Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

The inverted bob with bangs is a flattering hairstyle that will perfectly suit your face shape and draw attention to your favorite features.

long hair with bangs

50 Fresh Ideas For Long Hair With Bangs

Bangs create balance and proportion, making long hair more interesting and versatile. Get inspired by these 50 ways to wear bangs with long hair.

bangs hairstyle for oval face

50 Hairstyles With Bangs For Oval Face

If you have an oval face and like switching up your look, you're lucky because you can pull off any style of bangs, and these 50 examples prove it.

hair with wispy bangs

50 Low-Maintenance Wispy Bangs Looks To Try

Wispy bangs are flattering, versatile and low-maintenance. Here are 50 hairstyles guaranteed to inspire you to go for it and get them.

short straight hair with bangs

50 Short Straight Hair With Bangs Trends To Try ASAP

Short straight hair with bangs is easy and flattering. Choose a combination of a haircut and a style of bangs to create your ideal hairstyle.

short curly hair with bangs

50 Short Curly Hair With Bangs Inspo Pics

A few pieces around the face flatter the features and complement the curls. These short curly hair with bangs styles will inspire you to go for it.

bangs with layers

60 Flattering Bangs With Layers Hairstyles

If you want to be stylish, you simply mustn't miss the newest fashion trend: bangs with layers!

pixie cut with bangs

60 Best Pixie Cut With Bangs Hairstyles

Here’s our top pick of the best pixie cuts with bangs– your job is just to find the most flattering one for you.

curtain bangs

50 Best Hairstyles With Curtain Bangs Trending In 2024

Hide your forehead, accentuate your cheekbones or just improve your style with trendy curtain bangs for every face shape!

pixie cut with long bangs

50+ Pixie Cut With Long Bangs Haircuts

If you want to add interest, versatility, and depth to your hairdo, a pixie cut with long bangs is your number one choice!

side bangs

50 Stunning Hairstyles With Side Bangs

Browse the ultimate collection of trendy hairstyles with side bangs to rock this season and transform your entire look!

bangs for round face

60 Trendy Hairstyles With Bangs For Round Face

What is the most flattering type of bangs for round face? Read on to find out!

bob with side bangs

51 Bob With Side Bangs To Try In 2024

Adding bangs to a bob will transform it more than you'd think. Here's 51 bob with side bangs to inspire you if you're looking for a fresh style.

curly hair with bangs

40 Stylish And Effortless Curly Hair With Bangs Hairstyles

You’re thinking about refreshing your curls? These curly hair with bangs ideas will make you book a hair appointment ASAP.

Top 40 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles With Bangs To Try In 2024

Top 40 Shoulder-Length Hairstyles With Bangs To Try In 2024

Want a trendy, stylish, yet low-maintenance hairstyle? Check out this collection of shoulder-length hairstyles with bangs and you'll find one for sure!

black hair with bangs

Black Hair With Bangs Is Here To Cement Your Cool Girl Status For Life

Want to look mysterious and chic? Want a hairstyle that accentuates your beautiful facial features? Black hair with bangs is made for you!

wispy curtain fringe long hair

24 Top Trending Wispy Curtain Fringe Styles For Long Hair

Are you looking for wispy curtain fringe inspo for your long hair? Find out how your hair color and type would look with wispy bangs.

choppy bangs

25 Hairstyles With Choppy Bangs To Nail The Effortlessly Chic Look

You want to upgrade your hairstyle with edgy and stylish fringe? Choppy bangs are the right thing for you, and I’ve gathered here a few pics to prove it to you!

baby bangs long hair

Baby Bangs & Long Hair: 2024's Trendiest Long Locks Combo

Stay on trend and try out baby bangs on your long hair. Make a fashion statement you'll be remembered by.

wavy hair with bangs

22 Insta-Worthy Wavy Hair With Bangs Looks To Try Today

Wavy hair with bangs will give you that chic and effortless look without trying too hard. Find the perfect style for your mane!

layered hair with bangs

Layered Hair With Bangs Is About To Take The Street Style Scene By Storm

Layered hair with bangs made its great entrance to the fashion scene and it's not planning to leave anytime soon. Check out why!

face-framing curtain bangs

Face-Framing Curtain Bangs Will Instantly Make You More Gorgeous

Face-framing curtain bangs look amazing on everyone and we keep falling in love with this iconic style over and over again.

layered shag with fringe

20 Stylish Ways To Wear A Layered Shag With Fringe

Layered shag with fringe is one of the most versatile haircuts that look flattering on all hair lengths. Find your favorite style!

wolf cut with bangs

20 Ways To Wear A Bold And Beautiful Wolf Cut With Bangs

The wolf cut is this season's standout hair trend, looking exceptionally stunning with a fringe. Check out these 20 ideas to rock a wolf cut with bangs.

short shag with bangs

20 Chic Short Shag With Bangs Ideas For A Rock’n’Roll Vibe

The shag is a cut that delivers texture, style, and wildness that never goes out of fashion. Check out these 20 ideas for a short shag with bangs.

feathered bangs

20 Stunning Hairstyles With Feathered Bangs Trending In 2024

Feathered bangs highlight your facial features in the best possible way. Explore the 20 most stylish hair ideas with this type of bangs.

french bangs

22 Fabulous Hairstyles With French Bangs You Need To Try

French bangs are stylish, low-maintenance, and perfect for any hair type and length. Here are 22 amazing hairstyles that pair beautifully with them!

hairstyles with bangs for women over 50

20 Fabulous Hairstyles With Bangs For Women Over 50

Freshen up your look or go for a complete transformation with these gorgeous hairstyles with bangs for women over 50.