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Blondes really do have more fun! Here’s all the info you need on how to keep your blond hair healthy, shiny, beautiful, and stylish at all times!

platinum blonde hair

60 Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas To Make You Crave A Color Change

Platinum is the lightest shade of blonde and a statement color. Read on to learn how to choose your shade and how to get it—plus 60 inspo pics.

blonde highlights

60 Blonde Highlights Inspo Pics To Show Your Colorist

Blonde highlights can brighten natural blonde hair or bring a dramatic change to dark tresses. Here are 60 inpo pics to introduce you to highlights.

dark blonde hair

30 Dark Blonde Hair Colors Giving Quiet Luxury In 2024

Dark blonde hair is a low-maintenance option if you're blonde-curious but want to avoid all the effort. Here are some lovely shades to inspire you.

ash blonde hair

60 Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

Check out why ash blonde hair color is so popular and appealing! Here's the ultimate collection of different shades to choose from.

dirty blonde hair

50 Laid-Back Dirty Blonde Hair Looks

Dirty blonde is an easygoing alternative to light blonde shades—it requires less upkeep, but looks just as pretty. Here's some inspiration.

brown and blonde hair

45 Brown And Blonde Hair Inspo Pics To Show Your Stylist

Combining brown and blonde hair is common because they work together seamlessly. Here are the many ways it's possible to mix the two.

undone blonde

Undone Blonde Is The Flattering Way To Go Low-Maintenance

Undone blonde is toned down and low-maintenance, but still fresh and bright. Here are 20 stunning looks to choose from.

blonde pixie cut

80 Must-Try Blonde Pixie Cut Ideas

If you want to change your looks, check out our list of the best blonde pixie cut hairstyles for your head shape and hair type.

blonde highlights on dark hair

50 Hairstyles With Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Why are blonde highlights on dark hair a number one coloring trend this season? There is only one way to find out: to keep on reading!

blonde balayage ideas

60+ Stylish Blonde Balayage Ideas

Want to upgrade your look? Check out the ultimate collection of the best and trendiest blonde balayage ideas!

short blonde bob

50 Trendiest Short Blonde Bob Hairstyles In 2024

If you're looking for a fresh hairstyle, a short blonde bob is as striking as it's versatile. Here's the inspiration you need to find a perfect bob.

warm blonde hair

30 Warm Blonde Hair Colors That Will Make You Glow

If you're over ash blonde balayage, it's time to get that old-school diva glow—here are 30 gorgeous warm blonde hair colors that bring the heat.

honey blonde hair

50 Honey Blonde Hair Ideas Trending In 2024

Honey blonde hair is the perfect mixture of warm blonde and light brown hues. Sounds perfect? Well, it looks even better!

caramel blonde hair

50 Fresh Caramel Blonde Hair Inspo Pics For 2024

Caramel blonde hair whispers quiet luxury. Give your locks a makeover and check out the trendiest ways to wear this timeless hue.

red and blonde hair color

40 Red And Blonde Hair Color Ideas Trending In 2024

Are you brave enough to pull off red and blonde hair colors together? If the answer is yes, hop on to it!

strawberry blonde hair

50 Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

Strawberry blonde hair: the perfect combination of warm blonde and red hues. The good news is that it looks even better than it sounds!

blonde hair color

Best Blonde Hair Colors And Styles To Try

Do blondes really do it better? Do they have more fun? What's so special about blonde hair color? Read on to find out!

cowboy copper hair color

Fall Hair Color Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

Fluffy sweater—check. Pumpkin spice latte–check. The fall is coming and aIl that's missing is a spicy new fall hair color. Here's what's trending.

medium length blonde hair

45 Stunning Medium-Length Blonde Hair Trends For 2024

You're about to have the hairstyle of your life. Your only task is to pick the medium-length blonde hair look you like the most and show it to your hairdresser.

red hair with blonde highlights

60 Best Red Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

If you consider yourself a fashionable gal, you can't afford to miss the newest trend: red hair with blonde highlights!

hair color ideas

80 Hair Color Ideas For Every Aesthetic

Bright blondes, luscious browns and fiery red hues, or something boldly different—which of these hair color ideas will make you feel fabulous?

winter hair color

These 24 Winter Hair Color Trends Will Be All The Rage This Season

"Brace yourselves. Winter is coming!" Get ready to make a big statement this season with these breathtaking winter hair color ideas!

2024 hair trends for women

The Biggest 2024 Hair Trends For Women Are Heating Up

Butterfly layers, ultra-long braids, gemini hair, claw clips... These major 2024 hair trends for women will reign supreme this year!

hair colors for medium skin

20 Hair Colors That Look Stunning On Medium Skin Tones

There's a range of colors that suit medium skin tones. Learn how to pick your shade with a few tips and the inspo pics we rounded up.

blonde layered hair

25 Editor-Approved Blonde Layered Hair Ideas To Try In 2024

Ready to finally try trendy blonde layered hair? We offer you myriad of options to freshen up your look and give you a chic makeover.

blonde wolf cut

20 Trendy Ideas To Rock A Blonde Wolf Cut This Spring

Blondes have more fun, so your hair should never look boring. Here are 20 creative ways to embrace a blonde wolf cut and stay on-trend this season!

summer blonde hair

22 Summer Blonde Hair Colors To Show to Your Colorist ASAP

Add some sunshine to your tresses and breathe fresh life into your look with the year's hottest summer blonde hair colors.

sunkissed hair brunette

20 Sunkissed Brunette Hair Color Ideas For A Radiant Look

Find the most flattering sunkissed hair brunette style for your hair and get ready to glow with these beautiful, low-maintenance hairstyles!

blonde with strawberry blonde lowlights featured

Blonde With Strawberry Blonde Lowlights Offers A Perfect Summer Look

Your light hair deserves a nice refreshment, so, here are 21 stunning ideas on how to enhance your blonde hair with strawberry blonde lowlights!