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Bob Cuts

Even though most people think of the classic bob – chin-length with straight bangs – as the bob haircut, any hairstyle cut from around chin level to just above the collarbone falls under the term. Bobs are universally flattering and fit all ages, face shapes, and hair textures. Explore our collection of classic bobs, shaggy bobs, lobs, and many more.

short blonde bob

50 Trendiest Short Blonde Bob Hairstyles In 2024

If you're looking for a fresh hairstyle, a short blonde bob is as striking as it's versatile. Here's the inspiration you need to find a perfect bob.

bob with side bangs

51 Bob With Side Bangs To Try In 2024

Adding bangs to a bob will transform it more than you'd think. Here's 51 bob with side bangs to inspire you if you're looking for a fresh style.

65 Fresh Angled Bob Haircuts For 2024

A-line, stacked, blunt, inverted - which angled bob is right for you? Here are 65 trendy angled bob haircuts to give you ideas and inspire you.

layered bob with bangs

40+ Chic Layered Bob With Bangs Ideas For 2024

A layered bob with bangs is an easy look that can be casual, edgy, flirty, and everything in between. Pick your favorite from our selection!

stacked bob haircut

60+ Stylish Stacked Bob Haircuts To Rock In 2024

If you're looking for a short style that gives volume and shape to your tresses, stacked bob haircuts are where it's at. Here's what we've found for you.

undercut bob

50+ Latest Undercut Bob Ideas You’ll Love

The undercut bob is a bold, edgy hairstyle, but did you know it can also be cute and pretty? Check out the many ways to wear this popular haircut.

choppy bob

60 Stylish Choppy Bob Haircuts To Flaunt In 2024

A choppy bob works for everyone—it's the ideal haircut for thin hair that needs texture and volume, and thick hair that could use lift and movement.

one-length bob

45 One Length Bob Haircuts Trending In 2024

One-length bob is always cool, sexy and never goes out of fashion. It's versatile and can be styled to suit all ages, faces and hair textures.

blunt cut bob

55 Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyles You’ll Want In 2024

The blunt cut bob is fresh, sharp and looks best when it's a touch messy—and it works on all hair types, textures and face shapes.

textured lob

45 Hottest Textured Lob Haircuts For 2024

The textured lob embodies effortless style—it's flattering, yet low maintenance. Here are the coolest textured lobs around and the styling tips you'll need.

blunt bob with bangs

40 Stylish Blunt Bob With Bangs Trends To Try In 2024

A blunt bob with bangs is an adaptable haircut that can be worn in many ways. Find the one that fits your face shape, hair texture and personal style.

long curly bob

30+ Irresistible Long Curly Bob Hairstyles You Need To See

Try a long curly bob to make taking care of your naturally curly hair easier. Transform your look and give your curls more bounce and definition!

bob with curtain bangs

40 On-Trend Bob With Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Tailor-made curtain bangs and a bob that works for you will create a hairstyle that's uniquely yours. Here's how to pair a bob with curtain bangs.

french bob

40 Timeless French Bob Ideas That Always Look Fresh

The French bob doesn't need a lot of styling but always looks chic, effortless and tailor-made for the person wearing it. Here's all the inspo you need.

60 Short Bob With Bangs Pics To Show Your Stylist

There are lots of different ways to wear a short bob with bangs. Here's all the inspo you need to refresh your look with this easy and versatile haircut.

long bob with bangs

50+ Long Bob With Bangs Looks You'll Want To Try Right Now

Spice up your already cool lob with bangs to take it to the next level: a long bob with bangs is versatile, attractive, and suits any occasion.

inverted bob with bangs

40 Up-To-Date Inverted Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

The inverted bob with bangs is a flattering hairstyle that will perfectly suit your face shape and draw attention to your favorite features.

long layered bob

40 Long Layered Bob Cuts We'll Be Seeing In 2024

A long layered bob is one of the most wearable hairstyles you can get—it looks great on anyone without much styling effort.

short layered bob

50 Short Layered Bob Looks Trending In 2024

A short layered bob is versatile, easy to style and creates a fresh, crisp frame that flatters the face—the best way to go when you need a change.

jaw-length blunt bob

30 Jaw Length Blunt Bob Hairstyles You'll Be Craving In 2024

One of the sharpest, most dramatic haircuts you can get is a jaw length blunt bob. It's fresh, effortless, and flattering—and oh, so very cool.

hidden undercut bob

50 Bold Hidden Undercut Bob Ideas To Copy

The hidden undercut bob lets you pick when to show and when to hide your wild side—make a statement or switch things up with this edgy hairstyle.

shaggy bob haircut

40 Shaggy Bob Haircuts Set To Dominate 2024

The shaggy bob haircut combines the delicious texture of the shag with the crisp length of the bob. It's casual but edgy—and impossible to resist.

edgy choppy bob

50 Edgy Choppy Bob Haircuts To Inspire Your Next Look

The edgy choppy bob is for those who want an exciting and effortless style, serving cool-girl swag—carefree, cutting edge and stunning.

asymmetrical bob

60 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Making A Comeback In 2024

The asymmetrical bob is longer on one side than the other. Depending on the style, it can be chic, edgy, simple or dramatic. Here's how to wear one.

inverted bob

60 Inverted Bob Haircuts That Just Got The 2024 Upgrade

The inverted bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front—everything else can be modified to suit you. Read on to learn how to make it work.

bob haircut

The Ultimate Guide To The Hottest Bob Hairstyles For 2024

The bob is stylish, timeless, versatile and easy. Here's how to find your ideal bob hairstyle and choose the trendiest haircut to try this year.

stacked bob with undercut

25 Stacked Bob With Undercut Ideas To Try If You Need A Change

A stacked bob with an undercut is a fun style with lots of volume and face-framing pieces. Give this edgy haircut a shot to spice up your look.

middle part bob

50 Middle Part Bob Trends About To Be Everywhere

A middle part bob is easy to style and works for any face shape and hair type. Here are 50 pics that will inspire you to get the chop.

ear-length bob

30 Ear-Length Bobs That Can Be Styled In Minutes

An ear-length bob is fresh, playful and makes you feel light. Here are 30 examples of this versatile, chic haircut.

chin-length bob

40 Chin-Length Bobs, From Classic To Edgy

A chin-length bob is the haircut of choice for everyone who wants a chic and stylish look. Check out these 40 inspo pics that show its cool vibe.

the 90s bob

The ’90s Bob Is The Effortless Style Adored By Celebrities

The beauty of the '90s bob is that it gives you the freedom to wear it however you want. Here are 30 celebs who love it.

pixie bob haircut

60 Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas To Rock In 2024

A pixie bob haircut or a bixie is the "it"style of the season. Choose the best one for you based on your hair type, texture and face shape.

'90s lob

35 '90s Lob Inspo Pics To Bookmark

The '90s lob will give you instant volume, it's super wearable and it gives everyone it-girl cool. Not convinced yet? Take a look at the inspo pics.

medium length bob haircut

55 Medium-Length Bob Haircuts For Your Inspo Board

Stuck in a hairstyle rut? Here's a tip: the medium length bob is stylish, versatile and easy to manage. Get that chop!

curly bobs for older women

22 Curly Bobs For Older Women To Help You Age Like Fine Wine

Curly bobs for older women are reserved for ladies with style who want to age like fine wine and look fabulous all the time!

2024 hair trends for women

The Biggest 2024 Hair Trends For Women Are Heating Up

Butterfly layers, ultra-long braids, gemini hair, claw clips... These major 2024 hair trends for women will reign supreme this year!

wavy bob

23 Hottest Wavy Bob Hairdos You'll Want To Try ASAP

Wavy bob hairdos are perfect for any occasion. From textured to choppy, here are the best styles for your hair density and face shape.

short shaggy bob choppy layers

Short Shaggy Bob With Choppy Layers Is Taking Over 2024

If you prefer short hair, here is a stylish cut that will totally refresh and upgrade your look. Try this short shaggy bob with choppy layers, and thank me later.

layered lob

Prepare To See The Layered Lob Cut Everywhere This Year

Layered lob cut is all over social media. It's the trendiest cut of the season all influencers fell in love with. And so will you if you check out these inspo-pics.

face-framing bob haircut

20 Face-Framing Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Ditch Long Hair

Hair trends come and go, but the bob is forever. Let's take a look at the top face-framing bob haircuts that will keep you looking fabulous.

micro bob

The Micro Bob Is Spring's Most In-Demand Haircut

Short, sweet and fresh, the micro bob is about to be everywhere this spring. Ready to be inspired?

trendy bob hairstyles

These 18 Trendy Bob Hairstyles Are Going To Be Huge In 2024

From layered to curly bob, here are the trendiest bob hairstyles you'll see everywhere this year. Ready to find a perfect cut for your mane?

bob soft locs

Bob Soft Locs Is The Most Popular Protective Style In 2024

Bob soft locs features super flexible, lightweight locs installed with less tension and styled into a bob. Ready to recreate these amazing styles?

razor-cut bob

Razor Cut Bob Is The Coolest Hair Trend Of The Season

The razor-cut bob has arrived to take its place as the chic look of the season. This is your sign to get the chop.

short shaved hairstyles

The 19 Coolest Short Shaved Hairstyles For Women In 2024

Short shaved hairstyles for women are versatile, edgy, and super stylish this year. We'll help you find the best style for your hair type!

feathered bob

18 Stunning Feathered Bob Styles For A Voluminous And Feminine Look

If you want to achieve a soft and feminine look with plenty of volume, a feathered bob is the way to go! Find a perfect feathery style for your hair!

micro bob

The Micro Bob Is Spring's Most In-Demand Haircut

Short, sweet and fresh, the micro bob is about to be everywhere this spring. Ready to be inspired?

short gray hair edgy

22 Edgy Short Gray Hair Ideas That Instantly Boost Youthful Vibes

Bring out your bold side with these daring pixie cuts and cool bob haircuts. Edgy short gray hair styles have never looked so good!

italian bob

18 Trendiest Italian Bob Ideas For A Flawless Stylish Look

If you want to stay on trend this season, you simply must try the Italian bob! Check out the 18 most fashionable ways to wear this chic hairstyle.

90s layered bob

21 ‘90s Layered Bob Ideas That Are Too Cool Not to Try

A '90s layered bob is the ultimate stylish way to add texture, volume, and movement to your hair. Here are 22 stunning ideas for this timeless hairstyle.

bixie 90s haircut

The 90s Bixie Haircut Is The Hottest Short Hairstyle Of 2024

The 90s bixie haircut will reign supreme this year, so it's high time you find the most flattering pixie bob style for your hair!

very short for bob black women

Very Short Bob For Black Women Is The Hair Moment Of The Summer

Very short bobs for black women range from sleek to natural to braided and more. Here are some of our favorite looks to get you inspired.

executive bob

The Executive Bob Will Instantly Make You Feel Powerful

You're the boss and need a haircut that makes it known? The executive bob is the style you've been waiting for.