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17 Fun Ways To Wear Braids In The Front On Natural Hair

17 Fun Ways To Wear Braids In The Front On Natural Hair

Any type of braid is an awesome style for natural hair, since they offer protection from heat, humidity, and chemical damage. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile, fitting for various occasions, and always look charming and stylish! Front braids are especially fabulous because you can wear them all down for an effortless look or style them into an elegant updo. Here are 17 cool ways to wear braids in the front with natural hair.

1. Front Braids With Sew’n

Sew-in is a protective and trendy hairstyle. When combined with a set of front braids, you get the hair of your dreams!

2. Front Braids With Colorful Beads

Front braids on natural hair are anything but boring! It’s possible to spice them additionally and make them even more fun and youthful by adding colorful beads.

3. Front Braids/Plaits

Want to have amazing hair every day? If so, this braided hairstyle is just right for you! Regardless of your age, face shape, or fashion style, front braids are too cool to miss out on this season.

4. Youthful Front Braids

Together with being an awesome protective style for young girls, front braids look especially loving and charming on youngsters!

5. Front Braids Into A Sleek Ponytail

Front braids are often seen as a symbol of cool, effortless, and casual style. However, when you style them into a sleek ponytail, you get yourself a pretty awesome formal updo.

6. Retouch On The Front Braids With Half Feed-Ins, Half-Box Braids

Here, we have a mix of feed-in braids and box braids, with front braids spicing up the whole look. Feed-in braids are designed to create the illusion of thicker or longer hair, while box braids are a step up from typical braids, featuring tight tension throughout to achieve a sleek, polished look without any loose strands.

7. Vikings Style With Front Braids

Combine the best of modern and traditional style by choosing this chic Viking-inspired look with front braids.

8. Stitch Braids With Two Front Braids

To create stitch braids, you need to braid your natural hair with hair extensions using the feed-in technique. Add two front braids, and you’ve got a trendy, protective hairstyle.

9. Men Front Braids

How about men and front braids? A pretty cool and bold idea, if you ask me!

10. Braids In The Front, Weave In The Back

Here’s another interesting idea to try with your natural hair: braids in the front and weave in the back. Weave is a type of hair extension that’s sewn into your natural hair, designed to enhance its beauty and last for several weeks.

11. Eight Stitch Braids With Two Front Braids

The more braids, the better! Here’s an example of a creative hairstyle featuring eight stitch braids and two front braids.

12. Front Braids With Knotless Plaits

This boho knotless braids hairstyle is so trendy and wearable. Although it’s created by braiding your natural hair with synthetic hair, these braids still look effortlessly natural and stylish!

13. Front Braids Into A Messy Bun

What do you do when you want your front braids, along with the rest of your hair, out of your way? Just pull it into a messy bun—the ultimate casual style that’s always in fashion.

14. Front Braids Into A Sleek Bun

Together with a messy bun, you can also style your cool front braids into a sleeker bun, without any hair flying around.

15. Front Braids Into Space Buns

For a youthful look, there’s no better and cuter way to wear front braids than by styling them into space buns.

16. Sleek Mid Ponytail With Front Braids

A sleek middle ponytail reaches a whole new level of awesomeness when paired with front braids!

17. Front Braids With Curly Hair In The Back

Embrace the wildness and beauty of your natural hair by wearing front braids with the rest of your curly hair completely down, without any restraints.