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22 Ways To Rock The Brunette Hair With Money Piece Trend

22 Ways To Rock The Brunette Hair With Money Piece Trend

Whether you’re a trend follower or simply looking for a way to revamp your brown hair and make it look more vibrant, here is something you’ll totally adore. The brunette hair with money piece trend is going viral on social media, and it’s probably the first trend I’m actually crazy about. 

These face-framing highlights are a total game-changer for dull and lifeless hair. If you don’t trust me, here are some pics to prove I’m telling the truth.

1. Wavy Mid-Length Brunette Hair With Money Piece

The mid-length hair is considered the classiest, most attractive, and most easy to maintain hair length. When you pair it with these elegant waves and subtle money piece highlights, you really get the ultra-modern, sophisticated look made for every occasion.

2. Pink Money Piece On Burgundy Brunette

If you want to add a sophisticated touch to your burgundy-brown hair, get these pink money piece highlights. Just make sure you don’t choose too light pink shade because of the contrast.

3. Bright Blonde Money Piece On Super Dark Brunette

The contrast between these bright money piece highlights and the super dark brunette base is definitely envy-worthy.

4. Brunette Hair With Lavander Money Piece

This gentle shade of purple color is perfect for those with cool skin undertones. They’ll soften some facial features and make the skin glow.

5. Smoky Brunette With Light Money Piece

Smoky is a great hue for those who like darker brown hair. However, it may feel a bit too ashy. Luckily, there is a way to break that ashiness, and it’s through these light face-framing highlights.

6. Brunette With Fuego Money Piece

This brunette is literally on fire. 🔥 The vibrant red and orange hues of these money piece highlights are guaranteed to turn many heads.

7. Brunette With Beige Blonde Money Piece

Brunette base + beige blonde highlights = a match made in heaven! They go along so well together and radiate such gentle, romantic vibes.

8. Brunette With Hot Red Money Piece

Here is something for those ladies who really like to be seen and noticed wherever they go. This hot red money piece will make the face look brighter and the hair much shinier. 

9. Brunette With High Contrast Money Piece

One thing is for sure, the higher the contrast between the base and the money piece highlights is, the better results you’ll get.

10. Brunette With Copper Money Piece

Copper is also a great hue to highlight those front pieces of your hair. It matches brown hair perfectly and suits all complexions.

11. Blue Moon Money Piece On Brunette

This neon, cool shade of blue makes such a stunning contrast with brunette hair. It’s for those who want to achieve a more edgy, daring look. 

12. Ash Brown Balayage With Blonde Money Piece

If you want to keep things subtle and avoid high contrast, this is a nice option. It’s also a great way to test how highlights look on your ashy brown hair before you indulge your hair in a more serious highlights adventure. 

13. Emerald Money Piece On Brunette

Do you have green eyes and want to make them pop? You’re also ready for a bolder look and a hairstyle that leaves a statement? The emerald money piece highlights will please all those wishes and give you this modern, unique look.

14. Rich Brunette With Caramel Money Piece

If you’re up for a more natural look, this caramel money piece on brunette hair is so subtle and gentle, yet very effective and refreshing. A real hair masterpiece.

15. Full Bangs Blonde Money Piece On Brunette

Even though it’s not that common, you can get the money piece highlights even if you have full bangs. The bangs will make the money piece more ravishing and draw attention to the eyes and the upper part of the face. 

16. Brunette With Honey Blonde Money Piece

These rich honey face-framing highlights on a dark base will give you hair full of warmth and dimension. They’re very effective if you want to make your thin hair appear fuller because of all that illusion of volume they create. 

17. Rainbow Money Piece On Brunette

The rainbow or ribbon money piece is definitely one of the hottest trends out there. It’s a fun and playful look that can give a new life to your hair.

18. Silver Money Piece On Dark Brunette

The contrast between the silver highlights and dark base creates a striking and stylish look. They flatter women with cool skin tones the best.

19. Brunette With Teal Money Piece

Even though the teal shade isn’t natural, it looks so natural when blended with the brown base. And the way it complements her green eyes is simply beautiful. 

20. Brunette With Platinum Money Piece

Here is another proof that the high contrast between the money piece and the base color creates a stunning, model-worthy look. 

21. Mushroom Blonde Money Piece On Brunette

For all of you earthy and ashy tones lovers, here is a combo you’ll surely like. The mushroom money piece will enhance that face-framing effect and balance some of your facial features.

22. Marigold Money Piece On Brunette

Let’s welcome summer and warmer weather with this sun-kissed money piece. It’s impossible to ignore the depth, dimension, and wonderful pop of color these marigold highlights give to brunette hair.