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We talked to top hair experts and rounded up the best brunette hair colors you must try, from golden brown to chestnut. You’ll want to try each one of them!

dark brown hair ideas

80 Trendiest Dark Brown Hair Ideas For 2024

Searching for dark brown hair ideas? Look no more because you've just stumbled on the ultimate collection of inspo pics for brunettes.

ash brown hair

21 Ash Brown Hair Ideas You’ll Be Obsessed With In 2024

Ash brown is stylish, flattering and will get you endless compliments. Check out the hottest shades of this chic hair color you'll want to try ASAP.

short brown hair

40+ Ways To Wear Short Brown Hair In 2024

Short brown hair can be as dramatic or as girl-next-door as you make it, and here's all the inspo you'll need to pick your new short brunette style.

chestnut brown hair

45 Chestnut Brown Hair Ideas Perfect For The Fall

Chestnut brown hair is a soft, rich shade that glows reddish in the light and can be glam or cozy. Here are the latest ideas perfect for the fall.

brown hair with blonde streaks

30 Stunning Brown Hair With Blonde Streaks Inspo Pics

Brown hair with blonde streaks is just as stunning a full blonde, but far less demanding. Here are 30 pics to inspire you to freshen up your look.

cowboy copper hair

Fall Hair Color Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere

Fluffy sweater—check. Pumpkin spice latte–check. The fall is coming and aIl that's missing is a spicy new fall hair color. Here's what's trending.

brunette balayage

60 Brunette Balayage Looks For Low-Maintenance Glam

If you're bored with your brown hair and want something fresh, a low-maintenance brunette balayage might be just the boost of glam you need.

brown hair with blonde highlights

60 Radiant Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

You want to refresh your brown hair with blonde highlights but don't know where to start? These stunning examples are guaranteed to inspire you.

auburn hair

60 Must-Try Auburn Hair Color Shades

Auburn hair color is the perfect combination of red and brownish shade, which makes it flattering for most skin tones. Find the best hue for you!

golden brown hair

​​35 Golden Brown Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Dye Job

You want to look like you're back from a beach vacation? Skip the blonde and go for golden brown hair—it's just as sun-kissed, but low-maintenance.

reddish brown hair

35 Reddish Brown Hair Colors You’ll Fall In Love With

Reddish brown hair colors are both sultry and cozy. If you pick the right hue, it will work for whatever mood strikes you.

brown hair with caramel highlights

65 Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights Looks To Try Right Now

You can't have brown hair with caramel highlights without looking expensive and sultry. You don't believe me? Here's proof.

honey brown hair

40 Inspo Pics Of Honey Brown Hair With Highlights For Your Moodboard

Honey brown hair with highlights is a warm, radiant shade that can be both high glam and look naturally sun-kissed. Come get your taste of honey!

sandy brown hair

30 Sandy Brown Hair Looks To Try This Season

Sandy brown hair color is a warm and shiny medium shade that will give you a beachy vibe all year long. Here are the sandy tones to try ASAP.

ashy brown hair

50 Ashy Brown Hair Balayage Looks With A Cool Girl Vibe

Ashy brown hair balayage is chic and sophisticated, creating a pampered, model-off-duty look. Let everyone know you're effortlessly stylish.

red brown hair

50 Must-Try Red Brown Hair Trends For 2024

Check out the ultimate collection of red brown hair colors if you're craving a luxurious look nobody can stay immune to.

mahogany hair color

50 Hottest Mahogany Hair Color Trends For 2024

Welcome to the ultimate collection of the most luxurious blend of red and brown hues out there: mahogany hair color!

dark brown hair

65 Dark Brown Hair Ideas To Try ASAP

Dark brown hair is rich, luxurious, elegant—a timeless color that can be personalized to suit everyone. Here's the inspo for your next salon visit.

brunette hair color

55 Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes To Inspire Your Next Look

Want to elevate your brown hair? Get inspired by one of these stunning hair color ideas for brunettes and give your locks a boost.

chocolate copper hair

50 Top Chocolate Copper Hair Inspo Pics For 2024

Chocolate copper hair is a thing this season. These 50 crazy-pretty inspo-pics are living proof of that!

hair color ideas

80 Hair Color Ideas For Every Aesthetic

Bright blondes, luscious browns and fiery red hues, or something boldly different—which of these hair color ideas will make you feel fabulous?

winter hair color

These 24 Winter Hair Color Trends Will Be All The Rage This Season

"Brace yourselves. Winter is coming!" Get ready to make a big statement this season with these breathtaking winter hair color ideas!

brown and blonde hair

45 Brown And Blonde Hair Inspo Pics To Show Your Stylist

Combining brown and blonde hair is common because they work together seamlessly. Here are the many ways it's possible to mix the two.

cherry brunette hair

13 Cherry Brunette Hair Trends Set To Rule In 2024

So, have you heard about cherry brunette hair? I's a cool hair trend where brown gets a twist of cherry red. This could be your next hair adventure.

hair colors for medium skin

20 Hair Colors That Look Stunning On Medium Skin Tones

There's a range of colors that suit medium skin tones. Learn how to pick your shade with a few tips and the inspo pics we rounded up.

brunette hair with money piece

22 Ways To Rock The Brunette Hair With Money Piece Trend

Want to breathe new life into your boring brown hair? Here are the trendiest brunette hair with money piece ideas I'm sure you will absolutely LOVE.

light brown hair with highlights

Light Brown Hair With Highlights Is The Fresh Look Perfect For Spring

Light brown hair with highlights is all about soft, multi-dimensional color. Ready for your glow-up?