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Fresh & Fab Claw Clip Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair

Fresh & Fab Claw Clip Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair

Can’t beat a claw clip! A claw clip can define your entire hairstyle. Whether you have shorter or medium-length hair, it will elevate your look to an entirely different level. The wide range of claw clips available provides you with a plethora of updo options you’re bound to love. So, if you’re searching for claw clip ideas on how to style your hair, keep scrolling.

1. Low Bun

An effortless low bun with two strands of hair framing the face looks so classy and sophisticated—a look you can pull off for any occasion.

2. Polished Claw Clip Updo

A polished look with a few untamed strands peeking out of the claw clip, creating an ideal medium-length hairstyle that is both classic and chic.

3. Bow Claw Clip

The claw clip bow that saves the hair day! Regardless of your hair length, this bow fits perfectly and creates a hairstyle where it seems almost impossible to do so.

4. Braided Claw Clip Hairstyle

Braids add a nice twist to half-up, half-down hairstyles. Incorporating a claw clip into this shoulder-length hair makes it even more styled and fun.

5. Mini Claw Clip Half-Up

Who would have thought that you could pull off an entire style with a mini claw clip? Well, look how great it looks—a casual half-up, half-down that speaks volumes.

6. French Bun

A sleek French bun can look even more polished and stylish with the right claw clip. Medium-length hair paired with a medium-sized claw clip can make a significant impact. So chic!

7. Metal Bowknot Hair Claw Clips

This metal claw clip hairstyling is just perfect for shorter hair. It gathers all the hair into a tiny French bun, but the design of the clip makes the style unique. Definitely a fashion statement!

8. Metal Claw Clips Styles

Different metal claw clips create totally distinct hairstyles. Whether you choose one or two claw clips, your shorter hair will look styled and unique.

9. Four Ways to Style with Medium Clip

You can choose to wear your half-up with one or two clips, or give it a twist. Alternatively, you can try a totally casual and loose French bun. Awesome styles indeed!

10. Wavy Hair Claw Clip Updo

Styling wavy hair is always fun. Notice how each wavy lock gathers perfectly onto one claw clip, making the hair appear more voluminous. Hair goals indeed!

11. Claw Clip Half-Up, Half-Down

Creating a small, closed rose-like bun is a really efficient and beautiful way to style your medium-length hair with a claw clip. It’s casual yet perfect for a coffee date.

12. Golden Claw Clip

Golden tones truly uplift everything, including hairstyles. That’s why this 60-second updo, complemented with a metal claw clip, is pure gold. It’s a casual look with a dash of glamour.