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How to tie the perfect ponytail? How to make your curls last? How to get a sleek blowout? We have answers to these questions and more. Our hair tips will help you learn how to care for your hair and give you the knowledge you need to ask exactly what you want from your stylist and colorist on your next appointment.

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honey in haircare

7 Ways To Use Honey To Prevent Split Ends And Improve Hair Growth

If your hair is damaged and grows slowly, honey is the natural treatment you need. Here's how to use it to prevent split ends and boost hair growth.

curling fine hair

Damage-Free Lasting Curls For Fine Hair In 4 Easy Steps

Fine hair is delicate and tends to fall flat. Here's the easiest way to create lasting curls without damaging it, plus extra tips on keeping it healthy.

tips to get healthy hair

20 Easy Tips And Tricks To Get Thick And Healthy Hair

It's time to transform your hair and get rid of dryness, breakage, and split ends. Read on to know all the dos and don'ts of a healthy hair.

hairstyle mistakes

10 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older And What To Do Instead

The wrong hairstyle can add years to your appearance. Avoid these common hair mistakes that can make you look older than you are.

hair hacks to look younger

10 Age-Defying Hair Hacks To Make You Look Younger

Are you in a search of hair hacks to look younger than ever? You're at the right place, so keep on reading!

frizzy hair care

The Ultimate Frizzy Hair Guide: A Roadmap To Smooth Hair

Are you ready for silky strands or bouncy curls? This frizzy hair guide has the tips and tricks you need to transform frizz into smooth hair.

baby hairs

Tame Your Frizzy Baby Hairs And Flyaways With 5 Simple Hacks

Frizzy flyaways and baby hairs can be annoying when you're going for a sleek look. Read on to learn how to tame them once and for all.

heatless waves

10 Easy Ways To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat

How to get tousled wavy hair without heat damage? Here are the best viral hacks and pro tips for sexy and effortless heatless waves.

side effects of hair smoothing

12 Negative Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing

Are keratin smoothing treatments worth it? They promise months of silky, frizz-free hair but there are negative side effects you should know about.

painful truths about having long hair

12 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair

Having long, shiny hair is beautiful but it's not the easiest thing in the world. Here are some painful truths about having long hair nobody talks about.

hair straightener hacks

8 Hair Straightener Hacks That Prove It’s The Only Hot Tool You Need

Once you've mastered the use of a hair straightener, you'll be able to create lots of quick, varied looks. Here are all the tips, tricks and hacks you need.

mistakes that are making your hair look damaged

10 Rookie Mistakes That Are Making Your Hair Look Damaged

What are the the hair care mistakes that are making your hair look damaged? How to fix them and repair your scalp and locks? Read on to find out!

hair straightening info

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Permanently Straightening My Hair

Getting your hair straightened is a commitment and lots of things about your hair will change. Here's what I wish I knew before straightening my hair.

hairstyles showing difference between ombre, balayage and highlights

Here's How Balayage, Ombre And Highlights Are Different

If you're unsure if balayage, ombre or highlights are right for you, here's all you need to know to get what you want. With lots of inspo pics!

ginger help hair growth

Ginger For Hair Health: Usage, Benefits And Side Effects

Can ginger help in hair growth? Absolutely yes! Read on to find out more about its benefits and the best ways to use it!

easy summer hairstyles

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

When you're in a rush but still want to look like you made an effort, these quick and easy hairstyles are exactly what you need.

woman using towel to dry her hair

How To Quickly Dry Your Hair Without A Blow Dryer

Waiting for your hair to dry isn't just tedious, but doing it wrong can cause frizz. Here's how to quickly dry your hair without a blow dryer.

homemade conditioners for damaged hair

7 Natural Homemade Conditioners For Damaged Hair

Say goodbye to spending a fortune in a search of the best hair-care products. Instead, give these homemade conditioners for damaged hair a chance!

how to a donut bun

How To Do A Donut Bun: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How to do a donut bun? You just need to follow this step-by-step guide and you'll become a pro in a blink of an eye!

how to choose hair color for brown eyes

How To Choose Hair Color For Brown Eyes: A Tutorial

How to choose the perfect hair color to make your brown eyes pop? It all depends on your skin undertone!

hairstyles to hide big foreheads

20 Up-To-Date Hairstyles To Hide Big Foreheads

The ultimate collection of hairstyles to hide big foreheads are here to magically transform your look and accentuate your beautiful facial features.

fine hair

Fine Hair Guide: Care And Styling Tips

Fine hair is fragile and lacks volume, but the right hair care routine will keep it healthy. Here's a detailed guide on care and styling of fine hair.

outdated hairstyles

10 Outdated Hairstyles You Need To Ditch

Wearing old trends can make you seem out of touch. Here's a list of outdated hairstyles that should be left in the past where they belong.