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60 Stunning Hair Color Trends Taking Over The Fashion Industry

60 Stunning Hair Color Trends Taking Over The Fashion Industry

Forget about the classic, dull hair colors. This season is all about getting out of your comfort zone.

But does that mean that you should follow these trends blindly, without giving them a second thought? Or maybe you should find a balance between the trends, your preferences, and hair colors that are flattering for you? I think we both know the right answer. It’s time to adapt the current hair craze to your taste.

First Things First

Before you choose your favorite hair color trend, think of your:

Skin tone

Is your skin fair or dark? What about the undertones? Do you have a warm or cool undertone? All of this plays a crucial role in choosing the right hair color.

Eye color

The next important thing on the list is the hue of your eyes. You want a hair color that will make your eyes pop and accentuate their beauty.

Hair type and texture

Not all hair types and textures bear frequent color retouches. If you have naturally thin hair, you might reconsider your decision to go platinum blonde because bleaching will surely damage your tresses.


Please, keep in mind that most of these hair color trends should be done by a professional. Hair salon visits cost money, especially if you go for a shade that requires regular maintenance. And let’s not forget the hair products you’ll have to buy to keep your color alive at home.

60 Stylish Hair Color Trends

What are the hair color trends the entire world has gone mad about? Let’s check out.

1. Maroon red

Maroon red flatter olive or pink skin tones the most. It looks great on green or hazel-eyed girls.

2. Rainbow ombre

I’ll have to warn you: this is not a low-maintenance hair color trend. But on the other hand, it looks so good that it’s worth all the trouble it brings along.

3. Deep copper

It’s no wonder women all over the world have fallen in love with this hue of copper. It’s less vivid that the classic copper due to its base colors gold and orange.

4. Fiery copper

On the other side, there is fiery copper; a hair color that screams confidence. It’s for strong, fierce, and self-sufficient women only!

5. Vivid balayage

Vivid balayage with different shades of yellow, orange, pink, and violet is for the bravest girls only. If you’re one of them, just go for it, no questions asked.

6. Purple and orange

I bet that a combination of orange and purple hair colors never even crossed your mind. But now that you’ve seen it, I simply know you can’t take your eyes off this hair color trend.

7. Ultra platinum

Ultra-platinum hair means bleaching. If you have damaged or very thin hair, I am sorry but it’s better to forget about this hue because it will end up destroying your locks.

8. Pastel rose

This pastel rose will turn you into a real-life Princess. If you want to go funky but are not sure about vivid hair colors, this should be your top pick.

9. Sunshine blonde highlights

One thing is for sure: blonde hair color can never go out of style. This season, everyone’s gone crazy over sunshine blonde highlights.

10. Autumn fire shades

You’re looking at one of the most spectacular hair color trends for autumn. You’ll just need to find a skilled hair colorist for this graduation between different hues.

11. Aqua blue

Aqua blue hair color is not for everyone, that’s for sure. But if you’re an independent girl and want your hairstyle to show your uniqueness, go for it.

12. Purple pink

Are you looking for a hair color nobody will stay indifferent to? Well, congratulations because you’ve just found one.

13. Pink baby highlights

You want a funky hair color but you need to look professional as well? I get the dilemma. But I also have a solution: pink baby highlights.

14. Red violet to rose gold

How awesome is this red violet to rose gold balayage transition? It brings a romantic, flirty vibe that looks good on women of all ages.

15. Fire to pumpkin

No, I’m not talking about a delicious meal here. I’m talking about one of the hottest hair color trends of the season.

16. Peach bomb

You know what’s so great about the peach bomb, besides the awesome way it looks? The fact that this hair color looks good on all skin tones.

17. Red with a pop of pink

If you can’t make up your mind between red and pink hues, I have a solution for you: pick both. You just have to find a skilled hair colorist who will know how to make this blend perfect.

18. Pumpkin blonde

Instead of going down the usual road, spice your classic blonde hair up with this pumpkin hue. Trust me, it will make a huge difference in your entire look.

19. Brunette with subtle copper

You’re looking at one of the most sophisticated hair color trends of the season. Don’t forget to pair this hue with a stylish hairdo for maximum effect.

20. Ginger brights

Less than 2% of the population has ginger hair. It’s time to join them. Neutral skin undertones that are a mixture of both cool and warm tones are especially flattering for ginger lights.

21. Alpine green

The name says it all: you’re looking at a hair color that screams adventure, determination, and passion. Alpine green is an ideal hue for women with olive skin.

22. Yellow with dark roots

The most appealing think about this hair color is the contrast between the vivid yellow tresses and dark roots. This color goes well with messy, careless hairstyles.

23. Blonde ombre highlights and babylights

The babylights are here to give your hair the illusion of dimension, depth, and movement. Here’s a pro tip: take special care of the ombre highlights unless you want them to become brassy.

24. High contrast balayage

It looks that high-contrast hair colors are in trend this season. The best hairstyle for this balayage is, without a doubt, curly hair.

25. Gold Honey Brunette

If you have peachy skin tone, a golden honey brunette color should be on top of your list of choices for this season. This combination of colors goes extremely well with hazel or green eyes.

26. Shades of brunette

How many shades of brown do you want on your hair? All of them. And as a result, you get this stunning hue.

27. Mixed metals

Can’t decide between gold, copper, and bronze? Well, who said that you have to? Here’s living proof that you can have all of these colors combined in one.

28. Black and raspberry underlights

Raspberry underlights on dark hair are a real head-turner. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about coloring the roots all the time.

29. Mahagony red

I strongly recommend this hue to women with naturally darker hair. If you have olive or dark skin paired with dark brown or green eyes, you’ve just found your ideal hair color.

30. Ash-blonde balayage

Ashy blonde balayage looks incredible on women with cool skin undertones. It is an excellent choice for those of you with fair skin.

31. Neutral copper

What’s so special about neutral copper is that it’s a mix of warm and cool tones, in contrast to classic copper which relies on warm tones only. And that’s exactly what makes this hue so awesome!

32. Orange color blocking

Welcome back to the 90s. Color blockings are back in fashion so you better be the first one to hop on that trend.

33. Shades of orange

Forget about 50 shades of gray and instead, embrace 50 shades of orange. Haven’t you heard? Orange is the new black!

34. Mermaid purple

You don’t have to be an anime girl to rock this mermaid purple hair color. All you have to be is a little bit funky.

35. Blue and violet

Who would know that blue and violet go so well together? And I’m not talking about clothes here, I’m talking about hair colors.

36. Red and orange melt

If fiery red is a bit too much for you, I am here to offer an alternative: a red-orange melt. Pair it with red lipstick and all eyes will be on you.

37. Auburn

Auburn is the perfect mix of red and brownish and it gives you the best of both hair colors. It looks great on medium and neutral skin undertones.

38. Deep pink

When you were a little girl, I bet you dreamt about dying your hair pink. Well, what exactly is stopping you now to turn your dreams into reality?

39. Fiery orange

Almost every shade of orange hair is trending right now. It goes best with darker or olive skin and brown eyes.

40. Mermaid blue

I guess everybody wants to be a mermaid this season. But I mean, who could blame them when there exist these beautiful hues?

41. Vivid green

Become one with nature and capture everyone’s undivided attention with this vivid green shade. If you have fair skin or green eyes, it should be your top pick.

42. Rose gold

How romantic and captivating this rose-gold hue is? It suits yellow-based skin undertones the best.

43. Purple face-framing highlights

Here’s another trend from the 90s that you shouldn’t miss out on: face-framing highlights. Pair them with a funky-colored balayage for the best effect.

44. Brunette balayage

A brunette balayage is for those of you who are still not ready to make some huge changes on your hair but still want to look fashionable.

45. Multicolored melt

You don’t have to choose your favorite hair color for the summer. Instead, combine all the hues you like and ask your colorist for this beautiful melt.

46. Yellow balayage

Yellow hair is a risky choice, I admit that. But you’re a brave girl who enjoys being under the spotlight and that’s exactly why this is a perfect hue for you.

47. Dark brunette balayage

You’re not looking at a typical dark brunette balayage. Here, you have ashy brown shades added that give this style an interesting touch.

48. Blue pastel

Keep in mind that you’ll have to get a light blonde base before getting the perfect pastel blue streaks. But ending up with a hair color like this makes it all worth it.

49. Burgundy red

You’re looking at one of the most seductive hair colors: red burgundy. It suits women of all ages since it’s not too vivid.

50. Red balayage

A red balayage is the “it” hair color of the season. This hue is perfect for girls with cool skin tones and darker eyes.

51. Pink and purple balayage

Spice things up with a purple and pink balayage that will give your hair dimension and the illusion of thickness and volume. Pair it with purple or pink lipstick to wow everyone.

52. Prism coloring

Do not even think of trying this at home because only the best colorist can pull off prism coloring, a new technique that gives you awesome holographic hair.

53. Pink and lavender

You probably knew that pink and lavender go amazingly well in clothing. But I bet you had no idea what a bomb combination this is when it comes to hair.

54. Deep purple

No, I’m not talking about the famous music band. I’m talking about the newest hair color trend you simply must try.

55. Bright red

If you have a neutral or warm skin undertone, give the bright red color a try. Yes, this hue fades pretty fast but it’s definitely worth all the color retouches.

56. Blue and copper

Blue hair with copper balayage? It sounds great, I know. But it looks even better if you’re brave enough to give it a shot.

57. Cacao and chocolate

No, cacao and chocolate are not the same hues. However, what matters is that they look amazing when combined.

58. Blonde balayage with pink tips

Sick and tired of the same, old blonde balayage you’ve been wearing for years? Update your style with these captivating pink tips.

59. Black cherry

If you’re not into funky hair colors, the dark cherry hue is the one for you! It’s somewhere between burgundy and cherry shades and it will spice up your boring brown hair.

60. Peach and white

Here’s another hair color trend that requires bleaching. But if you have a warm skin undertone, you should definitely consider it.