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The Cutest 21 Kids Cornrow Hairstyles Your Child Will LOVE 

The Cutest 21 Kids Cornrow Hairstyles Your Child Will LOVE 

If you want to raise your braiding game and explore new and different patterns of braids, I present you this creative collection of the sweetest cornrow hairstyles.

The kids cornrow hairstyles come in many unique and interesting designs and are perfect for any occasion. Trust me, an experienced mother speaking, these braids will also make styling and caring for your kid’s hair so much easier.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls

A small warning before you start, get ready for some serious cuteness overload!

1. Cornrow Bun With Gold Beads

Isn’t she the coolest little girl you saw? Yes, these cornrows make her look like that. You can add beads in different colors, whatever your child likes and chooses, but these gold ones suit 100% her personality.

2. Cornrow Ponytail

If you want to pull the cornrows away from the face, just tie them up in a ponytail. You can play with accessories and add different colors of beads or hair clip shapes.

3. Classic Cornrows With A Big Bow

If you want your princess to look super cute and classy, bows should be your go-to hair accessory.

4. Space Buns Cornrows With Pearls

If you need a wedding guest look for your girl, I can’t think of a fanciest hairstyle than this one. Just imagine her in a white dress, it would truly be a princess-like look.

5. Long Hair Cornrows And Pink Beads

You’ll never go wrong with pink beads because, let’s face it, all girls love pink color.

6. Pigtail Cornrows With Extensions

These synthetic extensions are so flattering, even for us adults. If your kid has short or medium hair, you can always add more volume and length with these extensions. Also, if you have a teenage daughter, I’m sure she’ll ask for these extensions herself because they are extra popular on social media.

7. Fulani Cornrows

Fulani braids symbolize the culture and origin of Senegalese women. They’re thin-to-medium tightly plaited braids with a specific cornrow braided down the center of the head.

8. Lemonade Cornrows

Beyonce made this style popular in 2016 with her album ‘Lemonade’, and it’s how these cornrow braids got the name. The whole point of the lemonade cornrows is that they’re side-swept and typically very long.

9. Half-Up Bun Cornrows

This is a classic back-to-school look. You can always spice it up and make this simple look unique with different hair accessories.

10. Cornrows Into High Afro Puff

Again a cornrow hairstyle that totally matches the girl’s personality. Afro puffs are messy, and you won’t need to use gel or any other styling product to make it.

11. Half-Cornrows, Half-Curls

Here is an interesting idea. Cornrows into curls is a super-glamorous look made for some special occasion, and I’m sure your girl will fall in love with this hairstyle ASAP.

12. The Flower Braid Design

If your kid loves flowers, here is a nice idea to make it a part of her hairstyle. The design is super cute, and these colorful beads add playful vibes to the look.

13. The Heart Design

Okay, my heart is going to explode right now. The heart shape can be installed wherever you want, but this side position gives it that eye-pooping look.

14. Cornrow Side Ponytail

These slicked baby hair bangs are the sweetest thing ever, and they always make even the most classic look more elegant and fancy. The side ponytail would be a perfect fit for every occasion.

Cornrow Hairstyles For Boys

Cornrows are a great option for boys of all ages who like to keep their hair longer. They are also the most practical option for mothers because they can last 2 to 4 weeks, so you won’t have to worry about styling your boy’s hair every morning.

1. Classic Cornrows

A few classic cornrow braids that run from the front of the face to the back of the head are always a sleek, simple, and popular cornrow option, especially for teenagers. It’s quite easy to make these cornrows and even easier for boys to maintain them.

2. Cornrows With Undercut

However, if your kid wants to make that simple cornrow design a bit more stylish, undercut is the way to do it. These micro fringe make the whole look more unique, but your kid can experiment with different undercut ideas and make his hairstyle more personalized.

3. Freestyle Heart Cornrows

Here is a simple but cute cornrow design for boys. This little heart on the side makes my heart melt. The choice is overloaded because many different shapes, letters, and numbers can be installed on cornrows.

4. Cornrow Braids With Fade

Fade is one of the most popular hairstyles among young boys. This hairstyle allows them to express themselves, which also affects their self-esteem. Besides, fade adds cool vibes to any braids, and it’s a way to make your boy’s cornrows unique.

5. Cornrows With Top Knot And Fade

Pairing cornrows, fade, and top knot will give you this cute hairstyle. This amazing design will make your kiddo the coolest child in the school.

6. Squiggle Cornrows

This cornrow design will surely draw attention. The movement these squiggle lines create makes this look so interesting and special.

7. Cornrows Decorated With Beads

After this pic, all I have to say is that beads and cornrows are a match made in heaven, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Trust me, if you have a teenage boy, this hairstyle will blow him away. Also, the contrast between these shiny beads and dark hair is amazing.