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10 Rookie Mistakes That Are Making Your Hair Look Damaged

10 Rookie Mistakes That Are Making Your Hair Look Damaged

One thing is for sure: we’ve all been guilty of these haircare mistakes at least once. But the problem arises when they sneak their way into our hair routine.

Before you put all the blame on genetics and start complaining that your hair is naturally fragile and weak, ask yourself if you’re actually doing something to make things worse. I get it: you want long, shiny, healthy, and voluminous hair. But hey, don’t we all?

However, the harsh truth is that you can never get it unless you change your hair-care routine. This is probably the last thing you want to do but I bet you’re responsible for most of your hair damage. Yes, you’ve heard it right: you’re unintentionally destroying your hair. And that has got to change now.

10 Hair Care Mistakes That Damage Your Hair

If you want thick and healthy hair, you MUST put a stop to these harmful behaviors ASAP.

1. Using too much heat…

I know what you’re about to tell me: “I must use heat because it’s the easiest and fastest way to style my hair at home.” At least, this is the most common excuse I hear from my clients every time I nag them about straightening their locks with a flat iron or using a hair curler.

Well, let me tell you that these practices will bring you much more bad than good. Yes, they will probably make your hair look perfect at the moment. However, in the long run, heat destroys your hair’s keratin proteins and leaves your tresses dry, brittle, and broken.

Look, I’m trying to be realistic here. Nobody has time to air-dry their hair every time they wash it. I get that. But at least, do your best to limit the usage of hot hair tools.

Most importantly, change your routines. Trust me, there are amazing and easy ways to get wavy hair without heat— you just have to get used to them.

2. … without any heat protectant

Nevertheless, if you can’t help yourself but use hot tools, at least be wise enough to use heat protectants. Let me put it simply: what would happen with your food without any butter, oil, or parchment paper? It would burn completely, am I right?

Well, what exactly do you think happens with your hair when you expose it to so much heat?

That is why using a heat protectant spray is a must. You can put in on damp hair before styling your locks. Stay away from the scalp and brush it gently to make sure it distributes evenly through the tresses. Also, don’t forget to let it dry before using a flat iron or a hot curler.

3. Over-washing your hair

Don’t get me wrong: nobody is telling you to walk around with greasy or stinky hair. But trust me: washing your hair too often is one of the mistakes that are making your hair look damaged.

First of all, you’re removing your hair’s natural oils. They’re here for a reason: they moisturize and protect your hair. When you wash your hair too frequently, you dry it out and consequently, make it breakable.

Also, over-shampooing can result in hair loss. Basically, you’re taking off the microbiome from your scalp and letting micro bacteria and fungi from the environment take charge.

But if your hair looks greasy after one day without washing it? Paul Percival, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Spice Girls, Bjork, and Rita Ora says that you must resist the temptation of over-washing it: “If you start washing your hair every day, your scalp feels like it has to overproduce sebum. You end up in a vicious cycle of feeling like you need to wash your hair every day.”

Instead, try dry shampoo, or just tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun. Also, make sure not to touch your hair because that’s how you make it even greasier.

4. Dyeing your hair too often

Dyeing your hair the right shade can upgrade your entire appearance. But if you’re one of these women who have the urge to change their hair color every week, you’re guilty of one of the biggest mistakes that are making your hair look damaged.

Hair dyes contain strong chemicals that are harmful to your scalp and locks. Frequent coloring changes the structure of your hair shaft, dries it out, and makes it prone to breakage.

All experts agree on one thing: if you’re already using permanent hair colors, wait at least 6 weeks before your next appointment. Everything before that will surely ruin your hair’s health.

5. Brushing your hair when wet

I get it: brushing your hair before blow-drying it helps a lot. It makes the hair easier to style, that’s true. But have you ever thought about how damaging this is for your tresses?

Let’s get one thing straight: no matter its type and texture, your hair is the most fragile when it’s wet. When you aggressively brush it, you literally break it, pull the locks out of the root and directly cause split ends. Not only that: this malpractice can lead to hair loss, as well.

6. Not getting regular haircuts

What’s the worst nightmare of every long-haired girl? Cutting their long locks, that’s right.

But from time to time, you simply have to undergo this traumatizing process— for the sake of your hair. Otherwise, you’ll just get a counter-productive effect.

Not trimming your split ends makes your hair look dry, damaged, unhealthy and messy. You can use all the hair masks, and treatments in the world, but until you get rid of those ends, nothing will help. Otherwise, your split ends will split even further up the hair shaft. Sooner or later, your hair will start to snap.

Here’s a pro tip: get a cut at least every 3-4 months. Chopping a quarter or half an inch off makes a lot of difference in most cases!

7. Too harsh products

You’re pretty much bombarded by different hair products. And each commercial is the same: this is the conditioner/mask/oil/serum you simply must have unless you want to be bald in a matter of months. Well, let me tell you the eye-opening truth: most of this is fake advertising and you really don’t need that many hair products.

Have you ever heard of a product build-up? It happens when all of those products accumulate on your scalp and hair strands.

Consequently, they clog your hair follicles which makes your new hair impossible to grow. As far as the hair strands are concerned, too much product damages them too. They make them dry, and prone to damage.

So please, after you’ve tried so many products, choose the ones that suit your hair the best. There is no harm in changing your hair routine every once and then; just don’t use everything at the same time.

8. Ineadeqaute hair ties

Tying your hair too tight or using inadequate hair ties can be fatal for your scalp and tresses. It’s actually very simple: if you pull it too often, your hair strands will start to fall off. Also, this damaging habit might harm your hair follicles. You’ll start losing hair around your scalp, as well. In fact, you might even end up with holes that look similar to alopecia.

But what about inadequate hair ties? Well, they’re the number one cause of hair breakage since they’re too aggressive to your strands. That is why crunchies, spirals, or knotted ribbon ties should be your choice. Each one of them wraps your hair gently and gives you the style you want without damaging your tresses in the process.

9. Exposure to weather damage

Did you know that you have to shield your hair from weather conditions and pollution? That includes sun, wind, snow, rain, dust, and so on.

As romantic as dancing in the rain might sound, this kind of exposure is actually quite harmful to your hair’s health. Before you know it, you’ll end up with frizzy and rough hair. Also, water from the rain removes your hair’s natural moisture.

And don’t even get me started with the sun’s damaging consequences. Too much exposure changes your hair’s structure since it destroys its natural protein. Among other things, sun exposure makes the hair drier, and more brittle.

So if you want to avoid these consequences, wear a hat, and don’t forget to take your umbrella!

10. Wrong pillowcases

Here’s another mistake that makes your hair look damaged: the wrong pillowcases. Contrary to popular opinion, cotton is not healthy for your hair. On the other hand, silk or satin should be your top pick.

Cotton actually steals your hair’s moisture. It takes away your natural oils and dries out your hair, which makes it more breakable. At the same time, cotton absorbs sweat, dust, and bacteria and later transfers it to your hair.

On the other hand, if you sleep on silk or satin pillowcases, there is no friction, frizziness, or breakage. They’re both breathable fabrics that act as natural moisturizers and hair conditioners.


Will damaged hair repair itself?

Your hair is made out of dead cells, which means it is not a living organism. Therefore, it is scientifically impossible for it to heal itself. Sadly, the damage on your tresses is permanent but what you can do is prevent new breakage and further destruction.

Should I cut off damaged hair?

Regular trims are non-negotiable, especially if we’re talking about split ends. However, what if your entire hair is damaged, and cutting it short is not an option? A famous Bollywood hairstylist Flavian Heldt says: “If you want to keep the length, try trimming the very ends every month until you recover the hair quality you want.”

Is frizzy hair damaged?

Yes, in most cases, your hair becomes frizzy as a result of dryness or damage caused by different factors. The number one cause of frizziness is your hair’s lack of moisture. Your hair shaft is open due to dryness which allows your locks to absorb the moisture from the outside.
Simply put, if your hair is frizzy, it is very likely that you’ve been making one of the mentioned hair care mistakes for years.