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Oil Treatment

Deeply hydrate, nourish, enhance shine and smooth split ends with our silicone-free 5-oil blend. Absorbs quickly and smoothes rough cuticles for shinier, frizz-free hair. Rich in Argan, Marula, Avocado, Coconut and Macadamia oils for strengthening, repair, and increased elasticity. Apply to wet hair prior to styling for more manageability and frizz control, and use throughout the week on ends to condition, hydrate, and fight humidity.
  • Silicone-free oil doubles as a styling aid and nourishing treatment
  • Fast absorbing formula with lasting hydration and shine
  • Perfect moisture booster to mix with other products
  • Citrusy fresh, yet sultry amber aroma - exclusive to Flawless
  • Argan Oil
    • Filled with Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E
    • Improves hair strength, repairs damage and restores shine and softness
  • Marula Oil
    • Hydrates and repairs hair
    • Highly concentrated with essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Omegas
  • Avocado Oil
    • Rich in fatty acids, Vitamins A, E and D to provide maximum conditioning
    • Vitamin content helps strengthen hair against breakage and binds split ends together
  • Pea Protein
    • A rich source of essential amino acids for increased hydration and elasticity, helping to prevent hair breakage
  • Macadamia Oil
    • Rich in nourishing omega 7, 5 and 3 fatty acids that promote healthy hair
  • Coconut Oil
    • Strengthens and fortifies the hair strand

Full Ingredients List

Apply a few drops to palms, using more or less depending on hair length. Work through hair, focusing on mid-length to ends.
  • Free from sulfates, parabens and gluten
  • Safe for: color-treated hair; relaxed hair, weaves, wigs, and human hair extensions
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ethically sourced ingredients
Add a few pumps to our Blow Dry Cream to help infuse hair with additional moisture as you blow dry, for a smoother, shinier finish!

Flawless Oil Treatment

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Works Well With

Flawless blow dry cream for a smooth blow out

Blow Dry Cream



Shine Spray

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Customer Reviews

Tee Jay 9/24/2017
Soothing Product
I absolutely love this oil treatment!!!! Very light soothing on both hair and scalp!!!!!
cacurl813 5/16/2017
I like this to add moisture to the always dry end of very curly hair.
I tried this product a couple of different ways. I added it to the hair repair masque to boost the moisturizing effect of the masque. I added some to the blow dry cream, and used it on its own just to the ends of my hair. For my curly hair with dry ends I liked it just applied to the ends. I might have used to much when combined with the blow dry cream, I didn't like the feel of may hair when I used it this way. I like it best used on just the ends of my hair after it is styled, either straight or curly to add some moisture and a hint of shine to the ends.
LS87 5/16/2017
Thick, slightly messy, but overall decent product
I use this for my LOC process. The oil is nice, but it's in a very thick suspension almost like a gel. It works fine, but can be a tad messy.
Kimberly 5/10/2017
Worth every penny.
This oil made my hair and scalp feel moisturized.
itssoeasy2me 5/9/2017
I love this oil treatment!
I love the Flawless Oil Treatment! It is a lightweight oil that smells great. It left my curly hair smooth and frizz free. It helped most with keeping my ends smooth. I will be buying this again!
Tyshabb 5/5/2017
Excellent product
Prefect smells great a little goes a long way and last longer. Great shine for touch up
CurlyEmma 5/5/2017
Cone-free Oil!
It's so nice to find a silicone-free oil. So many oil products have a small amount of oil and a lot of silicone, which coats the hair and doesn't moisturize. This one really seemed to penetrate my hair and left it noticeably softer.
Mariacita 5/5/2017
Great Oil
What I loved most about the product was the packaging. The pump was great. The combination of oils were great. I used the oil as a sealant for the LOC method. My hair did not feel greasy, the product melted in & my hair felt great. I also used it to take down my twists & was amazed that there was no greasy feel there as well. No buildup & no sitting on my course hair.
volsgrl 5/3/2017
I will buy this again
This oil treatment has helped my fine wavy hair to be more shiny and less flyaway. It only takes a tiny amount!
Alana 3/23/2017
Penetrates and Moisturizes
I'm a fan! I have coarse hair and have tried many different oils over the years and this one doesn't "sit" on my hair or contain alcohol elements similar to others I've tried in the past. It really feels like it penetrates the hair strand. Makes my hair healthy and shiny. It smells great too! After a week of using it, I don't get build up either. Great product. Would definitely recommend.
Yvonne 3/16/2017
Great product, left my hair soft without any buidlup
The oil treat was very lightweight and left my hair feeling moisturized without feeling weighed down or greasy. I have very coarse and coily hair that's naturally very dry, so I was presently surprised that it was able to make my hair feel soft all the way through
Catherine 3/14/2017
It's great when added to the masque for sure, but it also worked for me as a replacement for a leave-in (on wet hair) when I just wanted to give my curls some extra TLC for the day. It gave my hair a more shiny (but not greasy), elongated look, and it left my hair soft for days.

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