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18 Calico Hair Color Ideas For A Boldest Hues Combination

18 Calico Hair Color Ideas For A Boldest Hues Combination

If you love the idea of your hair being a canvas for different color combinations, you’ll adore the latest trend of calico hair! Inspired by the fur pattern of calico cats, this style features patches of black, orange, and white. These colors are reserved for bold girls only, so, if you are one of them, check out 18 inspirational pictures below!

1. Medium-Long Wavy Calico Hair

The three-color combination looks stunning on medium-long wavy hair, enhancing its texture and making the waves even more beautiful!

2. Calico Curls

Curls have their challenges, but overall, they’re incredibly cool and certainly something that people will notice right away. When you dye them in calico colors, they become even more attractive!

3. Long Wavy Calico Hair With Side Parting

Asymmetry is so cool, especially when you part your long hair to the side. If you’re also in the mood for trying more than just one hue, calico is a must-try!

4. Short Straight Calico Hair

Penteados curtos e lisos are pretty straightforward and low-maintenance, but they can feel a bit boring over time. Calico hair is a fun way to spice things up and make your short straight hair anything but boring!

5. Calico Shag Hairstyle

If you’re dreaming of a haircut that doesn’t require much daily styling, then a medium-long shag haircut is perfect for you! Add calico colors for the ultimate bold and chic look.

6. Short Edgy Calico Hair

Many things in our lives are boring and monotonous, but your hair doesn’t have to be one of them. Here’s a fabulous idea for calico short edgy hair, reserved only for girls who aren’t afraid to try something extraordinary!

7. Long Straight Calico Hair

You’ve had long hair for a while now, and things are starting to feel a bit dull. You’re ready for a change, but not one that involves chopping off the hair you’ve invested so much time in growing! It’s time to try something new and see how awesome calico colors will look with your hair!

8. Calico Hair With Face-Framing Layers

Calico colors and face-framing layers make a gorgeous combination, giving you a soft look, allowing hair movement, and emphasizing your facial features.

9. Calico On Natural Curls

Calico hair doesn’t have to be edgy or make you feel like you have a whole new personality! See how these colors blend so naturally and beautifully with natural curls, resulting in a soft, feminine look that’s just right.

10. Messy Calico Hair

Here’s a slightly messy and effortless haircut that gives off the casual vibe we all love in hairstyles. The calico colors are applied perfectly and aren’t overwhelming at all.

11. Calico Hair In Half-Updo

A half-updo is a versatile style you can pull off on casual days when you aren’t in the mood for styling, but it can also transform into a stunning evening look. Calico hair becomes more visible and striking when styled this way!

12. Soft And Shiny Calico Hair

So shiny, soft, and fabulous: this calico hairstyle looks like it came straight from heaven!

13. Chunky Calico Highlights

Here’s a fun idea that will put your hairstyle in the spotlight: chunky calico highlights create movement and dimension, resulting in a bold and fun look.

14. Hidden Calico Hair

At first glance, it looks like a stunning ginger hair dye. However, when you look up close, you’ll notice calico colors peeking through. How awesome is this style?

15. Calico Stripes

Any change that includes calico hair is a bold one. But if you really want to have everyone admiring your awesome hair, these calico stripes are something you should try!

16. Short Calico Wolf Cut

If we aren’t talking only about bold colors, but also haircuts, then a corte curto do lobo is something you need to consider. With this cut, you’ll get a lot of layers, volume, and that effortlessly cool ’70s vibe. It becomes even more stylish and edgy when combined with calico colors.

17. Calico Blunt Bob

A bobina cega is a stylish haircut that will benefit from calico colors, transforming this classic style into something less ordinary and a lot more fun.

18. Shaggy Calico Razor Cut

A shaggy razor cut with subtle calico colors will give you a fresh new look that’s just the right dose of boldness you need in your life!