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20 Cute And Easy Little Girl Hairstyles That Will Last All Day

20 Cute And Easy Little Girl Hairstyles That Will Last All Day

Are you looking for easy little girl hairstyles that will last all day? Then look no more! These super cute styles for little girls are practical, adorable, and suitable for all-day play. Whether your little princess has short or long hair, I’ll help you find a perfect protective and cute style for her hair length. So, let’s see!

1. Topsy Tail Braids With A Bow Kids Hairstyle

Topsy tail braids look complicated at first glance but they are one of the easiest hairstyles perfect for little girls. To create the topsy tail braid, tie hair with an elastic and then use your index finger and thumb to flip the ponytail up and under. Then add another elastic and continue doing the same for the rest of the hair.

2. Pull Through Hair Headband And Braid

Unlike topsy tail braids where you flip the ponytail up and under, pull-through braids are created by pulling the ponytail under and up. Add a decorative oversized bun to this adorable hairstyle and your little girl is ready to rock!

3. Bubble Braids Into A Low Ponytail

If you’re looking for a protective style that is also stylish and cute, bubble braids into a low ponytail are the way to go! You can do bubble braids starting from the crown or lower depending on the thickness of the girl’s hair. I recommend adding more bubble braids on thicker hair.

4. Braided Bun Half Updo

Hello, little diva! The braided bun half updo is a perfect style for little girls who want to make a statement in their cute way. This half-updo hairdo is not only stylish but also protective.

5. Crisscrossed Four Strand Braids

If you want to try out different braiding styles other than French or Dutch braids, I suggest crisscrossed four-strand braids. This unique braided style is more complicated than other styles but, as always, practice makes perfect!

6. French Braid With Flips And A Bubble Ponytail

French braid with flips and a bubble ponytail is another easy and cute hairstyle for little girls. To do flips, tie a section of hair with an elastic and then flip the little ponytail under and up. To do a French braid, you’ll need to cross the left strand over the middle strand, and then cross the right strand over the new middle strand. Congrats, you’re good to go!

7. Flipped Heart Pigtails

Even though this hairstyle looks complicated, flipped heart pigtails can be done in just a few minutes. Divide the hair into sections and gather both sections of hair into a ponytail. Tie it with an elastic. Pull the hair under and through and divide it into two new sections. Twist the sections to create heart-shaped pigtails and secure them with elastics.

8. Cornrow Braids With Locs

Cornrows are known as one of the most protective hairstyles but they should never be kept for no longer than six weeks due to potential hair breakage. Add hair accessories like hair beads to your kid’s cornrows to create a super sweet and cool look!

9. Space Buns With Braids Cute Hairstyle For Girls

Pair space buns with braids to create a protective style your kid will love! You can combine Dutch and French braids to create a more textured and versatile hairstyle for school or another occasion.

10. Sleek Hair Headband With Accessories

If you want to tame your little girl’s hair, sleek textures and braids are great ways to do so. Use hair gel to create a slicked hair headband that you will decorate with small crisscrossed bubble braids and the cutest hair accessories.

11. Rainbow Bubble Braid Into A Ponytail

This hairstyle is a perfect practical example of the saying “Less is more”. A simple rainbow bubble braid (read: bubble braid with colorful elastics) can bring a classic ponytail look to the next level. Simple and cute!

12. Heart Tie Half Updo

When your little girl gets tired of ponytails and buns, you know it’s time to switch to half updos. This heartwarming heart tie hairstyle will keep long hair tamed all day and if you want to create a more stylish version add a decorative bun or some other hair accessories.

13. Bubble Braid Pigtails Toddler Hairstyle

Because bubble braid pigtails are cooler than one giant bubble braid! This cute hairstyle looks amazing on both long and short hair and you can always make it look more personalized by adding colorful elastics and similar.

14. Half Up Space Buns Simple Hairstyle For Girls

4C hair is one of the most challenging types for maintenance and styling. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from experimenting with different styles. Half-up space buns are an easy and sweet hairstyle for little girls and it doesn’t require much effort.

15. Dutch Lace Braids Into A High Ponytail

Dutch lace braids into a high ponytail are an excellent choice when you want something fancy for a special occasion. You can use hair gel for easier braiding, especially if your kid has coily or curly hair which are the most voluminous hair types.

16. Half Updo With A Twist Bubble Braid

If you’re not that skillful at braiding hair, twists are a great alternative because they’re easy to style and look amazing on all hair textures. However, if twists look and sound too simple, you can create a “hybrid” called a twist bubble braid.

17. Boxer Braids

Originally, boxer braids refer to double Dutch braids aka double inverted Dutch braids. However, you can always add two smaller braids on the sides to create a unique look. The best is that this protective hairstyle will not last all day but for days!

18. Bubble Braids Into A Bun

Use bubble braids to create a triangle hair-parting that will work as a headband. Add a stylish oversized bow to a bun and ‘your job here is done’!

19. Crisscrossed Bubble Braids With Pigtails

It’s amazing how many styles you can create just by using elastics. Crisscrossed bubble braids with pigtails are a great choice for summer days when you don’t want your hair near your face. Besides, this style looks so cute and cool!

20. Christmas Tree Bubble Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Yes, you can create a mini Christmas tree on your little girl’s head by adding a few hair accessories including elastics. Pair this adorable Christmas tree with a ponytail or a braid. The choice is yours!