21 Layered Wavy Hair Ideas For A Lively And Dynamic Look

1. Layered Wavy Hair With Full Bang

If you want to achieve that mystique and alluring look, opt for layered wavy hair with full bangs.  

2. Jet Black Long Wavy Hair

Jet black is the deepest and darkest shade of black out there. This hair color has blue undertones that look so chic on layered long wavy hair.

3. Light Ash Brown Short Layered Haircut

Achieving a dynamic look has never been easier with short layers. 

4. Burgundy Long Layered Wavy Hair

Rich burgundy shade is responsible for adding shine and depth to your layered wavy hair.

5. Color Blocking Layered Waves

Combining contrasting colors has never been more fun! To enhance the layers of your wavy hair combine cool and warm hair tones.

6. Butterfly Layers For Wavy Hair

Butterfly layers feature shorter layers around the face and longer cascading layers.

7. Cowboy Copper Long Wavy Hair

Cowboy copper is a combination of brown and red that looks natural and amazing on all hair textures including layered wavy hair.

8. Silver Blonde Layered Wavy Hair

Seldom hairstyles look so stunning like silver blonde wavy hair with layers.

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