These 25 Cute Updos Will Make You Look Stylish Everyday

1. Double Bun With Fringe

You’ll only need a minute to create this double bun – a hairstyle that looks perfectly effortless and stylish.

2. High Pigtails

High pigtails are playful and youthful, and don’t we all desire to feel forever young?

3. Ponytail With Pink Ribbons

Use the blessing of your long hair in the best way possible by creating a simple ponytail and giving it a girly, romantic touch.

4. High Ponytail With A Scrunchie

A textured ponytail with the simple addition of a white scrunchie is such a classic that you can reach for it for any occasion. 

5. Half Up Half Down Updo

A half-up half-down updo combined with beautiful hair color and an elegant hairpin is simply golden!

6. Three Strand Pull Through Braid

Don’t worry if you’re not so skillful at braiding: check out this tutorial to master the perfect three-strand pull-through braid.

7. Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle shines on long and thick hair, and I love it even more when it’s loosened up a bit for a messy look! 

8. Bow Updo

Bow updo – cuteness overload! Save this creative style for the holiday season or for those days when you just feel extra festive.

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