These Straight Ponytail Hairstyles Redefine The Meaning Of Sleek

1. High Ponytail With Bow

Here’s a simple trick to glam up your ponytail: flip out the ends and top it off with a bow that has the same vibe as the look you’re going for.

2. High Slick-Back Ponytail

This sleek, high ponytail paired with flawlessly laid edges is an absolute dream.

3. Sleek Low Ponytail

Take a look at how a simple accessory can transform your entire hairstyle.

4. High Ponytail With Middle Part

As simple as they may seem, ponytails are incredibly versatile and a joy to experiment with.

5. Undone Low Straight Ponytail

Straight ponytail hairstyles are usually about that sleek and glossy drama, but there’s more than one way to wear them.

6. Kinky Straight High Ponytail

For a natural-looking weave ponytail, choose extensions that perfectly match the texture of your hair. 

7. High Ponytail Hairstyle With Accent Braid

You’re growing out your bangs but you want a slick-back ponytail?

8. Mid-Height Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

This ponytail may seem basic, but that’s far from an insult—quality basics are the foundation of style.

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