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Baby Bangs & Long Hair: 2024’s Trendiest Long Locks Combo

Baby Bangs & Long Hair: 2024’s Trendiest Long Locks Combo

You want change but don’t want to cut your long locks? Well we have a solution for you. Try out baby bangs on your long hair. They are not just trending this season – they are also looking so unique. No baby bangs are the same. Depending on your hair texture, volume, and color you will have a hairtyle like no other. Check it out!

1. Bowl Cut Baby Bangs

Bowl cut baby bangs are making a comeback this winter, giving off major retro vibes. The style is even more brilliant with this red copper color. It’s a bold look that’s surprisingly chic.

2. Baby Bangs & Bits

Now, here’s a hairstyle that screams boho-cool. Combine shaggy wavy layers with baby bangs and face-framing bits for a carefree look. They are giving ‘just rolled out of bed’ kind of charm.

3. French Baby Bangs

Get inspired by Camilla Cabello and pull off French baby bangs. These bangs add a Parisian chic vibe to any outfit, making them a perfect look for those that are going for ‘not trying too hard’ look.

4. Wispy Baby Bangs

If you are looking for a softer take on this trend, go for a wispy style. These, light feather-like bangs give a feminine and delicate touch to a whole look.

5. Chewy Ends Baby Bangs

Chewy ends on baby fringes? Yes, Please! Textured and bit of undone look great for adding some liveliness to your winter wardrobe.

6. Baby Bangs On Natural Waves

Mix it up with straight cut baby bangs on naturally wavy hair. Copper color adds warmth and depth. It’s a perfect contrast to pale skin and light blue or green eyes.

7. Gothic Micro Fringe

Hug your inner goth with baby bangs that are more a micro fringe. It’s edgy, bold and totally different. Pair it with darker makeup choices for a more dramatic look.

8. Shaggy Baby Bangs

This hairstyle is all about that ‘messy hair don’t care’ vibes. It’s perfect for those who love to be different and aren’t afarid to show their bold hairstyle.

9. Hidden Color Baby Bangs

Surprise color underneath makes a playful twist on a classic baby bangs. Meanwhile the bits on the side give out that fairy charm.

10. Textured Baby Fringe

If you want to add dimension to your hairdo this textured fringes are the right choice for you. They are totally stylish and laid back.

11. Rockabilly Baby Bangs

Add notes of rock ‘n’ roll to your look with straight across baby bangs. It’s a fearless look created for those who want to embrace a more daring style. A hairstyle with attitude!

12. Face Framing Baby Bangs

This look is total vibe for this season! It gives off an effortlessly cool and relaxed feel while framing your face beautifully.

13. Color Block Baby Bangs

Half blonde, half brunette baby bangs are a bold choice for those who want to mix it up. Two colors make a fresh take on a classic bangs, making every selfie pop.

14. Split Color Baby Fringe

This look is like having two personalities in one hairstyle. Contrasting colors ,especially on baby fringes, is an absolute trend on Pinterest.

15. Baby Fringe & Textured Cut

The perfect mix of sharp and soft! Straight-cut baby fringe paired with a textured cut gives you a voluminous look. The whole hairstyle is modern and approachable!

16. Baby Bangs & Curly Shag

This combo adds a playful touch to your natural curls, making it a total win to your overall style. The whole look seems vintage but current.

17. Asymmetric Baby Bangs

This blond hair with surprise black underneath and the whole asymmetric cut are totally innovative. Definitely, not a look you see everyday, but a look that makes an impact.

18. Emo Baby Bangs

The dual-toned hair is a creative twist to usual emo black hair. The straight across baby bangs add a sharp and expressive element to the face, embodying the emo spirit of individuality.

19. Shag Haircut Baby Bangs

Brighten up your look with vivid orange color on a shag cut with adorable baby bangs. A must try for old-souls who are adventurers at heart.

20. Navy Baby Bangs

This navy color is really stunning. Still, the thing that makes the whole look unique are choppy baby bangs with one silver strand. The devil is in the details, and it’s looking fab!

21. Neon Hair Baby Bangs

Turn up the brightness with neon baby bangs in purple pink tones. Baby bangs are perfect for round face shape making it slimmer and vivid colors add to happy look.

22. Winter Baby Fringe

For an absolutely gorgeous winter look – go with a choppy baby fringe in silver with a peek of hidden blue. This look gives ‘Frozen’ vibes and it makes you feel magical.

23. Natural Texture Baby Fringe

This style is all about celebrating your hair’s natural beauty. It even has a wet look going for it. Cute baby fringes are adding a strict contrast to otherwise relaxed style.