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5 Short Tomboy Haircut Types Women Can Own In 2024

5 Short Tomboy Haircut Types Women Can Own In 2024

We’ll keep it short and sweet: 2024 is the year of the bold, empowering and totally chic tomboy haircuts for women. It’s time to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Here, we’ll guide you through five dynamic haircut types that are ruling the style charts. From the minimalist buzz cut to cool grunge style, you’ll witness originality and individuality. Keep on exploring and see which one resonates with you.

1. Buzz Cut Brilliance

It’s said that ‘The style is as feminine as the woman wearing it!’ and we have buzz cut to prove it. It’s the power move among haircuts. Buzz cut is all about going super short, where your hair is clipped close to the scalp. Oh, and simply changing colors can change your whole style. One other major plus here: you’ll never have a bad hair day. It’s easy to maintain since this haircut is the epitome of wash-and-go.

2. Pixie Cut Perfection

If pixie cut was a word it would be: SASSY! There is something mischievous about this entire haircut. It’s like saying, “I’m here ,I’m fierce and I’m owning my look”. Pixie cut is a timeless classic, often with a little extra length at the top for styling versatility. You can go for a tousled look, maybe sleek, or shaved at the sides – whichever way you go it’s a sure win.

3. Shaggy Tomboy Elegance

Among all the short tomboy cuts – shag has the best energy. It’s got this awesome, undone look that’s totally in. You know what I’m talking about, that ‘fabulous without trying to be’ vibe. Those layers and textures make it look like you are always ready for a photo shoot. Perfect for the free-spirited gal who loves a bit of rebellion in her style.

4. Short Bob Dream Hair

This is a sleek and sophisticated choice. It’s a bit longer than the other cuts, usually around the chin length, and it’s big on clean lines and simplicity. The short bob can be straight and sharp for a modern look, or you can add some waves for a softer and more romantic feel. Short bob is the most feminine out of all short tomboy haircuts, and it’s always on-trend.

5. Tomboy Grunge: Short Hair Edition

When you think of grunge, you think of 90’s rock stars and their carefree, out of this world hairstyles. Well, it’s even more unique than you can imagine. Grunge tomboy haircuts, are defined by textured layers and lived-in look. It’s usually choppy , with a mix of short and medium lengths. All in all, a cool appearance for rebellious souls.