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‘90s Baby Braid Styles Are Back, And This Is How To Wear Them

‘90s Baby Braid Styles Are Back, And This Is How To Wear Them

If you’re a ‘90s baby, you’re well acquainted with baby braid styles. Back then, this was a favorite hairstyle among celebrities and little girls who admired them. Today, this iconic hairstyle is becoming popular again! With summer here, bringing many parties and long days full of dancing and fun, here are 17 cool ideas for baby braid hairstyles to spice up your look in the best way possible.

1. Classic Baby Braids Style

This is basically what baby braids are all about: simply take the front strands of your hair, braid them, and secure them with tiny, invisible elastics. It’s easy and quick, but different enough from your everyday style to make you feel special!

2. Half Updo With Baby Braids

We love the half-up, half-down ponytail because you can wear it sleek and elegant, or messy and casual—whichever mood you’re in, the half updo will deliver. If you’re looking for a cute, festive style, just add charming baby braids to your half updo!

3. High Messy Bun With Baby Braids

The high messy bun is the queen of hairstyles that say, ‘I haven’t worked that hard at all, but I still look so good!’ When you add baby braids to this effortlessly cool style, you get an even more stunning look!

4. Top Knot With Baby Braids

The top knot is another great hair updo to combine with baby braids. It’s like mixing a sleek style with a cute feature, creating the perfect blend of both worlds.

5. Baby Braids On Very Long Hair

What’s an easy and adorable way to effortlessly make your long hair more charming? Baby braids, of course!

6. Baby Braids And Bubble Braids Style

Besides different updos, you can also mix baby braids with other types of braids. Here, you can see how these tiny front braids look combined with trendy bubble braids. So adorable, isn’t it?

7. Baby Braids On Long Straight Hair

You might think baby braids are perfect for occasions like festivals. However, when you see them with long, straight hair, they can also look so feminine, chic, and even elegant. Don’t you agree?

8. Casual Low Bun With Baby Braids

Here’s another everyday, casual style you’re going to love this summer: a simple low bun with baby braids! Pull your hair into a low bun without worrying about keeping every strand in place, since this style is all about messiness. Create the baby braids, and you’re ready to go!

9. Baby Braids On One Side Hairstyle

To make things even more interesting, braid your baby braids on just one side of your hair. Remember, asymmetry is super cool, too!

10. Peachy Pink Hair With Baby Braids

I can’t imagine a prettier color to combine with festive baby braids than this vivid peachy pink!

11. Long Straight Ponytail With Baby Braids

To get all eyes on you, create a basic low ponytail with your long, straight hair and add baby braids as the cherry on top of this simple but effective hairstyle.

12. Subtle Baby Braids On Straight Blonde Hair

Baby braids don’t have to steal the show and be super noticeable. Here, you can see how they can also be subtle and soft!

13. Baby Braids On Short Hair

Face-framing layers on short hair are a fantastic option, but if you don’t have them at the moment, you can always create baby braids in the front for an adorable look!

14. Baby Braids With Colorful Butterfly Clips

Instead of using tiny, invisible elastics, take it a step further and use colorful butterfly clips on your baby braids. This small detail will make the entire look more attractive!

15. Low Curly Ponytail With Baby Braids

With your big, curly hair tied in a low ponytail and some fabulous baby braids, you’re going to feel like a true diva!

16. Baby Braids On Natural Hair

Your natural hair is awesome on its own, and you don’t really have to do anything special with it. But if you sometimes wish to shake things up a bit and not look the same every day, just braid your front strands!

17. Baby Braids Festival Hairstyle

If you have a festival coming up, this is the perfect example of why baby braids are considered one of the ‘it’ festival hairstyles! So charming, fun, and just gorgeous!