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Flawless Hair Updos For Casual Days And Glam Nights

Flawless Hair Updos For Casual Days And Glam Nights

There’s no better way to look elegant and sophisticated than wearing your hair up. What we especially love about updos is that they look equally good on long, medium, and short hair. Plus, regardless of whether your hair is straight, curly, thick, thin, or fine, you can find an upstyle that suits you perfectly.

You can create many updos by yourself, even if you aren’t exactly skilled in hairstyling. Of course, there are some styles that might be best left to the professionals. For those, saving a photo and taking it to your stylist for your next special occasion is a great plan.

Now, let’s see the different hair updo styles to help you find all the inspo you need!

Classic Updos

Classic updos are what most of us imagine upon hearing about this hairstyle. They’re the perfect choice for special occasions such as weddings, proms, fancy parties, and more. Let’s explore some of the best ways to style your hair for these wonderful events.

1. Low Bun

A simple low bun offers a beautiful style for a wedding – it looks stylish and keeps your hair away from your face. If you have long hair, this is just one hairstyle in the wide range of wedding updos to choose from. 

However, if your hair is short at the moment, you might think achieving the perfect low bun for your wedding is out of reach. Don’t worry, since this isn’t true at all! This is still a great wedding upstyle even for short hair: your bun will simply be smaller and charming!

2. High Bun

This is a style I would definitely save up for some fancier events. It looks glamorous and makes a wonderful addition to a pretty dress or a stylish suit. Leaving the framing pieces in front makes the high bun pop up even more.

3. French Twist

A timeless classic that makes you look graceful and sophisticated: the French twist makes an infallible choice. It makes a classy style for formal occasions like weddings or homecoming.

4. Chignon

For those occasions when you want to look sophisticated and elegant, the classic chignon bun is one of the best options available. This vintage hairstyle is typically quite simple, sitting low at the nape of the neck. To add an extra touch of charm, consider braiding it or positioning it at the side of your neck.

5. Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun, a classic in the hairstyle world, remains trendy at all times. Professional ballerinas can dance as long as they want with their hair secured in a tight, high bun—and so can you! This style places your hair atop your head like a crown, ensuring you look elegant and event-ready.

6. Side Bun

A side bun offers a more casual alternative to the traditional middle-of-the-head or nape bun. It’s flirty, chic, and fancy enough to spice up your hairstyling routine a bit. 

7. Braided Bun

This style offers the perfect combination of an elegant bun and a romantic braid. Whether you go with a low or a high bun, this technique works wonders on both medium and long hair. It doesn’t require that much effort but makes all the difference!

8. Pammy Updo

Pamela Anderson set a hair trend in the 90s with her iconic updo, a style that remains as popular now as it was when it first showed up. This look features hair piled high on the head, with two strands left out to frame the face. It’s sexy, perfectly messy, but still classy enough to be your go-to upstyle for any occasion.

9. Knotted Bun

Soft, classic, and kind of effortless – the knotted bun helps you look sophisticated and stylish. It’s a style you can definitely learn to create on your own, with just a bit of practice to perfect it.

10. Bow Bun

You can add a playful twist to your hairstyle, but still keep it classy, by stylizing it into a bow shape. There are no limits to this style, so, you’re not confined to just one bow. Feel free to experiment with multiple bows to make your hair look even more adorable!

11. Curly Bun

The natural way is sometimes just the best way to go. And, with your curly hair, it’s absolutely as charming as it gets! You don’t have to do anything special with your curls: just pick them up into a low or high bun. I guarantee you’ll turn heads because, with curly hair, even the simplest updo becomes more than just a hairstyle—it’s a statement.

12. Low Ponytail

On some occasions, there’s nothing better than the simplest look. And, when it comes to simplicity, a low ponytail is one of its best editions. If you need an elegant or glam look, a big wavy low pony is a great option. Add a piece of ornament or a bow and you’ve got yourself wedding-worthy hair!

13. Braided Halo

A pretty hairstyle with a romantic note – the braided halo will make you feel like a princess. It looks beautiful on both blonde and dark hair. You can style it as a sleek updo or a more relaxed, messy look. It’s a wonderful way to show your face and your glamorous makeup.

14. Classic Half Updo

Many celebrities have been choosing half updos as their favorite styles lately, meaning that they’ve become pretty trendy! They aren’t as formal as a classic updo, but still make an elegant option for various occasions. Soft waves and dark hair gently pulled up really make this half updo an all-time classic, whether you’re aiming for a prom updo, a company party, or seeking the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

15. Textured Updo

The richer the texture, the more stunning your updo becomes! A textured bun isn’t too formal, but it still helps you achieve that timeless, classic look. You can leave it clean and neat or decorate it with a floral accessory for an extra romantic vibe.

16. Low Bun With Hair Ornaments

A low bun is a statement look for many brides, and if you want to make it look even more bridal – there are always hair ornaments like white flowers to help you achieve this!

Casual Updos

It’s undeniable that updos are the go-to styles for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and other formal events. However, updos are also so practical and cute that it would be a shame not to wear them even on a daily basis! Luckily, there are many casual updos that are easy to create and perfect for daily wear. Keep scrolling to see some awesome inspiration for casual upstyles.

1. Messy Bun

The messy bun is absolutely the queen of casual upstyles! You can whip it up in no time, freeing up more of your morning to focus on choosing the perfect outfit or applying your makeup. Both the low and high messy bun are perfect for running errands or simply enjoying a sunny afternoon outdoors. This effortless look never fails!

2. Double Bun

Two buns are better than one! When you have some extra time on your hand, consider braiding them for an even more adorable look.

3. Low Bun With Hair Accessories

No time to wash your hair, or is it just not cooperating with you? Time to pull out the good old low bun trick! Simply secure it with a hair pin, or turn it into an extra cute updo by adding a scrunchie with a spring pattern.

4. Boho Bun

If you like your hair loose and looking a bit wild, but still stylish for your everyday look, a boho bun makes a fantastic choice.

5. Messy French Twist

The French twist is one of the ultimate classic updos, but giving it a slightly messy touch can transform it into your go-to style for those casual days when you’re feeling the upstyle vibe.

6. Space Buns

Feeling trapped in a cycle of the same old updos? It’s definitely time to try something new and become creative with your hair. Try out the space buns as your next fun and unusual style! They will bring a touch of youth to your look and prove that your hair doesn’t have to look dull, not even for a single day. This upstyle is fantastic for long and voluminous hair, but also makes a great updo for medium-length hair.

7. Ponytail With Braid

Feeling like your go-to ponytail is becoming a bit monotonous? Well, it’s time to spice things up a bit! Braiding your basic ponytail offers a fresh twist to your everyday style. And don’t worry about needing to be a braiding expert—braiding your high or low ponytail is something you can easily manage.

8. Bubble Braid Ponytail

The bubble braid ponytail is the trend we love for its perfect blend of ponytail and braid elements. It’s cute, stylish, and, best of all, incredibly simple to create. Here are the steps:

• Use styling cream or pomade to prep your hair 

• Tie your hair into a basic ponytail at your preferred height—feel free to go extra low or high, depending on how you’re feeling

• Add another hair tie a few inches below the initial elastic, and continue adding more down the length of your ponytail

• Gently pull at the hair between each elastic to create bubbles

• Finish off with a hairspray to ensure everything stays in place

9. Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid looks good on hair of any length. For a casual, effortless look, you can go with a single braid, or choose double braids when you’re in the mood for something more playful and fun. Also known as the “reverse French braid,” the Dutch braid is created by crossing the strands under instead of over. Don’t be afraid that this style is challenging to create – it really isn’t, and I’m sure you’ll master it in no time. Here’s an easy tutorial for beginners:

10. Cornrow Updo

Cornrows are an elaborated style on their own, but when styled into a high bun or a high ponytail, they truly stand out!

11. Textured Braid

Instead of wearing a tightly bound braid, go with a more casual look by keeping it textured and loose. It looks so pretty, especially on long hair and is sure to earn you plenty of compliments!

12. Bun Half Updo

The half up half down ponytail is a classic that never goes out of style, but why not shake things up by going with a bun in the half updo instead? It looks great for those lazy casual days, but you can also pull it out as your night out hairstyle. Plus, you don’t need very long hair to achieve this style. It’s an excellent, quick updo option for medium-length hair as well!

13. Half Updo With A Braid

Incorporating a braid into your half updo is a nice way of blending classic and casual. It definitely doesn’t look ordinary and gives a romantic vibe to your style.

14. Mermaid Braid

Pretty, romantic, and stylish – the mermaid braid is a dreamy upstyle that evokes the charm of those beloved cartoon characters!

15. Curly Half Updo

A half updo is an easy and efficient way to tame your curls a bit without fully restraining them. This style shines whether slicked back or with a curly fringe left loose across your forehead. It goes great both with long and medium curly hair.

16. Claw Clip Updo

Is the claw clip back in the game, or did it never really fade from fashion? It doesn’t matter: the only important thing here is that this basic tool can help you create the easiest upstyle that still looks utterly stylish! Make sure you choose a quality claw clip that will be comfortable enough for you to wear it all day long.

17. Pigtail Updo

Just because you’re an adult now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with pigtail hairstyles! While this updo is usually associated with children, you can style it in different ways to create a charming casual look. You can tie them high, keep them low, or even braid your pigtails. The possibilities are endless – just let yourself be creative and playful!

Formal Updos

Having a formal event in front of you means you should ensure your updo looks graceful and sophisticated. Check out these suggestions for formal updos that will get you all the elegance and professionalism you’re looking for.

1. Sleek Bun

There’s just something about the sleek bun that makes you feel like you’re all pulled-together! This style keeps your hair in one place, making it ideal for hot summer days. At the same time, it looks so fierce and neat, giving you that powerful feminine appearance. 

You can go either with a low or high sleek bun, and here are the steps to create this runway-worthy style perfectly:

• Start by removing any knots to completely detangle your hair

• Apply hairspray from the front of your hairline pulling all the way back

• Smooth your hair using a soft boar bristle brush to eliminate any bumps

• Pull your hair into a ponytail, choosing the desired height for your bun

• Secure the ponytail with a hair tie, making sure it’s as tight as possible

• Twist your ponytail a few times, then wrap the ends around its base

• Use another hair tie to secure the bun

• Finish up with pomade for a perfectly sleek bun

2. Top Knot

Chic, elegant, and easy to achieve, the top knot is the perfect hairstyle for showing your beautiful face or highlighting stunning makeup.

3. Fishtail Chignon

A chignon is both classic and formal, but, to make things less strict, you can incorporate a pretty fishtail braid into this upstyle.

4. French Braid Bun

A combination of a bun with a French braid offers another great formal look. You can go with the braid starting at the top of your head, finishing up in a high bun. Or, you can choose a side French braid that flows into a sleek, low side bun. This style is formal enough, and at the same time, it makes a very cute work updo.

5. High Ponytail

If you want to achieve a glamorous and a bit dramatic look, a high ponytail is the right choice. This updo accentuates your face in the best possible way and looks especially good on extra long hair. Wavy or straight – whichever one you prefer, both versions will help you make a statement and turn heads.

6. Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail offers a classic formal look, especially when paired with a striking suit or a classy dress. To get this smooth finish and to control frizz, you’ll need to use a good amount of styling cream and gel.

7. Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is similar to a regular braid, while here you use two strands instead of the standard three. It looks both classy and effortless at the same time, making it a go-to style for formal occasions. Of course, this braid looks especially stunning on very long hair.

8. Pull-Through Braid

This style offers a subtle but significant change to a traditional braid. The pull-through braid adds extra volume to your hair, creating a chic and stylish look that’s perfect for your next formal occasion.

9. Half Updo With Framing Pieces

For a soft and flattering half updo, consider leaving the framing pieces loose in the front. This technique looks fantastic on both straight and wavy hair, as well as on long and medium hair.

Hair Updos For Different Hair Types

Some updos will look better on thick hair, while there are also many options that suit thin hair marvelously. Check out the following guide to find out which upstyles are most flattering for your hair type.

Updos For Thin Hair

Don’t let thin hair deter you from achieving your ideal updo. While thick, voluminous hair might seem like the dream base for stunning upstyles, there are plenty of options for those with finer strands—you just need to know which updos suit thin hair best!

These are some of the best option to create the illusion of texture and volume in your hair:

• A sleek high updo: skip the usual parting to make your hair look fuller

• Bow bun: adds shape and dimension, perfect for giving the appearance of more hair

• Textured side braid: prep with volumizing mousse to add necessary volume to your thin hair before braiding

• Low bun with hair accessory: use a floral ornament, for example, to draw attention and enhance your small, thin bun

• Space buns: you don’t need to have a lot of hair to pull off this super adorable style!

Updos For Thick Hair

Having thick hair opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to updos, allowing you to get creative and even a bit wild! While many ladies need hair extensions to get the voluminous look, you have the luxury of achieving it effortlessly with your natural hair. Plus, there’s no need to visit a hairstylist for many styles—you can create them yourself at home. Here are some of my favorite updos to try on your thick hair:

• Claw clip updo: this is the most basic everyday look that helps you show off your beautiful voluminous hair without much hassle

• Fishtail braid: if you not only have thick, but also long hair, you can consider yourself as a lucky girl! A fishtail braid is a charming updo for this hair type, enabling you to keep your big hair away from your face, withouh entirely hiding its beauty.

• French braid bun: you can make this upstyle polished or messy – either way it looks charming and innovative on thick hair

• Bubble braid ponytail: this is a fun and playful way to add a unique touch to your casual look while highlighting your thick, voluminous hair

• French twist: look no further than this style if you’re aiming for a classic updo. A big French twist looks exceptionally elegant on thick hair.

Updo Styles For Different Face Shapes

Every updo has its charm, but some will just suit you better than others, and this has a lot to do with your face shape. Learn which upstyles will fit your face frame the best.

Oval Face

The oval face shape is so symmetrical that any updo will look good on it. This shape features cheekbones as the widest part of the face and a soft jaw without any sharp points. So, you’re basically not limited at all with this face shape. Some of my personal favorites here are a high ponytail to lift up your face or a high bun with framing pieces to highlight the cheekbones.

Square Face

Paris Hilton

You might worry that a ponytail or bun could overly emphasize your pronounced jawline, leading you to often skip wearing updos. However, the face shape shouldn’t be an obstacle to any hairstyle – you just need to learn how to pick the updo that will go with your square face!

A voluminous high bun is an excellent choice for square face shapes. It helps draw attention away from the jawline, especially if you let some framing pieces hang loose to soften any harsh lines. For more formal occasions, a French twist serves as the ultimate classic option that suits square faces well. Side bangs are a great addition to this style.

Round Face

Emma Stone

A low casual bun is a good choice for a round face, with side fringe or few tendrils left loose to soften your face. It’s also beneficial to go with a side parting here.

Half updos are another great choice for round faces, offering a bit of height at the top while the rest of the hair remains loose, creating a gentle look. If you have curly hair, go with a voluminous high updo to add height and achieve balance. High ponytails are also flattering for this face shape, as they help elongate the face and counterbalance round cheeks.

Heart-Shaped Face

Camila Mendes

Some of the best ways to show your pretty heart-shaped face are slicked-back updos – either buns or ponytails. To get a smooth upstyle, you’ll need to use hair gel and hairspray. In case you’re looking for an elegant updo, a French twist will complement your heart-shaped face by emphasizing your cheekbones and your attractive facial structure.

Oblong Face

Emilia Clarke

The oblong face shape is characterized by its length, with the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline being roughly the same width. If you have this face shape, a high ponytail is a style that elongates the face even more, meaning that you should skip it. Instead, choose a lower pony and expose your ears and give your face some width.

A classic side braid also suits this face shape well. Remember, leaving a few face-framing pieces out can complement your long face beautifully.