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All The “It” Girls Are Rocking Black Hair With Peekaboo Highlights

All The “It” Girls Are Rocking Black Hair With Peekaboo Highlights

Black hair with peekaboo highlights is the trend you can’t afford to miss; that is, if you want to be fashionable. It’s a perfect way to bring some life to your dull black hair and revamp your entire style.

1. Silver Peekaboo

Silver and black are always a bombing combination. These two shades create a beautiful contrast and make your hairstyle super-interesting.

2. Blue Peekaboo

Will this hue of blue wash off pretty soon? The answer is sadly yes. But even when that happens, it will turn into a gorgeous shade of pastel blue you’ll love.

3. Teal Peekaboo On Bob Cut

Teal, a deep blue-green shade is everything you’ve been searching for. It gives off funky and eccentric vibes and it looks amazing on black hair.

4. Pastel Gray Peekaboo

Here’s another variation of gray peekaboo highlights on black hair; this time, we’re looking at a pastel gray which is equally gorgeous.

5. Multicolored Peekaboo

Multicolored peekaboos without a doubt, require the most skilled colorist. They’re difficult to maintain but they’re also the most effective.

6. Blue And Green Subtle Peekaboo

You don’t have to turn your entire hairstyle upside down if you decide to go for peekaboo highlights. Sometimes, adding subtle splashes of color will do the trick.

7. Violet And Pink Peekaboo

Violet and pink peekaboo on black hair will make you look like a real-life Princess. If you want to look girly, no matter your age, this one is for you.

8. White Peekaboo

White peekaboo on black hair is here to give your tresses depth, and dimension and most importantly, to make your locks look more voluminous than ever.

9. Subtle Red Peekaboo

This subtle red peekaboo on black hair will allow you to keep your professional look while also giving you a chance to express your uniqueness and creativity.

10. Blue And Yellow Peekaboo

Who would say that blue and yellow go this well together? Well, they’re even better when combined with a black base hair color.

11. Pastel Pink Peekaboo On Jet Black

Paste pink shade can never go out of style. It gives you a gentle look and it provides a fabulous contrast with your jet black hair.

12. Purple Peekaboo Balayage

Purple peekaboo balayage on black hair is for mysterious girls who enjoy dancing on the edge of a dark side. Don’t forget to pair this hairstyle with an appropriate makeup.

13. Bright Red Peekaboo

Bright red is always a good choice for all of you who love vivid colors in your hair. But instead of dyeing your tresses this shade, go with peekaboo highlights.

14. Peachy Peekaboo

The good thing about black hair with peachy peekaboo highlights is that it’s not such a vivid shade and therefore, it doesn’t wash out as easily as other hues.

15. Prism Peekaboo

Prism peekaboo highlights are the ultimate funky and edgy hairstyle not meant for everyone. But if you’re a brave girl who is always different, it’s a hairstyle for you.

16. Cheetos Peekaboo

Yes, you’ve read it right: this combination of colors is called Cheetos peekaboo. And it’s pretty clear where the name comes from.

17. Unicorn Peekaboo

Do you want to grab the spotlight wherever you appear? If the answer is yes, unicorn peekaboo highlights should be your top pick.

18. Neon Green Peekaboo

A neon green peekaboo highlights on black hair is an attention-grabbing hairstyle you’ll fall in love with at first sight. And everyone else will follow.

19. Green Face Frame Peekaboo

What to do when underdye is not enough but you don’t want the commitment of dyeing your entire hair vivid? In that case, peekaboo highlights paired with face-frames are the answer.

20. Rainbow Peekaboo

I can promise you this: everyone will be impressed with your rainbow peekaboo highlights on black hair. It’s the color combination that knocks people off their feet.

21. Copper Red Peekaboo

Copper red peekaboo is pretty low-maintenance since it’s not such a vivid color and this is probably the number one reason so many girls choose it. And of course, let’s not forget how gorgeous it looks.

22. Caramel Peekaboo

Here’s another perfect solution for all of you who don’t want to go over the top but still want to spice up your hairstyle: caramel peekaboo highlights on black hair.

23. Yellow Peekaboo On Shoulder Length

You’re sick and tired of your dull black shoulder-length hair? Worry not, I’ve got you covered: just add yellow peekaboo highlights and see the magic rewind.

24. Blonde Peekaboo

What are the most lovable and most popular hair colors? Blonde and black, that’s right. Well, it’s time to pair them together.

25. Vivid Pink Peekaboo

Vivid pink peekaboo is here to add much-needed spice and freshness to your long black hair. And when you see this inspo pic, you’ll notice it did the trick.