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24 Top Trending Wispy Curtain Fringe Styles For Long Hair

24 Top Trending Wispy Curtain Fringe Styles For Long Hair

Thinking of cutting your bangs but you aren’t sure how? Wondering how they could compliment your long hair length? Will they fit with your hair color?  Feeling a bit anxious of how it will all look? Be bold and change your long hair appearance with wispy curtain fringes. They are a safe choice for someone who’s trying out bangs for the first time. Curtain fringes complement your facial features, styling them is super easy and they will make you feel and look younger. Continue scrolling, find your hair color and get the idea how they would look on you . 

Blonde & Balayage

Soft cut of this fringe makes them look good on all hair colors. Still they look their best on shades of blond and balayage. They have this magnificent power to enhance the entire wispy curtain fringe style. Blond tones melting into each other look breathtaking; adding layers and wispy fringe curtains adds additional softness and appeal o

Brunette & Black 

Ever wondered how curtain bangs with wispy fringe look on brunette or black hair? Well the answer is – AWESOME! Even though they don’t have the enhancement in color that balayage provides, they are perfect face framers for your silky dark hair. Plus, they give round face shapes a slimmer look and enhance all the other face shapes. Scroll further and witness the touch of chic these fringes bring to darker hair. 

Vivid Color

Because of the cutting technique, thicker at the roots and thinner at the bottom curtain fringes give a lively look to the hair. What makes them even more alive is a vibrant and trendy hair color. Layered and wavy hair combined with wispy curtain fringes and added collor looks out of this world. Definitely a style that sets trends. 

All in all, bangs on long hair look gorgeous, especially if they are curtain fringe.They are great face framers that soften all face features. Regardless of your hair type, thick or thin, wavy or straight, they will surely take your entire look to the next level. There is no reason not to try them and have a good hair day every day.