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Top 23 Styles For Boys With Curly Hair To Look Super Hot

Top 23 Styles For Boys With Curly Hair To Look Super Hot

Boys with curly hair are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! It seems like they won over social media and trending. Curly hair has never been more popular for males because every day more and more men decide to do perm if they don’t have naturally curly hair or embrace and fall in love with their natural curls.

If you belong to those two groups and still struggle with styling your curls, dig into this collection below and find your new hairstyle!

1. Outgrown Curly Pixie Cut

This look is practically effortless because it thrives on messiness. Even though the hair gives those ‘I woke up like this’ vibes, this look is one of the most attractive men’s hairstyles.

2. Curly Fade Hairstyle

Faded haircuts are pretty universal because they suit all hair types and face shapes, but you’ll agree that these curls on the top give those extra stylish vibes to the whole look.

3. Balayage On 3C Curly Hair

It’s no secret that men do balayage, too. Look how great this balayage accentuates some facial features, especially the eyes. 3C curls are demanding for boys just as they are for women because it’s hard to find an appropriate hair routine and style.

I’ll give you a few pro tips that will make managing your curly hair easier. Use good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep your curls well-defined. Also, use an oil treatment at least once a week.

4. Bronde Short Ringlet Curls

Bronde hair colors suit so good people with light brown eyes, and this pic confirms it totally. Also, all those tips for 3C curls I left above, can be applied to the ringlet curls because they belong to the same curls type.

5. Shaved Nape Coily Pixie Cut

Shaved nape is a popular trend when it comes to men’s hairstyles. It adds edgy vibes to some classic cuts and can upgrade the entire look to a new, more modern level.

6. Long Messy Curls With Full Fringe

Guys, if you didn’t know, long hair can make you look more tough and masculine. So, it’s a good reason to start growing your hair. When it comes to these full bangs, they mostly suit men with heart-shaped faces because they elongate the face and make the space around jawlines a bit fuller.

7. Round Coily Haircut

The bowled round cut is for bold men who want to project their edgy personality through their hairstyle. It’s usually undercut on the sides so the curly bowled top can shine in all its glory.

8. Intense Copper Red Long Curly Hair

Even though copper hair color flatters all skin tones, fair and medium tones with cool undertones can benefit the most from this hair hue. It adds warmth to the complexion and facial features. Also, just look how great it pairs with brown eyes. 😍

9. Jet Black 3C Curls

Most women fall head over heels for men with light eyes and jet-black hair color. These guys are every woman’s type, trust me. And if you add these gorgeous 3C curls to it, you get a dream man.

10. Voluminous Curly Pixie Cut

If you want to achieve this look, you need to let the tops of your hair grow into its natural curly state. Style and define your curls using gel or hair spray, and let those front curls hang down on your forehead.

11. Textured Curly Bob

For all of you guys who like to keep their curly hair above the shoulder length, bob is a great solution. Texturizing your hair will define your curls and achieve a more structured look.

12. Mid-Fade Slicked Back Wavy Style

If you want a stylish but easy-to-maintain look, this mid-fade slicked-back style is what you need. It’s definitely a hairstyle that looks great on all men.

13. Curly Bob With Piecey Bangs

This bob style will let your curls stand out naturally. All of you with thick hair should try these piecey bangs because they remove weight and make the hair look lighter and healthier.

14. Short Afro Curly Cut

A completely effortless, all-purpose style that looks ultra-modern. Just let the top grow naturally, and you won’t need to style your hair at all, but you’ll always have a stylish hairstyle.

15. Red-Black Pixie Cut

Some men also like experimenting with different hair colors, coloring trends, and techniques, and it’s absolutely okay. Dyed bangs or particular strands of the hair are guaranteed to give you a unique and cool look.

16. Voluminous Loose Curls

Modish guys simply like these bowled-like haircuts. Also, it’s the most practical cut for curly hair because maintaining your hairstyle will consist of regularly moisturizing your curls.

17. Tapered Curly Pixie Haircut

To achieve a smooth and blended effect, always taper the faded cut. The transitioning part looks so much better that way.

18. Soft Perm

soft perm

I don’t know why, but perm looks so much more natural on men than it does on women, right? Nevertheless, this is a perfect option for all guys who don’t have naturally curly hair but still want to have one of these trendy curly hairstyles.

Depending on your hair type and routine, a perm can last about 3-6 weeks. However, you should let your hair rest for a certain period after the perm because the chemicals can damage your hair.

19. Curly Square Mullet

If your hair is naturally curly and you want a relaxed, low-maintenance look, a mullet cut is your desired hairstyle. Mullets are generally effortless, and you’ll only need to define your curls the way you used to.

20. 4A Long Curls With A Deep Side Part

Most hairdressers refer to the 4A curly type as the curly hair on steroids, and it is because of the wiry texture.

That’s why maintaining this type of curly hair may seem challenging for most men, especially if it’s long. However, daily moisturizing and protecting it from extreme conditions will be enough to keep your 4A curls shiny, bouncy, and healthy.

21. Super Short Ringlet Curls

This nerdish look is highly popular among men with curly hair. It’s probably because of its simplicity and practicality. Keep the ringlets at the top of your head bouncy and ample, and you’ll always have a stylish look made for every occasion.

22. Curly Hair With A Pompadour

Modern pompadour hairstyle is very messy and outlined. It has that voluminous pop that makes this look so stylish and edgy.

23. Rezo Cut With Side Curly Bangs

The Rezo cut is the most popular curly cut nowadays. It allows the curls to bounce freely while giving the hair that mega volume. The best thing is that once you get the Rezo cut, your hair will require minimum styling.