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25 Ways To Nail The Bubble Braid Ponytail Trend

25 Ways To Nail The Bubble Braid Ponytail Trend

When the classic pony just won’t do, the bubble braid ponytail is the upgrade you need. This creative style is always trending, thanks to its adaptability and cool factor.

Whichever you prefer—a sleek and polished look or something tousled and boho—the bubble pony delivers. You can take it to the next level with accessories or use it as a stylish solution for keeping your hair in check.

Here are 25 stunning examples of this must-try hairstyle.

1. Everyday Bubble Braid Ponytail


Spruce up your daily look with the everyday bubble braid ponytail—a playful twist on the classic pony. Even if you don’t spend lots of time doing your hair, you can easily create this hairstyle and bring some fun to your routine.

2. Geometric Bubble Ponytail


Not afraid to take the center stage? This geometric bubble ponytail will get you there. The unusual structured bubble sections and sleek edges will turn heads wherever you go.

3. Bubble Ponytail With Golden Deco


This look will make you feel like a queen! The golden cuffs are giving opulence and luxury, especially when paired with more gold jewelry. Decorate your hair and bring out the glow in your face!

4. Leather-Bound Bubble Pony


This leather-bound bubble pony definitely has an edgy vibe, but it’s also super cute. This unique look incorporates leather accents and a pretty bow, giving your hairstyle a girly yet rebellious vibe.

5. Low Fluffy Bubble Braid Ponytail


For a soft and romantic look, go for the fluffy low bubble braid ponytail. Decorate it with delicate and refined accessories like these and it becomes a perfect bridal hairstyle.

6. High Fluffy Bubble Braid Ponytail


If you prefer a high fluffy bubble braid ponytail for a special occasion, this sleek and soft embellished variation has a feeling of romance and easy grace.

7. Single Bubble Ponytail


Sometimes, less is more—this understated single bubble ponytail is a clean and simple alternative for days when you want a minimalist approach, but the accessories tell a more complicated story.

8. Double Bubble Ponytail With Butterfly Clips

When one bubble pony isn’t enough, go for a double. Then, take it to the next level with accessories. This whimsical variation combines butterflies and flowers with an already dreamy style: enchanting!

9. Glam Bubble Pony


One of the best things about the bubble pony is that it works so well with accessories—you can take it from everyday to glam with some clips or pins.

10. High Bubble Ponytail


The high bubble ponytail is classic, but it’s always trendy. Do something different with the traditional high pony and you look like you’ve tried, but haven’t tried too much.

11. Bubble Braid Ponytail With Pearls


Pearls will never go out of style. When you need to look refined, they’re the perfect accessory. This sophisticated bubble braid ponytail adorned with pearls has a graceful and timeless aesthetic, but it’s still very now.

12. Voluminous Bubbles Ponytail


Fluff up the bubbles to create this gorgeous voluminous bubble ponytail! This stunning hairstyle is simple, but it’s hard to think of an occasion where it wouldn’t be appropriate.

13. Fiery Bubble Pigtails


Fire ombre, pigtails, bubbles—it might seem like an overload of features, but this look is super harmonious and effective. Are you bold enough for something like this?

14. Genie Bubble Ponytail


The genie ponytail—a high, tight, long ponytail—doesn’t only add a touch of magic to your look, but it’s also a great protective style when paired with a weave. Add a bubble braid and it becomes completely enchanting!

15. Bubble Braid Into Ponytail


Extending a bubble braid into a low ponytail creates a romantic boho look that seems more complicated than it is. The tutorial below will turn you into a bubble pony expert.

16. Side-Swept Bubble Ponytail


These gorgeous bubble puffs don’t exist to be kept hidden behind your back! Throw your bubble braid ponytail over your shoulder to show it off and to let it frame your face.

17. Sleek Bubble Ponytail


A sleek bubble ponytail is a high-fashion look that’s usually seen on runways and in editorials, but it can absolutely work in real life. Grab a wax stick and a bristle brush and start smoothing!

18. Classical Bubble Ponytail


Loose bubble sections, golden clips and a delicate band are giving Greek goddess. This refined style is definitely a special occasion look.

19. Casual Bubble Pony


Cute ponytails are everyone’s go-to hairstyle for a reason. This casual bubble pony adds some playfulness to your everyday look, laid-back and carefree. Not too sleek, not too even, but too cute~!

20. Low Bubble Braid Ponytail


There’s a fine balance when you want an easygoing look that still shows you’ve tried—this low bubble braid ponytail is a perfect example. It combines the simple look of a low ponytail with something fun that took a little effort.

21. Mid-Height Bubble Ponytail


Placing your ponytail around the middle of the head is versatile and suits various face shapes, so when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a mid-height pony. Add some bubbles and you’re good to go!

22. Easy Bubble Pony With Pins


Staying stylish with minimal effort is an art—simplify and embellish your style at the same time with this easy bubble pony with pins. This no-fuss hairstyle takes the classic low ponytail and makes it look stylish just by adding a few accessories.

23. Ponytail Bubble Braid


If you have thick hair, the ponytail bubble braid is a lifesaver: it helps you reign in your locks and looks super stylish at the same time.

24. Half-Up Bubble Braid Ponytail


Half-up hairstyles give you the best of both worlds: they get your hair out of your face while you still get to wear it loose. This half-up bubble braid ponytail is an unusual and pretty take on this look.

25. Ultra-Long Bubble Braid Ponytail


The ultra-long bubble braid pony is undeniably a head-turner, but it’s also a way to keep your mile-long tresses in check.