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22 Cute Ponytails That Are Anything But Basic

22 Cute Ponytails That Are Anything But Basic

If your hair is long enough to tie up, chances are you’ve worn it in a ponytail. It’s the easiest and most common updo of all, but don’t get stuck in a style rut—instead, step up your pony game.

These cute ponytails are here to inspire a fresh perspective on your favorite go-to hairstyle and prove there’s more to this classic look than meets the eye.

1. Ponytail With Front Pieces


Leave a few strands out of your slick-back ponytail and instantly look cuter. It’s clear why this is a classic baddie hairstyle: it gives you a snatched look, but also has that necessary face frame that’s super flattering.

2. Braided High Pony


This intricate braided high ponytail is cool but sophisticated—a perfect blend of classic and edgy. Look like modern royalty with this stunning beauty!

3. Low Pony With Bow


Learn the power of hair accessories and you’ll be unstoppable. For example, this low ponytail decorated with a charming bow is a feminine and cute hairstyle that’s both laid-back and fancy. Switch up the accessory, and you can make it whimsical, polished or casual.

4. Mega-Volume High Pony


Adding glamour to your look is easy: how about this the mega-volume high ponytail? It’s bold and dynamic, perfect for special occasions or when you feel like some extra attention.

5. Over-The-Shoulder Ponytail


Show off the length of your hair with the effortlessly pretty over-the-shoulder ponytail. This is the look if you want to keep it simple but not like you haven’t tried at all. (If your hair isn’t quite as long, you can still work it—just take a look at the variety of cute hairstyles for medium hair available.)

6. Sleek Pony With Smooth Edges


Look at this sleek ponytail featuring smooth edges. Isn’t it the definition of adorable and elegant at the same time? No need to choose between being cute and refined.

7. Relaxed Mid-Height Ponytail


Going for an easygoing vibe? A relaxed mid-height ponytail is versatility itself. Both laid-back and put-together, it will take you from running errands to casual date night.

8. Low Pony With Scrunchie


Give your low ponytail a hint of ’90s aesthetic with a cute scrunchie. This playful accessory adds a pop of color to your look, creating a fun and retro-inspired look.

9. High Natural Puff Ponytail


Want to embrace and show off your natural texture? This laid-back high ponytail is an effortless look that showcases your hair’s natural beauty. Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial that will help you perfect it.

10. Dutch Braid And Ponytail


This Dutch braid and ponytail combo is a look, but you can also use various braids to tie back any strands that aren’t long enough to reach your pony, especially if you have a layered haircut or short hair.

11. Retro High Pony With Bangs


This Hepburn-inspired retro high pony with bangs will give you old Hollywood glamour, but you’ll still look modern. Why? Because framing your face with cute bangs and pulling your hair into a high pony will never go out of style.

12. Braided Low Pony With Scrunchie


Tie back your braids with a scrunchie to get them out of the way or when you want a casual look.

13. Voluminous High Ponytail


Bold and glam! This voluminous high ponytail has a cool-girl vibe, so if that’s what you’re looking to add to your going-out outfit or your everyday look, this is how you turn up the volume!

14. Slicked-Back Curly Ponytail


There’s no shortage of cute curly updo hairstyles, but there’s something special about the slicked-back curly ponytail. It combines polish, sleek and elegant with carefree, natural and charming, so the end result is a dynamic, contrasting look. Leave out a couple of strands to frame your face to make it look cuter.

15. Wavy Pony With Middle Part


You could say this look is ordinary, but in it’s simplicity, this beachy waves pony with a middle part is bursting with laid-back elegance. It’s as easy as tying your hair back yet it’s polished and pretty.

16. High Pony With Baby Braids


How much will braided bangs change the vibe of the classic ponytail? This trendy twist adds something unexpected to the look without taking away its the sleek elegance. It’s a dramatic style that will draw a lot of attention even when worn with a casual outfit.

17. Sleek Ponytail


The sleek ponytail is the ultimate classic. This style is a go-to for a reason: it’s suitable for literally any occasion.

18. Low Pony With Pin


Personalize your low ponytail by using a pin. A simple and stylish accessory after your taste will add a dose of personality to your look.

19. Bubble Braid Ponytail


The bubble braid ponytail is a fun, trendy way to change up the classic style. To spice up a regular pony, you’ll only need a few ties and a few minutes: this playful look is simple and easy to create.

20. Elegant Ponytail


Can you really make a mid-height pony glamorous? It’s a timeless classic, but switching up a few details will make your pony special and fun.

21. Sleek High Pony


The sleek high ponytail is the most versatile hairstyle of all. It’s modern, it’s sophisticated, it’s cool. It transitions seamlessly from day to night. And, last but not least, it makes you look amazing at any hour.

22. Textured Pony With Braid


Feeling nostalgic? Channel your inner Serena Van Der Woodsen with this textured ponytail featuring a braid. A Dutch braid creates volume on top to balance the voluminous texture of the pony. It’s a flattering look that’s about to make a grand comeback.