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3 Easy Summer Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles You Can Do In Under 2 Minutes

The clock is ticking and you need to leave the house in five minutes? There’s no need to choose between having a cup of coffee and doing your hair.

When you’re in a rush but still want to look like you made an effort, these ultra-quick, ultra-easy hairstyles are exactly what you need.

1. The Easiest Hairstyle Ever

Pretty, easy and done in less than 60 seconds!

If your hair is long enough to tie the strands near the face under your chin, it’s long enough for this cute hairstyle. All you need is a small hair tie, and optionally a comb to section the hair. Watch the video to see how easy it is.


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2. Simple Hairstyle For All Hair Lengths

This style literally takes seconds, it works on all hair textures and can be done even with short hair.

You’ll need more bobby pins than in the video if your hair is thick. The pins can be plain and hidden, or you can spice things up using something decorative.

3. Quick And Easy Sophisticated Hairstyle

This hairstyle might seem more complicated than the previous two, but it’s just as easy—watching the video for a couple of times should make this clear.

It looks intricate and pretty, and works on short, medium and long hair. You’ll need some invisible hair ties and bobby pins, and you’re set.