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20 Coolest 80s Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Fashion

20 Coolest 80s Hairstyles That Never Go Out of Fashion

If you’re a fan of retro, timeless hairstyles that always seem to be popular, you’re going to love our favorites from the ‘80s! Forget about perfectly smooth hair and step out of your comfort zone. These are our 20 favorite 80s hairstyles that will take you back to those fun and carefree times.

1. Curly Mullet

The mullet was one of the most popular hairstyles for both men and women in the 80s. Today, we still love this rock’n’roll style that’s edgy enough to make your look even more awesome. This hairstyle is especially chic on natural curls.

2. Side Ponytail

A queue de cheval latérale is another iconic 80s hairstyle. It was the go-to look for school girls, but also a favorite style for a women’s night out. Today, many girls still love to rock this timeless hairstyle that makes them stand out in the crowd!

3. Wolf Cut

Choppy layers on top with longer choppy layers in the back and around the sides—the stunning coupe du loup was loved in the 80s, and we still have a special place in our hearts for it today. It’s the perfect effortless style that emphasizes volume and movement in your hair.

4. Bowl Cut

Back in the 80s, almost every little boy wore the popular bowl cut, a haircut featuring uniform length all around. Today, this style isn’t just for little boys anymore, as many powerful women embrace it in such a stylish way!

5. Disco Curls

Big hair and tons of volume—these disco curls are what the 80s were all about! When you’re heading out for a party night, consider this style for a timeless retro choice!

6. Half-Up Ponytail

Women adored half-up , half-down ponytails in the 80s, and we totally understand why! They’re flattering and practical, allowing you to show off your beautiful long hair while keeping it out of your face.

7. Big Blow Dry

Voluminous, bouncy, and glamorous, big blow-dried hair is always a trendy choice!

8. Shaggy Mullet

With longer pieces in the back and shorter pieces at the front and crown, the shaggy mullet is an all-time favorite thanks to the texture and volume it provides. Plus, it will give you a unique, personal statement hairstyle!

9. Layered Pixie Cut

With a layered pixie cut, you’ll get all the volume at the top and a stylish short hairstyle that never stops being fabulous!

10. Perm Hair

Anyone who was young in the 80s has probably worn permed hair. Now, it seems this hot hairstyle is back in fashion, with new, more subtle ways to wear it.

11. Feathered Layers

Feathered hairstyles were another major hit in the 80s, and guess what—they’re back again! Just look at how beautiful and voluminous these feathered layers are. It would be a shame not to try them out!

12. Shaggy Bob

When you combine a shag and a bob, you get a fantastic hairstyle that looks as good today as it did in the 80s. If you’re looking for an effortless short hairstyle, a bob hirsute is something you shouldn’t pass up!

13. Scrunchie Ponytail

A scrunchie was every girl’s best friend in the 80s, especially on days they wore a ponytail. For some time, they disappeared from fashion, but now they’re back and cuter than ever!

14. Crimped Hair

Another signature 80s style, crimped hair, has gained a modern twist and has many fans today. This styling method uses a crimping iron to create zig-zag waves in the hair, and it’s just so irresistibly stylish!

15. Hair Bow

Hair bows were one of the favorite hair accessories in the 80s for various hairstyles. Today, they’re still a great way to make your style soft, romantic, and just so cute!

16. Blunt Bob

It’s kind of messy and effortless, but so effective: it’s called the blunt bob, and it’s a hairstyle that’s always in vogue!

17. Bandana Hairstyle

A bandana hairstyle really takes us back to the 80s. However, this look is still trendy today because it’s such a practical hairstyle for days when your hair isn’t exactly clean or when you just want to add a cute detail!

18. Side-Part Bob

With a side part, this retro bob with a modern twist is an awesome way to spice up your style!

19. Bushy Ponytail

Looking for an 80s messy style that will make you feel and look unique? Try out this bushy ponytail!

20. Teased Hair

If you want to try an authentic 80s hairstyle, then teased hair is the perfect choice for you! Using this technique, you’ll need a fine-tooth comb to backcomb your hair toward your scalp, creating remarkable volume at the top. So retro and so cool!