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22 Fabulous Hairstyles With French Bangs You Need To Try

22 Fabulous Hairstyles With French Bangs You Need To Try

If you’re thinking it’s the right time to make the bold step of getting fringe, it would be a shame not to try trendy French bangs. They resemble curtain bangs but have a shorter middle section, providing volume and fullness at the root while thinning out towards the ends. Their best feature is that they match excellently with any hair length and texture. Here are 22 of the most stunning hairstyles with this type of bangs that will blow your mind!

1. Long Curly Layers With French Bangs

Cheveux longs et bouclés is such a blessing. One thing you shouldn’t let happen is always having the same style and never trying something new! If you need some inspiration, here’s a very cool long curly layered cut with stylish French bangs.

2. Butterfly Haircut With French Bangs

If you’re looking for a gentle, feminine, and chic style, you can’t go wrong with the combination of a coupe de cheveux papillon and French bangs. This cut includes longer layers falling below the shoulders and shorter ones around your face. It’s a great way to give your hair the best volume possible!

3. Piecey Flippy Bob With French Bangs

It’s slightly edgy and undeniably cool, and this piecey, flippy bob with French bangs is all you need to stand out from the rest!

4. Honey Blonde Hair With French Bangs

Such a beautiful, rich hair color, blonde au miel will make you feel like a true diva! Add French bangs to get the best hairstyle you’ve ever had.

5. Strawberry Blonde Hair With French Bangs

Blondeur des fraises is a fabulous combination of red tones and warm blonde in your hair. Doesn’t it look so powerful and charming with fashionable French bangs?

6. Ultra Short Bob With French Bangs

This one may be described as a short edgy style, but you can’t deny that it’s so stylish and unique! If you’re up for trying something different, give this ultra-short bob with French bangs a shot.

7. Brigitte Bardot-Inspired Thick French Bangs

Iconic Brigitte Bardot-inspired hairstyles never seem to go out of fashion. No matter how many years pass by, these styles simply become more and more stunning. Look how gorgeous this haircut with thick French bangs looks! You shouldn’t let your youth pass without wearing this timeless style.

8. Long Layers With French Bangs

Long layers and face-framing ones combined with chic French bangs look absolutely gorgeous. Get ready to receive plenty of compliments!

9. Cute Bob With French Bangs

If you’re looking for a cute and soft hairstyle, there’s no better option than this adorable bob with French bangs.

10. Light Orange Hair With French Bangs

Natural orange hair color, green eyes, and this skin tone: can it get better than this? Well, add French bangs and watch your beauty truly shine!

11. Short And Thin Hair With French Bangs

Finding the perfect hairstyle for short and thin hair can be very challenging. If you’re having doubts about trying French bangs, just look at this picture! I’m sure your hairdresser will be on board for you to try this trendy fringe on your thin hair.

12. Fluffy Texture And Invisible Layers With French Bangs

French bangs, invisible layers, and a fluffy texture: this hairstyle really feels like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

13. Reverse Balayage With French Bangs

French bangs and reversed balayage make a stunning combination. With this style, you’ll get dimension and depth throughout your hair, resulting in a really unique and fantastic look.

14. Retro Wavy Hair With French Bangs

There are some hairstyles you can’t wait to see become last season’s thing. On the other hand, there are those that will always be timeless and welcome, no matter how long they’ve been in oblivion; somehow, they always return in their full glory. One of these is this stylish wavy retro haircut with French bangs.

15. Flippy Layers With French Bangs

Ask for French bangs to make your flippy layers softer, trendier, and more beautiful overall.

16. Baby French Bangs

Are you ready for a bold, edgy, and unique hairstyle? Ask your hairdresser for baby French bangs!

17. Warm Balayage And Textured Haircut With French Bangs

A textured haircut with French bangs will transform your style in the most beautiful way. If you’re also up for changing your color, consider this gorgeous warm balayage idea.

18. Shaggy Bob With French Bangs

A shag haircut is always cool, while a bob is another iconic style that everyone needs to try at least once. Together, they create a bob hirsute, an effortlessly stylish cut. When you see how good it looks with French bangs, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist trying it out!

19. Textured Lob With French Bangs

If you’re not ready to go with a bob length, then a lob texturé with French bangs is something you should consider. It’s still long enough but gives you that bob look that’s just too awesome.

20. ‘70s Beachy Hair With French Bangs

This beachy hair with French bangs sets off that irreplaceable, cool ’70s vibe that we’re all crazy about!

21. Jane Birkin-Inspired Hairstyle With French Bangs

It doesn’t get any more stylish and retro than asking for the iconic Jane Birkin-inspired hairstyle with French bangs!

22. French Bangs Hairstyle Before/After

You can’t deny French bangs are awesome, but how do they actually transform a girl’s look? Check out this before-and-after picture to see for yourself!