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100 Best Hairstyles For Black Women With Short Hair For 2024

100 Best Hairstyles For Black Women With Short Hair For 2024

Hairstyles for black women with short hair are incredibly diverse. There is something for every age, preference, face shape, and hair type. Choose between different pixie cuts, bob hairstyles, and buzz cuts… you name it, we have it.

1. Edgy White Blonde Short Hairstyle

It’s asymmetrical, funky colored, braided, and it has an undercut. Sounds like an edgy hairstyle to me. And it sure does look like it.

2. Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

If you don’t want a too funky hair color, but you still want your hairstyle to make a statement, go with pastel pink. It looks professional but it’s still bold.

3. Soft Weaves And Curls On Short Hair

Guess what: you can get soft weaves on short hair, as well. Just look how well they’re integrated with this model’s natural curls.

4. Vivid Colored Short Haircut

If you really want to transform your entire look, choose a combination of a short hairstyle and pastel rainbow highlights.

5. Neon Pixie Cut

Neon pink is a color that screams: I’m a girl, but a strong girl. One thing is for sure: this hairstyle for black women with short hair will put you under the center of attention.

6. Winter Blue Short Haircut

Or maybe you should consider choosing a winter blue short hairstyle? Either way, those heads will be turning!

7. Side-Parted Pixie Cut With Volumized Crown

A deep side-part, a volumized crown, and curls. All of it together results in a spectacular hairstyle for black women with short hair.

8. White Blonde Swirls And Curls On Short Haircut

Swirls and curls go surprisingly amazing on a white-blonde short hairstyle for black women. The entire haircut sends off a chic vibe.

9. Brushed Front Pixie With Shades

Brushed-forward short hairstyle creates soft movement through your entire hairdo. Besides, it’s incredibly attractive.

10. Blonde Curly Pixie Cut

One thing is for sure: this blonde curly pixie cut will help you stand out from the crowd. It’s unique, and statement-making.

11. Ultra Short Platinum Pixie Cut

You can never go wrong with platinum blonde, especially if you pair it with an ultra-short haircut. The best thing about it is that it’s flattering for all hair textures.

12. Violet Curly Short Haircut

A violet curly short haircut will get you all the attention you want and more. The only disadvantage is that it requires regular touch-ups at your colorist’s.

13. Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pixie cut is a timeless hairstyle for black women with short hair. And there’s a reason for that. I mean, just look how spectacular it looks.

14. Curly Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

On the other hand, if a curly pixie cut is too simple for you, you can always upgrade it with a pair of longer side bangs for a more dramatic look.

15. Purple Blonde Pixie Cut

If you haven’t discovered the beauty of purple-blonde hair color, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. The entire fashion industry is crazy about this shade for a reason.

16. Contemporary Bowl Cut

When you were a little kid, you were horrified by the bowl cut. But now, you’re looking at a contemporary, updated version of the chop.

17. Short Haircut With Red Bangs

Instead of taking over the commitment of dyeing your entire head red, start with coloring your bangs first. Then, if you like it, you can always get the rest too.

18. Quick Weaves For Short Hair

Once again, an example of perfectly integrated soft weaves into a short haircut. What a dramatic hairstyle we have here.

19. Side-Parted Short Haircut

If you have no idea how to transform your dull short hairstyle, just change your entire look with a side part. It will give you the versatility you didn’t know you needed.

20. Tomboy Pixie Cut

This tomboy short haircut is interesting and intriguing, and most importantly, it gives you a chance to express your individuality without blending in with the masses.

21. Curly Pixie Cut With Multiple Fades

One fade isn’t enough to make your short hairstyle as edgy as you want it to be? Worry not, here’s an inspo pic to help you out.

22. Silver Pixie Cut For Black Women Over 70

Just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look hip and modern. This silver pixie cut is here to make it happen!

23. Two-Colored Quick Weaves

When you appear with two-colored quick weaves, everyone will ask you for your hair stylist’s details. That’s how amazed they’ll be with your cut.

24. Mushroom Cut

A mushroom cut can be androgynous, or a classy, lady-like chop. It all depends on how you accessorize it.

25. Buzz Cut For Black Women

A buzz cut is perfect for all the ladies with a round or oval face-shape. The best thing about it is that it requires zero maintenance.

26. Caramel Brown Short Haircut

Dyeing the ends of your hair caramel brown will transform your entire hairstyle in a blink of an eye. And if you don’t like the color, you can always chop those parts off.

27. Long Bob For Black Women

A long bob, or a lob, is a popular hairstyle for black women with short hair for a reason. It looks good on all occasions and it’s pretty easy to maintain.

28. Short Haircut With Long Sideburns

I’ll be honest with you: you’ll need to find a skilled hairdresser to make the transition between a short haircut and long sideburns happen. At least, if you want it to look as nearly as good as on this inspo pic.

29. Short Black Haircut With Dark Blonde Tips

The dark blonde tips are very subtle here and that gives you a chance to keep your look professional. However, they make a huge difference.

30. Yellow Pixie Cut

A yellow pixie cut is for the bold ones only. If you want to be under the spotlight, this is the short haircut for you.

31. Classy Pixie Cut With Shaved Sides

Is it really possible for a classy short hairstyle to include shaved sides? Absolutely yes. And here is living proof of that.

32. Edgy Short Haircut With Tattooed Shaved Sides

However, if you want to take things to extremes, don’t stop with the shaved sides only. Instead, ask your barber or a hairdresser for some patterns.

33. Afro Bixie Cut

It’s time to set your hair free! The only important thing about this chop is for it to be cut right. A bixie is probably the best solution.

34. Feathered Short Haircut

You don’t have to have long, blonde hair to look like an 80s movie star. Just ask your hairdresser for a feathered short hairstyle and you’re halfway there.

35. Short Haircut With Peek-A-Boo Bangs

These peek-a-boo bangs are here to add a dash of mystery to your look. And trust me, they will be doing a damn good job at it.

36. Bob Cut With Blonde Highlights

Caramel blonde highlights are like a cherry on top of this extraordinary side-parted bob cut that gives you more versatility than you could possibly think of.

37. Pumpkin Curly Pixie Cut

Let’s face it, this curly pixie cut would be pretty ordinary if it weren’t for this mesmerizing pumpkin hair color that makes it super-interesting.

38. Black And Blonde Pixie Cut

All you need to do to update your boring pixie cut is to add a splash of blonde to the tips of your curls. Just wait and see what a huge difference it will make.

39. Short Haircut With Side Bangs And Undercut

Side bangs go great with an undercut. It gives your short haircut movement, and the contrast makes it attention-grabbing.

40. Elegant Bob Cut For Black Women

You can look exceptionally elegant with a short hairstyle, as well. This elegant cut is most flattering for ladies in their 40s or 50s.

41. Two-Colored Bowl Cut

I don’t know what’s better about this hairstyle for black women with short hair: the cut itself or the contrast of colors. Either way, all of it combined results in an outstanding hairstyle.

42. Fiery Red Pixie Cut

It’s time for the world to know that you’re a strong, self-sufficient, fierce woman. And what better way to show it than with the help of this stunning haircut and red hair color?

43. Extra Volumized Short Haircut

The truth is that this volumizing short hairstyle requires regular styling and maintenance. But if you’ll end up looking like this, it’s definitely worth it.

44. Orange Buzz Cut

I’ve already told you: a buzz cut is for the boldest ones. But an orange buzz cut? You have to be extra brave for that.

45. One-Length Bob Cut

One thing is for sure: you simply can’t go wrong with a one-length bob cut. It’s a timeless haircut that doesn’t require too much maintenance.

46. Velvet Red Pixie Cut

There is only one way to describe this hairstyle for black women with short hair: smoking hot. It will make you look and feel better than ever.

47. Side-Parted Bob Cut

A side-parted bob cut is one of the hairstyles for black women with short hair that gives you a ton of styling options. Feel free to use every one of them!

48. Chin-Length Bob Cut

Here’s another version of a one-cut blunt bob. The only difference is that now, it’s a chop that puts all the accent on your beautiful chin.

49. Short Pixie Cut For Naturally Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, it’s time to set it free. And the best way to do it is with the help of a short hairstyle.

50. Glam Short Haircut For Black Women

You’re looking at one of the most glamorous hairstyles for black women with short hair. Pair it with interesting earrings and stronger make-up.

51. Press Ironed Bob Cut With Brown Highlights

Here’s a pro tip: don’t straighten your hair too frequently because it will end up damaging it. However, you can do it from time to time, when you wish for a bob cut like this one.

52. Green Pixie Cut

This shade of green hair dye goes perfectly with brown or green eyes. And it’s even better when paired with a trendy short haircut like this.

53. Short Haircut With Tapered Neck

It’s about time you start showing off that beautiful neck of yours. A short haircut with a tapered neck is just what you need to achieve this!

54. Platinum Asymmetric Short Haircut

A platinum asymmetric short haircut will make you feel and look younger than ever. It will be a refreshing touch to your entire apperance.

55. Tapered Pixie With A Pop Of Green

Just look at how this pop of green transforms this entire short hairstyle. It’s subtly funky, which makes the cut professional.

56. White And Green Finger Waves

Finger waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for black women with short hair. But if you want to stand out of the crowd, combining white hair color with different shades of green hits the jackpot.

57. Red Buzz Cut

A red buzz cut says clearly that you’re a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

58. White Blonde Finger Waves

Nobody will stay indifferent when they see you rocking white finger waves. It’s a hip short haircut you’ll fall in love right away.

59. Short Haircut For Black Women Over 50

Show the world that it’s more than possible to be in trend even in your 50s. And the best way to do it is with the help of this cool short haircut.

60. Super Edgy Hairstyle For Black Women With Short Hair

It doesn’t get much edgier than this. For this buzz cut to work, you need a skilled barber, and a ton of self-confidence.

61. Pink Buzz Cut

Wait, I beg to differ. A pink buzz cut with tattooed sides is even edgier than the white one!

62. Black And Orange Short Haircut

All eyes will be directed at you if you pick this orange and black short haircut; especially if you add the patterns on the shaved sides.

63. Mini Bob Cut

The mini bob-cut is a classic short hairstyle. However, it doesn’t make it boring at all.

64. Side-Parted Bob With White Minilights

You’re not ready for a huge change? In that case, a couple of mini white or blond highlights is just the thing you need!

65. Blonde And Brown Pixie Cut

Here you have multiple shades of brown, and blonde, all mixed together. It’s a professional look with a dash of funkiness.

66. Curly Pink Short Hairstyle

Newsflash: you can look like a Barbie or a Princess with a short haircut, as well. All you need is a pink hair color and you’re good to go.

67. Sassy Curly Pixie Cut

Are you sassy and badassy? If the answer is yes, I think you’ve found your perfect short hairstyle.

68. Pixie With Tapered Neck And Volumized Crown

What makes this short haircut so dope is the contrast between a volumized crown and a tapered neck. A tip: add a pair of earrings to complete the look.

69. Caramel Blonde Short Hairstyle

There are no words to describe this cut, especially when it’s paired with a caramel shade of blonde. It gives off vibes of a strong, independent woman I’m sure you are.

70. Short Haircut With Fiery Orange Crown

A short haircut with a fiery orange curly crown sounds appealing. But guess what, it looks even better.

71. Brushed Forward Short Haircut With Shaved Sides

You might not see it at first, but you can make wonders with a brushed-forward short haircut with shaved sides. There are tons of options for styling it; you just have to find the most flattering one.

72. Finger Coil Hairstyle

Finger coils are one of the most popular hairstyles for black women with short hair for a reason. It’s one of those cuts that can never go out of style.

73. Soft Curls With Quick Weave Top

A quick weave top goes extremely well with soft curls. If you don’t believe me, just look at this inspo pic.

74. Edgy Pumpkin Short Hairstyle

Do you want to make sure everyone is impressed by your haircut? An edgy pumpkin short hairstyle is all you need to make that happen.

75. Bowl Cut With Long Sideburns

I’m sure you’ve never come across the combination of a bowl cut and long sideburns. Well, it’s time for you to start setting some trends.

76. Curly Copper Pixie Cut

Copper is one of the trendiest hair colors this season. Check out how flattering it is for a dark complexion.

77. Silver Short Hairstyle

A silver short hairstyle is not reserved for older ladies only. Actually, it looks awesome on women of all age groups.

78. Short Haircut With Blonde Curls

If you want to add blonde curls, a professional piece of advice is to first dye your hair brown since the two go better together.

79. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

An asymmetrical pixie cut gives the illusion of movement in your hair and consequently, makes your hairstyle one-of-a-kind.

80. Layered Short Hairstyle

Layers are here to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. But if you already have thick hair, they will take off some of the weight.

81. Elegant Pixie Cut For Black Women

What to do if you have a short hairstyle but need your hair done for a special occasion? Just take this inspo pic to your stylist.

82. One-Length Red Bob Cut

The number one disadvantage of a red one-length bob cut is maintenance. If you want to preserve this shape, you’ll have to visit your hairdresser frequently. The same goes with your hair colorist.

83. Curly Bob Cut

A curly bob cut sends off a feminine, and elegant vibe. And when you get tired of it, just straighten the curls.

84. Round Bob Cut

You’ll need a good blow dryer and a round brush to keep the edges like this all the time. But the good news is that you can do it all at home.

85. Stacked Bob Cut

If you want a graduated, sharper look, choose a stacked bob cut. It gives your hair volume and it frames your face beautifully.

86. Layered Bob Cut

The layers have a similar purpose. The only thing they add to the whole haircut is depth.

87. Black Short Haircut With Orange Quiff

This orange quiff combined with a curly pixie cut is a unique way to express your individuality. Also, it reshapes your entire face.

88. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Check out how platinum blonde makes a beautiful contrast with your dark complexion. Pair it with a pixie cut and you’ll have all the attention in the world.

89. Blonde Inverted Bob Cut

Extra long bangs paired with a shorter back part? An inverted bob like this one lets you keep a lot of your length while allowing you to have a short hairstyle at the same time.

90. Navy Blue Bob Cut

You want to change your hair color but you don’t want to go too wild? In that case, a navy shade of blue should be your top pick.

91. Rose Blonde Pixie Cut

Here you have the perfect combination of pink and blonde, the so-called rose blonde hair color. It’s a shade that shows off your dynamic cut.

92. Caramel Bixie Cut

Still can’t decide between a pixie and a bob cut? Choose a bixie instead and get the best of both worlds.

93. Asymmetrical Curly Volumized Short Haircut

It’s asymmetrical, it’s curly, and it’s volumized. Sounds like a perfect hairstyle for black women with short hair for me. And it sure does look that way.

94. Dark Brown Copper Short Haircut

Is it brown? Is it copper? It’s actually both. And it looks awesome on a short haircut.

95. Sky Blue Short Haircut

If you want to get a funky-colored short hairstyle, at least take the sky blue color into consideration. Yes, it will wash out pretty quickly but it’s worth it.

96. Bob Cut With Angled Layers

To keep this hairstyle intact, you’ll need a round brush and a lot of hairspray. Yes, it requires some maintenance but it’s one of the most attractive short haircuts you’ll ever see.

97. Asymmetric Blue Layered Short Haircut

Here’s another spectacular hairstyle for black women with short hair. Everything about it: the color, the cut, the volume is just wow.

98. Short Pixie Cut With Longer Bangs

Here’s a trick: if you’re struggling with forehead wrinkles, leave your bangs a bit longer. You’ll hide the wrinkles, and get a stylish haircut all in one.

99. Gray Short Haircut For Older Black Ladies

Older black ladies don’t have to worry about a thing regarding their hair. It’s enough for you to show your stylist this inspo pic.

100. Low-Maintenance Hairstyle For Black Women With Short Hair

If you’re looking for an effortless hairstyle for black women with short hair, you’ve found the perfect one. Of course, the low-maintenance part doesn’t make it any less attractive.