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How To Choose Hair Color For Brown Eyes: A Tutorial

How To Choose Hair Color For Brown Eyes: A Tutorial

Brown eyes are everything but boring. In fact, all you need is the right hair color to accentuate them. And don’t forget to match your skin tone!

According to experts, around 60% of all women in the world have different hues of brown eyes. But sadly, most of these women have a hard time picking the most flattering hair color to help their beautiful eyes pop. I know that most of my clients had no idea that skin tone, hair color, and eye color should be in perfect balance for the best possible look.

The Right Hair Color For Brown Eyes…

What is the most flattering hair color for brown eyes? Well, sadly, there’s no simple answer to that question unless you know your skin tone and undertone.

1. …and pale skin

The combination of brown eyes and light, pale skin makes you look elegant and sophisticated. But the best part is that you can pull off literally every hair color in the world. If you have blushed cheeks and darker eyebrows, go with graphite black. If you have super-pale skin, platinum blonde might be the best choice. If you want to add dimension to your hair, add some highlights to create movement.

2. …and neutral skin

What about neutral skin and brown eyes? If you want to play it safe, go with darker shades but stay away from jet black. Instead, choose darker shades of brown. The good news is that you can also experiment with funky hair colors because they will all suit you extremely well.

3. …and dark skin

Dark skin and brown eyes are a sign you shouldn’t dye your entire hair in one color. Instead, go for highlights or lowlights for dimension and depth. You can also pull off two-colored or multi-colored hair. If you go blonde, leave the roots a bit darker and if you choose a dark base, try an ombre or balayage.

4. …and olive skin

Olive skin has an ashy undertone, and that is exactly why you should embrace your natural grays when they start to appear. Or just go with a combination of salt and pepper tresses. Honey blonde or caramel brown streaks make a great contrast with your eyes and complement your olive skin marvelously.

5. …and warm undertone

Warm undertones include golden, peachy, or yellow. You can have both light and dark skin with a warm undertone. But what does this mean when it comes to choosing the right hair color? If you have a combination of brown eyes and a warm skin undertone, every hair colorist will advise you to try bronze, caramel brown, or dark blonde hues. Copper, coffee brown, and honey blonde are a great choice as well.

6. …and cool undertone

Does your skin turn pink or blueish when exposed to too much Sun? In that case, you have a cool undertone. A combination of brown eyes and this skin makes you the best candidate for more intense hair colors. If you go blonde, choose lighter or ashy hues. And if you prefer darker hair, jet black should be on top of your list. You can also experiment with funky hair colors, but if you do, make sure to go with pastel shades.

Other Things To Keep In Mind

Your eye color and skin tone are not the only things you should take into consideration when choosing the right hair color for you.

1. Natural hair color

You must pay attention to your natural hair color when picking the right dye. After all, the last thing you want to do is damage your locks. If you are naturally light-haired, there won’t be an issue with coloring your entire hair. But if you have a naturally darker color, maybe consider getting highlights or a blonde balayage. That will give you a natural look and will bring less damage to your locks.

2. Shade of your brown eyes

There are various shades of brown eyes: caramel-brown, hazel, dark brown, light brown, chocolate, chestnut, cognac, honey brown… And the shade of your brown eyes dictates the hair color that suits you best.

If you have dark brown eyes, darker hair colors are the most flattering for you. On the other hand, lighter brown or honey-blonde hair colors look amazing on lighter brown eyes.

3. Make-up

Another thing you should pay attention to is your make-up. Here’s a pro tip: you can’t go wrong with gold eyeshadows, as well as copper, bronze, yellow and brown eyeshadows. If you have dark brown eyes, purple or green eyeshadows should be your top pick.