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60+ Stylish Blonde Balayage Ideas

60+ Stylish Blonde Balayage Ideas

It’s time to spice your hairstyle up. Instead of dyeing your tresses one shade of blonde, add some dimension and depth with blonde balayage.

One thing is for sure: blonde hair never goes out of style. But if you want to hop on to the hottest trend of the season, blonde streaks should be your top pick. It doesn’t matter if you have a brown or blonde base: blonde balayage works wonders either way.

But the crucial question here is: what is the best blonde balayage for you, especially if you keep in mind that the shades of blonde are so diverse? Worry not because I’ve collected all the hues of blonde balayage— your only job is to pick the best one for your skin tone.

Once you see all of these inspo pics, you’ll finally realize why women all over the world, including celebrities have gone absolutely crazy for this hairstyle. It’s low-maintenance, gives your tresses the illusion of volume and thickness; it’s versatile, and it looks natural. What else could a woman wish for?

61 Shades Of Blonde Balayage

Here is the ultimate list of blonde balayage ideas to choose from:

1. Wet blonde balayage

Here you have a perfect example of a wet balayage: a technique where color is applied on wet or damp hair. As a hair colorist, this technique helped me achieve more depth and dimension, especially on thinner hair.

2. Platinum blend

Instead of bleaching your entire head of hair, go with this awesome-looking blend of platinum. It’s an almost white shade with a metallic appearance.

3. Champagne blonde

If you have medium or light cool or neutral skin tones, you should definitely consider getting a champagne blonde balayage. This hue will complement your complexion beautifully.

4. Blonde balayage with babylights

To achieve a more natural look, this hair colorist added babylights on the top of the hair. This way, the graduation toward the ends is much smoother.

5. Sunny blonde balayage

This yellowish hue of blonde balayage brings a dash of edginess to your appearance. Just see how the shades gradually change, turning a dull hairstyle into a spectacular one.

6. Over-the-shoulder length balayage

While you’re impatiently waiting for your hair to grow, bleaching and aggressive chemical treatments are strictly forbidden. And that is where blonde balayage comes to your rescue.

7. Baby blonde balayage

There is a difference between baby blonde and platinum blonde. They’re both light shades, but the baby blonde is enriched with warmer undertones which result in a more natural look.

8. Curly bob blonde balayage

Just look how flattering a blonde balayage is to a curly bob cut. It literally transforms your entire haircut, making it much more interesting and appealing.

9. Beige-y bronzed balayage

Bronze is elegant and classy. This hue works wonders on a darker base, especially if balayage is done by a skilled hair colorist who knows what they’re doing.

10. Soft bronde blend

A bronde hair color is the perfect blend of blonde and brunette. You’re looking at a subtle balayage here, which can serve you as a great transition to going blonder.

11. Soft blonde balayage

If you’re a gentle type who doesn’t like experimenting with funky colors, soft blonde is the perfect hue for you. Here’s a little secret: it makes you look much younger.

12. Soft blonde with muted money piece

But if you want to upgrade to a soft blonde balayage, as your haircolorist for a muted money piece. Unlike balayage, a money piece highlights the front sections of your hair.

13. Neutral warm bronde

A dark blonde dimension combined with the medium blonde? It sounds like an ideal neutral warm bronde with a subtle contrast.

14. Bright pops of blonde

In this balayage, you have different hues of blonde, perfectly blended together. It’s great for extra thick and extra long hair since it can give this pop effect.

15. Sunrise blonde balayage

Sunrise shade of blonde can go from neutral to warm tone. It gives off a natural vibe due to the darker roots but it’s bright and golden at the same time.

16. Summer glow

No matter the season, it’s time you add a dash of summer to your hair. You won’t only look better— you’ll also start feeling lighter in no time.

17. Strawberry blonde underlights

Unlike highlights that are applied throughout all of your hair strands, underlights go on the bottom layers of your hair. In this case, the strawberry blonde underlights are not seen at first sight but make a significant difference when it comes to depth.

18. Sun-kissed balayage

When you look at this blonde-balayage, you get the impression that the model’s hair got lighter at the sun and that there was no processing involved. Well, that’s the whole point.

19. Blonde balayage for straight hair

Checking out blonde balayage ideas, you might think that this hair coloring is flattering only for wavy hair. Here’s living proof of how wrong you are: it looks amazing on straight tresses, as well.

20. Demi balayage

You’re still not sure about your big transformation? Worry not, I have a solution for you: demi-colors. They’re somewhere in between semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes since they contain low-volume developers but have no ammonia. And the best part is that balayage can be painted with them!

21. Ombre balayage

Don’t worry: ombre hair is not out of fashion. In fact, it only got upgraded and paired with balayage.

22. Blonde balayage on extensions

The graduated effect blonde balayage offers is an ideal solution for women with extensions. It is the only hair coloring that allows a subtle blend between your natural hair and your extensions.

23. Dirty blonde

Wheat blonde, brown tones, and medium blonde all in one? As a result, you get this head-turning shade of dirty blonde that makes you look more sophisticated than ever.

24. Dimensional balayage

If you want your hair to look even more voluminous and thicker, what you need is a dimensional balayage that adds depth and movement to your tresses.

25. Partial balayage

A partial balayage is applied on only some parts of your hair. It’s up to you whether you want the blonde streaks to be denser. Either way, you’ll get a stunning transformation.

26. Bleached blonde balayage

I’ll be honest with you: a bleached blonde balayage will probably do some damage to your hair. However, if you end up looking like this model, everything is worth it.

27. Short bob blonde balayage

If you hate the length of your hair while you trying to grow it back from a short hairstyle, don’t fall into despair. Instead, get a blonde balayage to freshen your entire appearance up.

28. Vanilla cream balayage

It’s a sparkling blonde shade with the perfect blend of cool and warm tones paired with just the right amount of brightness. Sounds great, I know. Well, it looks even better.

29. Blue on blonde balayage

Looking for a funky-colored hair color to express your individuality and uniqueness? Get a blue balayage on a blonde base.

30. Strawberry blonde

All women with cool, neutral, or fair skin undertones, hear me out: strawberry blonde is the perfect hue for you. The redness of this dye is a beautiful contrast to your pale skin.

31. Chocolate blonde

Chocolate blonde is the “it” color of the season. And for a good reason: just look how elegant and classy it looks.

32. Ice blonde

If you want your ice blonde balayage to last as long as possible, you’ll need to use purple shampoo. Otherwise, the color will wash out before you know it.

33. High balayage

When you get a high balayage, the color streaks go up almost all the way to the top of your head, making it look like you’ve dyed your hair. However, the advantage of this type of coloring is that the roots are still protected from the chemicals.

34. Balayage topped with a scrunchie

Remember how I told you that balayage makes your hairstyles more versatile? Well, here’s living proof of that. It’s enough to tie parts of your hair with a scrunchie to get a completely new look.

35. Balayage with bangs

Who says that blonde balayage doesn’t go well with bangs? All you need is a skilled hair colorist who’ll know how to properly paint the fringe together with the rest of your tresses.

36. Lived-in bayalage

To be exact, lived-in hair coloring is not technically a balayage. Actually, it’s somewhere in between a balayage and an ombre. Either way, it’s purpose is to louden your base color.

37. Blonde balayage on naturally curly hair

If you have naturally curly hair, don’t miss out on a blonde balayage. It will give definition to your curls and make your hairstyle more versatile.

38. Afro blonde balayage

The same goes for Afro hair: a blonde balayage should be on top of your list of choices. Just look at the dimension and the depth this haircut has gotten.

39. Warm blonde balayage on short curly hair

This is another example of how well a blonde balayage goes with different lengths of curly hair, including short hairstyles as well.

40. Pixie cut balayage

What about the pixie cut? Is this hairstyle long enough for a balayage? Absolutely yes! A hair colorist who tells you otherwise is just bad at their job.

41. Sandy blonde

Sandy blonde hair color makes warm and cool tones meet halfway. It’s a rich shade that gives your locks the illusion of depth.

42. Honey blonde

When done right, honey blonde encompasses numerous blonde hues: a dash of red, chestnut, amber, and even a light brown hue. It is a warm shade that flatters complexions with warm undertones.

43. Ash blonde

If your grays are starting to show, ash blonde is just the right shade for you. It camouflages the grays while giving your entire look a trendy upgrade.

44. Oreo balayage

No, it’s not the name of the new candy: it’s an attractive type of blonde balayage that really does remind everyone of an Oreo due to the contrast between light streaks and dark base.

45. Brunette blonde

Can’t decide whether you’re ready to go all the way blonde? Or you just can’t pick between being a brunette or blonde? Just get the best of both worlds!

46. Dark blonde

You’re looking at the most natural hue of blond: dark blonde. It is a subtle, effortless shade placed somewhere between blonde and brown.

47. Red blonde

It’s vibrant and intense and it draws everyone’s attention. That’s right: I’m talking about red blonde which flatters ladies with neutral skin tones the most.

48. Winter bronde with lowlights

If you’re looking for the perfect winter shade of blonde balayage, this hue of bronde it is! Ask your hair colorist to add some lowlights for extra depth.

49. Piece-y blonde balayage

This piece-y blonde balayage gives you a tousled, messy finish. All of it combined with this attractive hair color results in a natural, effortless look.

50. 90’s blowout balayage

The 90’s are back. And what kind of a comeback would that be if blowouts weren’t involved? Trust me when I tell you that nothing looks as good combined with blowouts as balayage does.

51. Golden balayage

What does gold remind you of? Class, elegance, wealth? Well, that is everything people will start associating with you if you pick this blonde balayage.

52. Bronzed brunette

You’d be looking at a typical brunette if it weren’t for these streaks of bronze. But that’s exactly what makes this inspo pic worth saving.

53. Highighted bangs balayage

If you ask your hair colorist for highlighted bangs, you’ll put all the focus on your beautiful facial features, including your jawline and cheekbones.

54. Smokey blonde

To get smokey blonde, your hair colorist will add ashy and icy undertones. All of it mixed together results in cooler tones and an astonishing shade.

55. Butterscotch blonde

The only difference between a butterscotch blonde and a typical blonde is the dash of warm caramel. But that’s exactly what makes this shade so appealing.

56. Sunkisses brunette

I get it: you’re more than amazed by blonde balayage ideas but you’re still not ready to get out of your comfort zone and leave your brunette days behind. In that case, a sunkissed brunette hair color is the right choice for you.

57. Subtle balayage

A subtle balayage focuses on the top layers of your hair strands only, making you look even more natural. It is a great idea for when you’re still not sure if a full balayage is the right choice for you.

58. Updo with blonde balayage

Here’s some great news: blonde balayage ideas look awesome on updos! The biggest advantage is that your updo will get depth, dimension, and thickness, even if you’re struglling with thin hair.

59. Soft ash blonde

A soft-ash blonde balayage is the subtler version of the previously mentioned ash-blonde balayage. The only difference is that this version has less gray undertones.

60. Maple blonde

It’s warm, neutral, and perfect for the fall. But nobody says that you are not allowed to pull off a maple blonde balayage in other seasons as well.

61. Glazed beige bronde

Glazed beige bronde looks the best on pale, fairy-skinned ladies with bright eyes and pink undertones. It’s a lady-like, subtle shade that gives you the best of both brown and blonde colors.


Is balayage good for blondes?

Balayage is not good for blondes— it’s actually the perfect choice if you want a transformation to blonde hair, or if you’re already blonde and want to upgrade your hair color. Even if your natural hair color is blonde, you can have a beautiful balayage by adding lowlights.
Either way, this should be your top pick if you’re looking for an effortless, natural, low-maintenance, and trendy blonde option.

Which hair color is best for balayage?

Contrary to popular opinion that balayage only works on lighter hues, every hair color goes extremely well with balayage. The key is to find the right shade to complement your base color. Of course, the outcome also depends on what you want: do you want to lighten up your hair or just add dimension and depth?

Is balayage very damaging to hair?

Even though every permanent hair dye brings some risks to your hair, balayage is not so damaging to your roots or tresses. The first reason behind that is that you don’t go to frequent color re-touches. Balayage can last from three to four months, and this is the period when your hair rests from any chemicals. Also, the roots are kept safe which is super-important for your hair growth.

Is balayage better than bleaching?

Yes, balayage is a much better option than bleaching. A lot of shades of blonde balayage can be done without involving bleach and using a volume developer. But even if you do use bleach, you won’t use it on the entire head of hair and especially not on the roots. Also, there is no foil and consequently, no heat used, which makes balayage much safer.

What is blonde balayage?

Balayage technique is all about blonde streaks colored through your tresses. Instead of using foil or a cap, a skilled hair colorist will apply highlights with a free-hand technique on your hair. They will actually sweep color on the surface of your hair, creating a natural look.
The key to a good balayage is the graduation of lightness towards the ends of your hair. The roots are darker and as you proceed to the tips of your strands, the lightness increases. It is crucial for everything to be blended and subtle.