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I capelli piumati degli anni '70 sono tornati e questi sono 20 modi per acconciarli

‘70s Feathered Hair Is Back And These Are 20 Ways To Style It

It seems that every cool hairstyle finds its way to come back into fashion, even many years after it first appeared and shined. This is also true for ’70s feathered hair, characterized by chic layers resembling overlapping bird feathers. Here are 20 stylish ways to wear this retro hairstyle and look glamorous.

1. Classic ‘70s Feathered Hair

This is what ’70s feathered hair is all about: layers, volume, a bouncy look, and a stylish cut that will earn you lots of compliments!

2. Feathered Mullet

Looking for a style that adds height and texture to your cut? A feathered mullet might be the perfect choice, with softened ends that give you a look that’s both retro and modern.

3. Feathered Hair With Blonde Balayage

A balayage biondo is amazingly beautiful and feminine, giving a feathered look a whole new, more gentle dimension.

4. Feathered Bob

Any kind of bob is always a good choice for a hairstyle since it’s a timeless, stylish cut that every girl should try at least once! A bob piumato is an upgraded version of the regular bob, giving you a voluminous and powerful look.

5. Goldie Hawn-Inspired Feathered Style

The iconic Goldie Hawn-inspired hairstyle is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a bold, fun style that screams ’70s!

6. ’70s Shag Hairstyle

Feathery ends and fluffy softness: the classic ’70s shag hairstyle is just so dreamy! It looks great on all lengths and hair types, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will suit you. It’s a great choice for everyone!

7. Waterfall Haircut

No feathered hairstyle is as classy and beautiful as a waterfall cut. With this style, your rounded layers will look like a waterfall, tapering into a softly rounded V-shape at the ends.

8. Strati di inquadramento del volto

Face-framing layers on long hair are a total hit and the best way to emphasize your beautiful features and make your hair more noticeable.

9. Feathered Style With Side Bangs

A feathered cut is cool on its own, but you can make it even more fun by adding side bangs, another iconic style that’s back in trend!

10. Curly Shag

Your curly hair is naturally gorgeous, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling it. However, a curly shag is an awesome feathered style that will make your curls even more noticeable and outstanding!

11. Feathered Layered Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is another style that can be layered and feathered, boosting volume on top of your hair in a super cool way!

12. Cute Short Feathered Style

Feathered hair can also be incredibly adorable and gentle, and this short hairstyle proves it!

13. Side Part Weave

A side part weave is another bold and unique way to wear ’70s feathered hair, putting your beautiful hair in the spotlight.

14. Long Gothic Shag

Amazing long hair, creative shag gothic style, or awesome combination of hair hues: I just can’t decide which is the coolest part of this entire look!

15. Light Red Feathered Style

Looking for a fresh, pretty new hair dye to combine with your new feathered style? Consider this light red—it’s both gentle and striking.

16. Soft Medium Feathered Hair

If you don’t want your hair to be overly emphasized, this style might be perfect for you. It’s clear you’ve done something different, but it’s still relaxed enough to look effortless.

17. Honey Blonde Feathered Style

So rich, feminine, and charming, the honey blonde color will take your feathered hairstyle to a whole new level!

18. Chocolate Brown Feathered Style

The beautiful classic brunette shade—chocolate brown—is stunning and becomes even more eye-catching with a feathered hairstyle.

19. Feathered Style On Thin Hair

Have thin hair and think you can’t pull off a feathered style? Nonsense! This haircut is exactly what you need to enhance your look, reducing the length and maximizing volume with the movement and bounce of a feathered cut.

20. Blonde And Orange Feathered Style

Mix blonde and orange hues to add a special spark to your feathered cut!