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22 Jaw-Dropping Layered Curly Hair With Face Framing Looks

22 Jaw-Dropping Layered Curly Hair With Face Framing Looks

Should you tame your curls or let them go wild? If neither of these sounds appealing, here’s a third option: a haircut that brings structure to your glorious locks without restraining them. When cut right, long layered curly hair with face framing becomes your crowning glory.

Layers and face framing bring out the best in curls, achieving a balance between control and natural texture. Here are the inspo pics to pin and bring to your next appointment.

1. Long Layered Curly Hair With Wispy Bangs


Here’s a stunning example of masterfully cut curly hair: the curls are defined and bouncy, the bangs are delicate and cute and the face framing is on point. You’ll want to bookmark this one for sure.

2. Shoulder Length Curly Hair With Face Framing


Your curly hair looks blocky? Long layers to the rescue! They set the curls free, giving your hair movement and making it more vibrant. Add in long wispy curly bangs like these for extra bounce and charm.

3. Curly Hair With Highlights And Face Framing


Layers, face framing and highlights—this combo is a winner when it comes to long curly hair. Highlights make the curl pattern stand out, while the subtle layers around the face enhance its glow.

4. Layered Ringlets With Face Framing


One look at this picture is enough to help you understand the power of a great haircut. Each curl falls beautifully and has enough space to bloom, coming together to create a stunning shape.

5. Curly Shag With Razored Bangs


Due to its delicate texture, fine wavy and curly hair tends to look frizzy instead of showing its real texture, especially when it’s long. Layers lighten the load, making it much easier for the curls to hold their shape.

6. Long Layered Curly Hair With Face Framing


Even the subtlest face-framing layers make a difference in the shape of curly hair and how it falls around the face. Depending on your exact curl pattern, they might be more or less obvious, but you’d definitely notice their absence if they weren’t there.

7. Layered Coily Hair With Face Framing


Look all you want, but you won’t find a flaw in this cut. The layers are expertly crafted, providing definition and shape, and the face-framing? Absolutely impeccable.

8. Long Shag With Curly Bangs


Going from one-length long hair to a long shag with bangs will be a huge transformation, because this haircut is definitely a look. If you’re into laid-back/edgy aesthetics, this one is for you.

9. Voluminous Long Layered Curly Hair


Long layers work magic on curly hair, giving it extra volume and preventing it from looking heavy or weighed down. With varied lengths, they create movement, letting your curls bounce and flow naturally.

10. Waist-Length Layered Curly Hair


Even ultra-long hair becomes more manageable with layers. They help reduce bulk, prevent tangling, and keep annoying knots at bay, making your tresses much easier to handle.

11. Shoulder Length Curly Hair With Fringe


With subtle face framing, your curls will fall in the most flattering way, framing your face beautifully. Cute curly bangs are the cherry on top!

12. Long Ringlets With Face Framing


How gorgeous is this look? Lively, vibrant and defined long curly hair is #hairgoals! Bonus: wispy strands falling over one eye make it extra flirty.

13. Long Layered Curly Hair With Highlights


Long layers and face framing are the secret when you want your curls to look effortless and soft. The shape, the definition, the bounce—this look has it all.

14. Curly Hair With Subtle Layers


One word: majestic. But let’s take a closer look. The layers are perfect, letting these stunning thick curls breathe, and the way they’re falling near the face make this into a showstopper.

15. Shoulder Length Curls With Face Framing


Curls and layers go hand in hand if you want a flattering shape, and you’re not limited to just one look. Here, the layers are long, so the shape is elongated but the curls are still defined and bouncy.

16. Long Layered Curly Hair


Controlled chaos describes this hairstyle in a nutshell. Your curls don’t have to be tamed, but they can be more manageable and look more flattering. The secret? Layers, of course.

17. Large Curls With Face Framing


When you’re hair is slightly curly, you might be tempted to straighten it all the time because otherwise it’s just a frizzy mess. Those aren’t your only options: a good cut and the curly girl method of taking care of your hair is all you need to get perfect curls.

18. Long Layered Curly Hair With Face Frame


Face framing makes you look softer, but it also gives you lots of styling flexibility. A middle part, side-swept bangs, or a layered fringe—you can customize the face-framing elements to fit the look you want.

19. Long Curly Hair With Layers And Bangs


Thinking of adding some layers and bangs to your curly locks? Smart move! Both help with curl definition if your tresses struggle to hold curl shape. They’ll make your hair feel lighter and much more manageable, keeping your curls defined and bouncy.

20. Long Curly Hair With Face Framing

When you’re trying to grow your curly hair long, you might be afraid to let anyone come near you with scissors. You’re right to be careful, because cutting curly hair is a special skill—do your research to find a skilled hairdresser who knows how to do it!

21. Long Curly Shag


Shaggy layers add lots of texture and let your curls roam free without being weighed down by length. This style of bangs is excellent if you’re looking to conceal a tall forehead or add height on top to balance a round face.

22. Defined Curls With Face Framing


Everyone’s blend of hair thickness, density and curl pattern as well as head and face shape is unique. This is why long, layered curly hair with face framing looks a little different on each person, even when the basic haircut is the same. When talking to your stylist, bring inspo pics but ask to have it tailored to your curls for the best results.