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30 Jaw-Dropping Long Curly Hair Ideas And Inspirations

30 Jaw-Dropping Long Curly Hair Ideas And Inspirations

Wolf cuts, long layers, curly shags… With so many stylish and unique long curly hair ideas, I feel like it’s my holy duty to make sure that you’re on-trend this year!

….Your transformation is loading….

1. Long Curly Hair With Face-Framing Layers

DID YOU KNOW? Strategically placing shorter pieces of hair around the face helps accentuate or soften your features. The best thing about face-framing layers is that they suit all hair types, textures, lengths, and face shapes.

2. Deva Cut With Face-Framing Pink Highlights

The Deva cut is an absolute godsend for curly hair! This cutting technique includes cutting each curl on dry hair. This way the hairdresser knows exactly how your curls will look as they fall. Amazing, right?

3. Long Layered Curly Hair With Piecey Bangs

Layered curly hair with piecey bangs is a surefire attention-getter! Piecey bangs are defined bangs with separated strands. This type of messy bangs can take your long layered curly hair to the next level.

4. Soft Tapered Curly Shag

Curly shag with soft tapered ends creates a balance between the volume on the crown and the bottom length of your hair. As a result, your curly mane looks neatly shaped and consistent all the way down.

5. Long Curly Hair With Layers And Blonde Balayage

Balayage mimics what the sun does to your hair naturally and that’s what makes this hair coloring technique one of the most popular curly hair color ideas. Now, if you combine layers with balayage, your long curly hair is bound to achieve that youthful and natural look (without trying too hard).

6. V-Shaped Voluminous Curls

Lots of my clients with long curly hair desire lift and volume without exposing their hair to some drastic changes. The best way to achieve that is by creating flattering V-shaped layers by cutting vertical sections at angles (longest in front and shorter towards the back).

7. Long Curly Hair With Bouncy Layers

Having a haircut where you combine longer and shorter layers will allow your strands to have the most movement possible. In other words, bouncy layers will prevent your hair from appearing weighed down which is a dream come true for every curly lady. Am I right?

8. Inner Layered Curly Shag

Do you want instant texture and bounce without altering the overall length of your hair? Then let me introduce you to the inner (internal) layers! This type of layering creates movement and air pockets inside the hair without changing the length of your curls. Amazing.

9. Long Frizzy Curls

Because frizz is hot. Period.

10. U-Shaped Honey Gold Long Curly Hair

U or V-shaped hairstyle will keep your curls long but light. This type of haircut helps remove weight and creates movement throughout your long curls.

11. Deva Cut With Face-Framing Layers

The Deva cut is completely different from the traditional cutting technique. Your hairdresser will cut each curl (on dry hair) according to its natural shape. Deva cut with face-framing layers is one of the most flattering haircuts because the way the layers fall can help contour your face.

12. Curly Shag With Bronde Balayage

If you want to add more dimension to your curly shag, I suggest going bronde! Bronde is a shade between blonde and brown, and it is best achieved using the balayage color technique.

13. Rezo Cut Balayage With Face-Framing Highlights

The Rezo cut is a cutting technique that maintains an even curly length all the way around your base. It removes weight from your curls on the root area, so they can move freely.

14. Feathery Fluffy Shag

I truly enjoy creating feathery fluffy shags because they look so enticing and otherworldly. I especially love seeing how bangs and temple bits frame my clients’ features in the most chic way.

15. Layered Curly Hair With A Deep Side-Part

Want to add a boost of volume to your mid-length curls or long curly hair with layers? Worry not because side-parting comes to the rescue! A deep-side part will help elongate your features and make you look like an absolute goddess.

16. Tapered Curly Shag With Blunt Bangs

We all know that tapered shags are trending, but tapered shags with blunt bangs are all the rage! Now, what do blunt bangs do to your tapered shag and your face? They make your tapered shag look more uniform and they can draw attention away from an elongated mouth and chin.

17. Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs

A short curly wolf cut with choppy bangs is one of my favorite baddie curly hairstyles! The wolf cut provides the volumizing effect to big curls, and the choppy fringe adds some edge and texture to a classic wolf cut.

18. Super Long Layered Curls

Long layers on super long curly hair can make the curls look more “liberated” and appear longer and fuller. They offer much better movement to your long curly mane.

19. Wolf Cut With Piecey Bangs

Another way to spice up a classic wolf cut is by adding piecey bangs to the equation. Defined bangs with separated strands are bound to add some edge and texture to your wolf cut.

20. Ultra Textured Long Layered Curly Hair

The best friend of textured long curly hair with layers is a good old diffuser. Using a diffuser minimizes frizz, enhances volume, and defines the curl pattern of your long layered mane.

21. Textured Curly Shag

Textured curly shag is a version of shag where the accent is on enhancing the texture of your curls. This look cannot be complete without some mousse and beach spray.

22. U-Shaped Rezo Cut

Rezo cut and U-shaped haircut perfectly complement one another! The Rezo cut doesn’t only give your curls a new shape but also tames and defines your locks, while the U-shaped cut is responsible for creating movement.

23. Rezo Curly Cut With Choppy Bangs

If you want to add some texture and personality to your Rezo curly cut (or your 3C curls), then choppy bangs are what you’re looking for! Curly hair with fringe looks so fashionable and to the point.

24. Long Curly Hair With Full Bangs

With so many types of bangs, it can be difficult for you to choose the right ones for your face shape. Full bangs look best on square faces and they look incredibly mysterious and alluring. Also, curly updos with bangs are real head-turners.

25. Long Curls With Dynamic Short Layers

Dynamic short layers add depth and volume to your long curls. Short layers create the illusion of thicker hair in the most natural way possible, and that’s why ladies with thin hair benefit most from this haircut.

26. Long Curls With Heavy Face-Framing Shaggy Layers

Face-framing shaggy layers are reserved for those who want to achieve an effortless, defined haircut that accentuates their features and brings out the best in their curls. Shaggy layers are one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 50 because they exude that youthful vibe.

27. 80’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Curly Shag

What better way to embrace the 80s nostalgia than to rock a rock’n’roll curly shag! I’m sure 80s icons like Cher and Dolly Parton would be proud of you for choosing this popular curly hairstyle.

28. Waterfall Cut With A Deep Side-Part

The Waterfall cut is basically a soft rounded V-shape haircut that makes your curls cascade like a waterfall. A deep side-part will give extra volume to your beautiful waterfall hair.

29. Layered Wolf Cut

This layered wolf doesn’t have those classic short, choppy layers on the crown but it features longer choppy layers around the sides and back. Piecey bangs are just a cherry on top.

30. Long Curls With Waterfall Layers

A cascading waterfall haircut allows your curls to make a statement without making a statement. Apart from making your curls look shiny and healthy, this haircut also enhances the texture of your hair. And yes, waterfall layers look so cool on 3C curly hairstyles.