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25 Spunky Pink Highlights In Black Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Dye-Job

25 Spunky Pink Highlights In Black Hair Ideas To Inspire Your Next Dye-Job

Pink highlights in black hair are for the bold and daring only. It’s a brave, eye-catching look made for confident women who want to enrich their style in a unique way. Read on how to choose the right shade and combination!

1. Mermaid Pink Highlights In Black Hair

That’s right, now, you can finally become a real-life mermaid. All you need are pink highlights in black hair and you’re good to go.

2. Pink And Blue Highlights In Black Hair

But why stop there? Why not add a bit of blue to the equation? The moment you see these blue and pink highlights in black hair, you’ll see why it’s the best possible choice.

3. Chunky Pink Highlights In Black Hair

Remember the ’90s and how popular were chunky highlights? Well, they’re back, and they come in pink!

4. Subtle Pink Ombre On Black Hair

A subtle pink ombre is probably one of the best ways to spice up your boring black hair. It’s low-maintenance but it leaves an impression.

5. Pastel Rose Gold Color Blocks In Black Hair

Is there a way to look girly and badassy at the same time? Absolutely yes! All you need are pastel rose gold color blocks in your black hair.

6. Pink Highlights In Black Hime Hair

For a really trendy look, I strongly suggest you combine two fashionable styles: an up-to-date haircut, and a chich hair color.

7. Bubblegum Pink Balayage In Black Hair

Bubblegum pink balayage on black hair will give you the out-of-this-world hairstyle you’ll fall in love with the moment you see it.

8. Light Bright Pink Ombre Underdye

A light bright pink underdye ombre is a better choice than typical pink highlights in black hair because it doesn’t require such frequent retouch jobs and is therefore much easier to maintain.

9. Pink Color Blocks And Face-Frames

Pink color blocks and face-frames will bring a whole new life to your black hair. And they’ll make you look younger than ever.

10. Dragonfruit Butterfly Cut

Once again, two up-to-date hair trends combined in one style: a butterfly cut everyone has gone crazy about and a dragonfruit hair color nobody can stay indifferent to.

11. Subtle Pink Highlights On Mid-Length Hair

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go over the top with pink highlights on black hair. Sometimes, subtle streaks of color will make a difference enough.

12. Pink Bangs And Face Frames On Bob Cut

One thing is for sure: you’ll get undivided attention wherever you appear wearing pink bangs and face-frames on a black bob cut.

13. Pop Of Pink In Black Hair

Sometimes, just a pop of the right shade is more than enough to transform your entire look. If you don’t believe me, this inspo pic will show prove you wrong.

14. Electric Berry On Black Hair

Electric berry on black hair is quite difficult to maintain since the color tends to wash out pretty quickly. But it’s definitely worth a try.

15. Pink Money Piece On Black Hair

A colorful money piece has been an ultimate hair trend for some time now and by the looks of it, it plans to stay on the throne.

16. Pastel Pink Highlights In Long Black Hair

Long black hair can and will never go out of style. So instead of changing your hue or cutting your tresses, just add a bit of color to your style.

17. Gold Rose Highlights In Black Hair

Gold rose highlights in black hair will give you a romantic, girly look every woman craves, no matter her age. Trust me, you’ll feel like a real Princess.

18. Pastel Pink Underdye On Black Bob

A black bob cut will give you a sharp, serious look. On the other hand, a pastel pink underdye will give your style the contrast it needs.

19. Pink Roots On Black Pixie Cut

Are pink roots on black hair too much? Says who? If you like this hairstyle, there is nothing stopping you from running to your colorist.

20. Pink Highlights In Black Afro Hair

Pink highlights in afro-black hair will give your locks the dimension, depth, and movement they desperately cry for.

21. Dark Pink On Jet Black Hair

Dark pink on jet-black hair is, without a doubt, a daring look not meant for everyone. But if you’re brave enough, I promise you one thing: this style will skyrocket your self-esteem.

22. Hot Pink Face-Framing Highlights In Black Hair

If you’re looking for a way to accentuate your beautiful facial features, you’ve just found one. Hot pink face-frames on black hair are your number one choice.

23. Soft Pink Peek-A-Boo On Black Lob

Colorful peek-a-boo is gaining more and more popularity lately. Be the trendsetter and the first one to combine pastel pink and a black long bob cut.

24. Pink And Black Split Dye

Technically, a split dye doesn’t go under highlights but it would be a shame not to include this funky, unique hairstyle here.

25. Ashy Pink On Black Hair

Ashy pink goes extremely well on black hair. And the best part is that it’s easier to maintain, in comparison to other shades of pink.