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Top 20 Most Popular Wavy Perm Hairstyles For Men

Top 20 Most Popular Wavy Perm Hairstyles For Men

Unlike the iconic 80s perms, a modern wavy perm for men is all about loose, tousled waves and adding texture and volume to your mane. The best is that perms last for months and you can forget about styling tools because you won’t need them for some time. If this sounds like a good deal to you, proceed to the coolest wavy perm hairstyles for men!

1. Short Wavy Perm Haircut For Men

A wavy perm makes short hairstyles look more textured and voluminous. A low taper starts tapering around the ears and neck thus creating a subtle Now, combining a wavy perm with a low taper is a true work of art.

2. Wavy Perm With Skin Fade High Taper

A wavy perm on the skin fade high taper haircut creates a beautiful contrast between the crown and the neckline. Not only that. This hairstyle makes your hair look thicker and fuller.

3. Medium Wavy Perm Hairstyle

If you have medium hair that is neither straight nor wavy by default, a wavy perm is a perfect choice for you. With a medium wavy perm, you won’t need to style your hair for months and you’ll always have a flawless wavy hairstyle.

4. Blonde Wavy Perm Skin Fade Haircut

Pairing a wavy perm with a skin fade haircut will make your hair look more textured and voluminous. For a more personalized style, opt for the popular blonde shade.

5. Wavy Perm With Mid Taper And Bangs

A mid-taper haircut starts tapering around the temple area. This type of tapering is between a low and high taper, and it’s perfect for those who want to achieve a bold style without much effort. Adding bangs to your wavy perm hairstyle will make your crown look more voluminous.

6. Wavy Perm With Blonde Highlights

The easiest way to make your wavy perm hairstyle look more dimensional and textured is by adding highlights to your mane. If you have a darker base color, lighter shades like blonde are the best choice of color for you.

7. Wavy Perm Skin Fade Haircut

This cool hairstyle is reserved for men who aren’t afraid of standing out of the crowd. Ultra voluminous wavy perm with a skin fade haircut will surely get you noticed and earn you lots of compliments.

8. Wavy Perm With Fade Hair Design

Bring the wavy perm game to the next level by adding a cool fade hair design! You can opt for horizontal lines, stars, or shave a popular heart shape to recreate Drake’s iconic hairstyle. The choice is yours to make.

9. Voluminous Blonde Wavy Perm With Bangs

If you have voluminous hair, it would be a shame not to boost its potential. A wavy perm with bangs will stylishly shape your mane and add texture to your hairstyle. You can opt for a blonde shade (which will require bleaching if you have darker hair), or go with your natural hair color.

10. Wavy Perm Pixie Mullet

Also known as “the mixie”, the pixie mullet is a trendy haircut that gives you the best of both worlds – a pixie and a mullet. This popular hairstyle features shorter layers in the front with longer layers at the back. Pro tip: Add a low fade to the mixie to make your hairstyle more personalized.

11. Voluminous Wavy Perm With Bangs

Voluminous wavy perm with full bangs is an absolute hit among perm hairstyles for men. Don’t forget to use plenty of styling products to add volume and texture to your wavy perm hairstyle.

12. The Burst Fade With Wavy Perm Hair

The burst fade is one of the most popular fade haircuts for mane. This haircut starts tapering around the ear and down the neck thus creating a round fade. A wavy perm is bound to make this haircut look even more cool.

13. Wavy Perm For Medium Length Hair

If you want to rock medium-length tousled waves for months without the need to style your hair during that time, a wavy perm is the way to go. Opt for no parting or a deep side part to achieve effortless, undone vibes.

14. Polished Wavy Perm With A Side Part

Say hi to a polished version of a wavy perm! If you don’t want anything fancy or bold, add some oil and hair gel to your damp wavy perm hair and allow it to air dry. Congrats, you’re good to go!

15. Messy Wavy Perm Hairstyle

To those who prefer messy hair textures: nothing beats a messy wavy perm hairstyle! Tease your hair with a comb to create voluminous, messy waves perfect for summer days. Hey, it even rhymes!

16. Wavy Perm Mixie Cut With Mid Taper

If you want to achieve a bold, masculine look, the mixie cut with mid-taper will do the job. The mixie cut combines a pixie and a mullet cut perfect for adding texture and volume to your wavy perm.

17. Low Taper Wavy Perm For Men

Not everyone desires to rock a bold style, and that’s completely normal. That’s where low taper wavy perm comes into the story! This hairstyle will enhance your hair’s natural texture and add subtle volume to your mane.

18. High Taper Fade Wavy Perm

The high taper fade is perfect for everyone who has high hair goals. Wavy perm and taper fade are a match made in heaven. Here’s why: they add volume to all hair textures on short, medium, or long hairstyles for men.

19. Wavy Perm With Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers will enhance your best facial features, while a wavy perm will add volume and texture to your mane. Trust me, it doesn’t get any better than this.

20. Ear-Length Wavy Perm Hairstyle For Men

Ear-length wavy perm has everything you need to become the coolest bro on the block: plenty of volume, texture, and good vibes. Happy styling!