Top 20 Layered Curly Haircuts For Instant Volume And Texture

1. Layered Curly Shag With Bangs

If you’re looking for an edgy and sophisticated look, look no further! Shaggy layers will add movement to your curly wurly mane.

2. Light Copper Long Layered Curly Hair

Long layers and curly hair are a match made in heaven. 

3. Layered Curly Cut With A Rainbow Money Piece

When life gives you hair colors, dye your hair rainbow! A money piece is a section of hair that is lighter and brighter around the face.

4. Long Curly Waterfall Layered Cut

Waterfall layers are shorter around the face and longer at the back. The waterfall layered cut will reduce bulkiness and preserve the length of long curly hair.

5. Ultra Long Curly Hair With Layers

A beautiful thing about layers is that they make thin hair look more voluminous and also remove weight from thick curly mane.

6. Shoulder Length Layered Curly Hairstyle

Platinum blonde curls with pink tips belong to the category of one of the coolest curly hairstyles.

7. Cowboy Copper Curly Hair With Long Layers

Cowboy copper trend is just a tonal shift from a classic copper formula.

8. Medium Length Curly Hair With A Middle Part

Ready to rock big, fun, and voluminous curls? If you have thin hair, the mid-length layered haircut will give your curly hair more definition.

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