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Top 20 Layered Curly Haircuts For Instant Volume And Texture

Top 20 Layered Curly Haircuts For Instant Volume And Texture

Let’s get one thing straight. When it comes to curly hair, the shape is everything! That’s where layered curly haircuts come into the story! Adding layers to curly hair results in an instant volume boost and a more textured hairstyle. The most beautiful layered curly hairstyles for all hair lengths and curl types are waiting for you below!

1. Layered Curly Shag With Bangs

If you’re looking for an edgy and sophisticated look, look no further! Shaggy layers will add movement to your curly wurly mane and enhance your natural hair texture. Layered hair with bangs is a perfect combo for all curl types.

2. Light Copper Long Layered Curly Hair

Long layers and curly hair are a match made in heaven. Why? Because strategically placing long layers throughout curly hair helps achieve a more balanced and voluminous look. Long layers are also responsible for keeping curls from weighing down. Thank you, long layers!

3. Layered Curly Cut With A Rainbow Money Piece

When life gives you hair colors, dye your hair rainbow! In case you’re not familiar with it, a money piece is a section of hair that is lighter and brighter around the face. A rainbow money piece will not only help you create a unique hairstyle but also create a beautiful contrast on darker curly hair. Here are more curly hair color ideas to inspire you.

4. Long Curly Waterfall Layered Cut

Waterfall layers are shorter around the face and longer at the back. The waterfall layered cut will reduce bulkiness and preserve the length of long curly hair. Adding highlights to this amazing haircut will help accentuate the curl pattern.

5. Ultra Long Curly Hair With Layers

A beautiful thing about layers is that they make thin hair look more voluminous and also remove weight from thick curly mane. Long layered curly cut is the right choice for all curl types. Agreed?

6. Shoulder Length Layered Curly Hairstyle

Platinum blonde curls with pink tips belong to the category of one of the coolest curly hairstyles. If you want to earn the title of “the coolest gal”, this bold hairstyle is a good starting point. And yes, don’t forget to moisturize your curls with a leave-in conditioner, especially if you went from dark to platinum blonde hair color.

7. Cowboy Copper Curly Hair With Long Layers

Cowboy copper trend is just a tonal shift from a classic copper formula. This beautiful shade is achieved by mixing brown and copper shades to create a more natural copper hair color. “Is this your natural hair color?” is a question you’ll be asked a lot.

8. Medium Length Curly Hair With A Middle Part

Ready to rock big, fun, and voluminous curls? If you have thin hair, the mid-length layered haircut will give your curly hair more definition and movement. To maintain this hairstyle, all you need is some curl cream and hair gel.

9. Ash Bronde Layered Curly Haircut

Ash bronde combines ash, blonde, and brown shades which are a perfect choice for accentuating the curl pattern and layers on your curly hair. Besides that, highlights add depth and dimension to your curly wurly mane.

10. Color-Blocking Layered Lob

Because life is too short not to combine all hair colors! Thanks to the color-blocking technique, anyone can become a cool gal overnight. All you need to do is combine a few contrasting colors on a layered lob haircut to create a true work of art.

11. U-shaped Long Layered Curly Hair

U-shaped haircut features back and sides cut in a U-shape creating a more rounded and softer hairstyle. This type of haircut creates the illusion of fuller hair and it brings out the best in layered curly hairstyles of all lengths and textures.

12. Curly Hair With Bangs And Shaggy Layers

Bangs and shaggy layers blend seamlessly giving your hairstyle an extra oomph of volume. This hairstyle is perfect for those who wants to give off effortless, undone vibes. This cool hairstyle may look effortless but still has personality.

13. Layered Curly Bob

Layered curly bob gives volume and movement to curly hair. For added definition, I recommend styling your curly bob with curl cream and hair gel. More curly hair tips: dry your hair upside down with a diffuser for a volume-boosting effect.

14. Light Brown Curly Hair With Long Layers

If you struggle with flat-looking curly hair that lacks definition, adding layers to your hair will create volume from the root to the end. As a result, your hair will look more defined and textured as well.

15. V-shaped Long Curly Hair

Only a V-shaped, layered haircut can transform dry and frizzy curly hair into cascading, bouncy curls! Unlike a U-shaped cut that is rounded, the V-shaped cut is heavily layered. This hairstyle is a godsend for those with thick curly hair.

16. 4A Curly Hair With Layers

If you have curly hair type 4A, the easiest way to make it look more defined is by adding lots of layers. When it comes to styling, you should use heavy styling products like curling custard, hair gels, and oils.

17. Layered Curly Haircut For Thin Hair

Thin hair lacks definition and volume by default. Layers are the easiest way to make your thin curly hair look instantly more voluminous and defined. Pro tip: a silk or satin scarf or a bonnet will prevent your curls from drying out overnight.

18. Silver Curly Hair With Layers

Silver hair, don’t care! Silver curls are a great solution for those who have gray hair because these two shades blend perfectly. Of course, layers are a cherry on top.

19. Long Layered Curly Hair With Red Money Piece

If you have dark hair, consider spicing it up with a money piece. I suggest that you choose bold colors for a more personalized look. Those with lighter hair colors should opt for trending pastel shades.

20. Rezo Cut Layered Curly Hairstyle

The Rezo cut features cutting dry hair to create an even balance around the head. This haircut boosts volume and enhances the texture of your curls. I almost forgot. This type of cut is reserved only for those with naturally wavy and curly hair. Yaay!