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24 Wedding Updos For Short Hair That Prove You Don’t Need Extensions

24 Wedding Updos For Short Hair That Prove You Don’t Need Extensions

Short hair might seem like a challenge with your wedding day coming up. But don’t give up on your dreamy updo just yet, because there are still plenty of ways to make your short hair look elegant and stylish!

To help you choose the perfect hairstyle for the best day of your life, we’ve collected 24 beautiful wedding updos for short hair. Explore these options to discover the look you’ll be excited to share with your hairstylist.

1. Romantic Bridal Updo With Floral Ornament

Your special day is all about love, romance, and butterflies. Take the romance to the next level with this simple and clean bridal updo that looks so good on short hair. The floral ornament takes it beyond the ordinary, giving it a refreshing bridal vibe.

2. Textured Updo On Short Hair

You’ve always believed it was impossible to achieve a textured updo with short hair? This hairstyle definitely proves otherwise. Just because your hair doesn’t reach your shoulders, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect textured bridal updo!

3. Tight French Roll With Hair Clips

Pearly hair clips make the perfect addition to the famous French roll updo. This chic hairstyle isn’t reserved only for long-haired girls. Leaving out a few strands of your short hair will give a special charm to this all-time classic bridal style.

4. Half-Up Half-Down Updo

The beauty of half-up half-down hairstyles is that they can be worn with all hair lengths. With this type of hairstyle, you wear most of your short hair down and pin the upper section away from your face. This is an awesome way to draw attention to your soft bridal makeup.

5. Updo For Short And Thin Hair

When your hair is not only short, but also thin, an elegant bridal updo seems like mission impossible. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Texture spray, volume powder, and spray wax can work wonders, while dark brown root touch-up spray conceals the visible scalp area. Add a simple accessory, and this basic hairstyle becomes wedding-worthy.

6. Classy High Updo

A high updo is a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle that’s been a classic bridal look for many years. This classy updo worn at the crown of your head looks voluminous even on short hair. A simple hair accessory and small pearl earrings are all you need to complete your wedding look.

7. Braided Bun Updo

A low bun is always a good bridal hairstyle idea, but you’d like it to be a little less ordinary? In this case, a braided bun updo may be just the right choice for your short hair! All you need: bobby pins to hold your hair in place.

8. Elegant Low Bun

Short, fine hair can be put up in an elegant low bun, too. A hairspray and bobby pins will do the work of holding your hair in place. Leaving some hair loose in the front will give a final touch to this elegant bun and frame your face beautifully.

9. Knot Bun With Pearls

A low knot bun will bring out the best of the texture and volume of your short hair, while dressing it up with pearl accessories will keep it wedding-appropriate and stylish.

10. Faux Braid Updo

Braid hairstyles can be used to achieve a creative wedding look, even for girls with short hair! This faux braid updo will have all your guests asking, “Doesn’t she have really short hair?” as it makes the hair look full from the back.

11. French Twist

Classic, elegant, and clean are the first words that come to mind when I think of the French twist. This updo for short hair can be easily created with a fine-toothed comb, hair gel, and hair spray. Simply twist the hair into a bun and leave the strands in the front loose to create a beautiful, timeless bridal look.

12. Soft Messy Updo

Do you dream of a romantic, yet messy hairstyle for your big day? This soft, loose updo is a good example of this kind of hairstyle. It keeps your short hair loosely gathered at the nape, with pearl pins emphasizing your gentle look perfectly.

13. Soft Updo With Loose Waves

This soft and romantic updo looks kind of effortless, but it’s so efficient and elegant: it’s compatible with all types of wedding dresses and the loose waves will frame your face just the right way.

14. Loose Romantic Updo

Gorgeous blonde hair is a gift that elevates any hairstyle. This romantic updo is especially lovely on blonde hair, with loose curls creating a feminine and gentle look.

15. Textured Chignon

Classic, yet modern: a chignon adorned with a pretty hair accessory brings out the best in short hair and gives it a unique charm.

16. Cute Bridal Chignon

Subtle highlights on your short hair will look wonderful with this cute bridal chignon. With color tones like these running through the hair, even the simplest updo looks classy.

17. Boho Half-Updo

This hairstyle is for all the brides who don’t want conventional hair for their wedding. It looks soft, doesn’t secure the hair too tightly, and has a loving and charming vibe. At the same time, it still has a touch of elegance, since a half-up hairstyle is a widely recognized romantic look.

18. Romantic Textured Updo

The more texture the better! This beautiful updo makes your hair look voluminous. With a hair color like this, a decorative accessory is the final touch you need to glow like a real-life princess on your wedding day.

19. Pixie Updo

Is there anything you can do to give your pixie cut a bridal vibe? Of course there is! Get the fringe off your face with simple bobby pins. It’s a basic change, but it’s just enough to make your pixie look offbeat.

20. Messy Knot

In case you prefer a more relaxed look rather than a typical sleek bun, try out this messy knot. It strikes a perfect balance of polished and unpolished in an updo, creating a lovely bridal appearance.

21. Low Bun With Side Braid

No matter how small a low bun may look on your short hair, a classic side braid will level up this updo and make you look sophisticated.

22. Classy Updo On Short Bob

The art of transforming a short bob into a classy bridal updo. The hair accessory with sparkling crystals makes the ideal addition to this elegant hairstyle.

23. Braided Crown

This crown updo certainly isn’t a bridal look you see everyday, especially not on short hair. It proves how a simple braid makes all the difference. Short hair doesn’t have to be uniform and boring: see how it’s actually quite easy to give it a totally new dimension!

24. Fake Braid On Pixie

Upgrade your everyday pixie cut to a bridal version with simple flat iron waves. Since your hair is so short, you don’t actually have to braid it – just take strands from each side and cross them over. Decorate it with a nice pin to finish up your clean and soft wedding look.