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Top 20 Beads In Hair Ideas That Are Too Good To Pass Up

Top 20 Beads In Hair Ideas That Are Too Good To Pass Up

Beads are our favorite hair accessories because they make even the simplest hairstyles look more stylish and personalized. Depending on your style, you can add beads in different shapes and sizes to transform your hairstyle into the coolest work of art. That being said, here are the top beads in hair ideas you can’t afford to miss this year!

1. Half-Up Short Curly Ponytail With Beads

Curly hair has a beautiful texture that can easily hold beads of different sizes and shapes. Whether you have long or short curly hair, styling it into a half-up ponytail and decorating it with beads will elevate your curly hair game.

2. French Braid With String Ceramic Beads

French braid with string ceramic beads is a real game-changer! String ceramic beads are a practical solution for those who don’t have time (or nerves) to attach plenty of beads to their hairstyle separately. You can easily twist string ceramic beads around your braid, bun, or other hairstyle within seconds.

3. Cornrow Braids With Massive Beads

Cornrows are a popular protective style where your hair is braided as close to the scalp as possible. The easiest way to spice up your cornrow braids is by adding massive beads in one or different colors depending on your mood and style.

4. Ultra Mini Braid With Beads For Straight Hair

Who said that those with straight hair can’t wear beads? This cute mini braid with stylish beads on a straight hairstyle proves that hair texture doesn’t matter when it comes to bead hair accessories.

5. Twist Braids With Beads And Petal Space Buns

Hello, cool gal! Twist braids with beads and petal space buns is a unique style reserved for those who dare to be bold. Besides, this cool hairstyle is a godsend for summer when you don’t want your hair near your face.

6. Tribal Updo With Beads

If you’re looking for a unique tribal updo idea like this one, don’t forget to spice up your hairstyle with traditional beadwork or regular beads. From glass to wood beads, there are plenty of breathtaking bead hair accessories to match your hairstyle.

7. Tribal Braids With Transparent Golden Beads

Tribal braids feature unique, sophisticated braiding starting at the forehead. Now is the right time to take your tribal braids to the next level by adding golden and transparent beads that will leave everyone speechless.

8. Red Black Braids With Transparent Beads

Red black braids with transparent beads is a cool hairstyle perfect for any occasion and outfit. Transparent beads are a popular choice because they can be paired with any other color and you can see your beautiful braids through them.

9. High Ponytail With Beaded Micro Braids For Little Girls

A special hairstyle for little girls who want to feel like princesses: a high ponytail with beaded micro braids. Decorating mini Dutch braids, French braids, or other stylish braids has never been more fun with these sweet beads in purple, blue, and other cute colors.

10. Peekaboo Locs With Wood Beads And Embroidery Threads

You’re probably familiar with peekaboo hair color where color is applied only to bottom layers of your hair. But you probably didn’t know that you can also rock peekaboo locs where the locs are formed only on the bottom layer of your hair. Now that you know, here’s another great tip: decorate your beautiful locs with wood beads and embroidery threads for a personalized, boho look.

11. Knotless Stitch Braids With Beads

Knotless stitch braids with beads can be at the same time an elegant, effortless, and sophisticated hairstyle depending on the type of beads you choose. Yup, this hair accessory is that powerful, so choose wisely!

12. Red Copper Curls With Braids And Beads

I’ll just say (read: type) WOW! Red copper curls with braids and beads style is reserved for those who want to embrace a boho look and create a unique style that resonates with their personality. Are you one of those people?

13. Half-Up Braided Space Buns With Beads

Half-up braided space buns with beads is a protective, braided hairstyle with lots of personality primarily thanks to the addition of beads. This beautiful hairstyle is suitable for every occasion and you can rest assured your hair will stay in place all day.

14. Cornrows With Beaded Braids And Curly Weave

Half cornrows, half curly weave is a trending hairstyle you shouldn’t miss this year! Adding beads to your braids will make this super cool style even more mesmerizing and help you become the coolest gal on the block.

15. Fulani Braids With Beads

Cornrows in the front with box braids in the back is a typical Fulani braided hairstyle that is a popular choice, especially during summer. Decorating your Fulani braids with beads is a surefire way to make a big statement and earn compliments.

16. Bubble Braids With Beads

Bubble braids on 4B or 4C hair decorated with beads is a super stylish hairstyle you shouldn’t miss this year. Of course, this hairstyle looks amazing on other hair types as well.

17. Braids With Pink Beads

If pink is your color, I have a cool idea for you: decorate your box braids with pink beads to create a stylish, protective hairstyle that will turn heads. Styling your box braids with beads into a half-up is another brilliant idea for a cool look.

18. Braided Fountain Ponytail With Transparent Beads

I always say that a braided fountain ponytail hairstyle is the fountain of youthfulness, and beads add a special charm to this magnificent style. Transparent beads, beads in color, or both? The choice is yours.

19. Braided Bun With String Ceramic Beads

Decorate your braided bun with string ceramic beads for a stylish, chic look. The best is that string ceramic beads are easy to attach and you can wear them with various hairstyles from braids to buns and even as a hair vine.

20. Boho Locs With Braids And Beads

Boho lovers can rock this stunning locs with braids and beads style that is anything but ordinary. Decorate your locs with braids, beads, and embroidery threads in contrasting colors, and get ready to make a big statement this year!