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Layered Locs Are The Most Dominant Long Term Protective Style In 2024

Layered Locs Are The Most Dominant Long Term Protective Style In 2024

Also known as dreadlocks or dreads, locs are a hairstyle in which the hair is washed (but not combed) and twisted while wet into tight braids or ringlets. Now, layered locs are a more textured and voluminous version of locs. One thing is for sure: With layered locs, you can have a unique, natural-looking style every day!

1. Two-Strand Twist Layered Locs

Layered locs with two-strand twists can help retain more length and make your locs look thicker. This layered hairstyle is best for those with longer or extra textured hair. To make your locs look even more textured, try out ombre in burgundy or any other color depending on your base color.

2. Accessorized Blonde Ombre Locs With Pointy Tips

Seldom hairstyles are as breathtaking as accessorized dreadlocks. You can use beads, rings, cuffs, and other hair jewelry suitable for both layered braids and locs. Pro tip: To enhance the texture of your dreadlocks, use elastic braiding cords in contrasting colors.

3. Short Layered Locs

Short layered hair with locs is a super cool hairstyle that has plenty of volume and texture. If you’re not a fan of hair jewelry, you can always use a silky scarf to boost your sassy, badassy vibes.

4. Half-Up Twist Layered Locs Hairstyle

Layered locs don’t only create the illusion of extra long layered hair, but also take away a lot of weight and make your hairstyle look less bulky. Besides that, layered locs look great in all half-up hairstyles including a half-up twist hairdo.

5. Layered Goddess Locs With Curls

If you have thin hair, dreadlocks can make your hair appear even thinner. Here’s a solution for that: Combine locs with curls for more volume and texture. After all, it would be a shame not to show off your beautiful curly mane.

6. Blonde Ombre Layered Locs

If you want a natural-looking hairstyle that also enhances your locs, blonde ombre is what you’re looking for. If you have darker hair, a blonde ombre will create a beautiful contrast with a sun-kissed effect perfect for summer days.

7. Waist-Length Layered Locs

If you opt for waist-length layered locs, remember to moisturize your locks and your scalp with lightweight water-based products. Locs that lack moisture can quickly dry and break which is something you would want to avoid.

8. Half-Up Copper Orange Locs

Layered locs with loose wispy ends are reserved for the absolute queens of dreadlocks! An intense shade like copper orange and hair jewelry will transform your locs into a unique, personalized piece of art. Period.

9. Ultra Long Layered Locs

If you have short hair, you can always add hair extensions to create ultra-long layered locs. One thing is for sure. This stunning hairstyle will earn you lots of compliments. Who can say no to compliments, right?

10. Platinum Blonde Ombre Layered Locs

Platinum blonde ombre layered locs with beautiful tails are a great choice of hairstyle if you’re just starting your dread journey. Don’t forget to spice up your beautiful locs with hair jewelry for a more personalized look.

11. Layered Locs Bob Haircut

A bob haircut and layered locs are a match made in heaven. This hairstyle has it all: wonderful texture, plenty of volume, and movement. If you’re a fan of shorter locs, then you can’t afford to miss this trending hairstyle!

12. No Part Layered Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are a type of faux locs made with the crotchet method. Here’s how: wavy hair is looped into a braid using a crotchet needle and then loosely wrapped to create a distressed, undone look. Butterfly locs are, undoubtedly, one of the most inspiring braided hairstyles.

13. Layered Island Locs With Curly Ends

Layered island locs are playful, light, and stylish with a soft, distressed look. Curly ends will give your locks a more voluminous, unique appearance. More good news: If properly maintained, your beautiful locs can last indefinitely.

14. Layered Bob Distressed Locs

The biggest difference between butterfly and distressed locs is that the butterfly locs have curly loops which is their trademark. Now, distressed locs are natural-looking faux locs with lots of texture and volume.

15. Extra Layered Locs With Curls

Extra layered locs with curls are for those who want to achieve the effect of fuller and more voluminous hair. Whether you choose a deep side part, no part, or a middle part, this hairstyle will look equally breathtaking.