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22 Fabulous Cornrows Ideas For A Stylish Protective Look

22 Fabulous Cornrows Ideas For A Stylish Protective Look

Cornrows offer a fantastic protective style for your natural hair. Also, they’re pretty much low-maintenance, meaning that they usually last two to six weeks. Plus, they are versatile and stylish, offering a range of looks to choose from. Check out 22 of them we chose as the coolest ones!

1. Butterfly Cornrows

Unique and trendy, but still kind of casual, these butterfly cornrows are a great way to keep your hair looking great every day without spending much time on styling!

2. Cornrows With Beads In Color

Cornrows are an interesting and pretty hairstyle on their own, but you can make them even more fun by adding colorful beads to the ends.

3. Cornrows Into A High Bun

A high bun is one of those hair updos that works so well for all occasions, from casual to glam ones. This style becomes even more charming with cool cornrows.

4. Classic Men Cornrows

It would be a shame for men to miss out on this trendy hairstyle, as cornrows look just as good on them as they do on women!

5. Cornrows With Face-Framing Curls

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next hair salon visit, this is a nice idea to try out. Ask for classic cornrows, leaving two face-framing curls on each side. It’s simple, neat, and lovely!

6. Twin Cornrows

While cornrows are usually considered as a rather casual style, they can also be transformed into a formal updo. These twin cornrows are a great example of how to achieve this elegant look.

7. Cornrows Into A Low Bun

A timeless low bun is another creative way to wear your cornrows.

8. Straight-Back Cornrows

Straight-back is a great way to wear this protective style. Basically, this style involves braids that go straight from the hairline to the nape of the neck, then continue down the back. It’s classic and simple, but leaves you with plenty of possibilities for styling your cornrows.

9. Cornrows X Bun X Mohawk

Here we have a style that combines cornrows with a bun and a mohawk. The mohawk is a hairstyle recognized for a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. It’s a statement on its own, but, when combined with cornrows, it reaches a whole new level of style and creativity.

10. Cornrows On Short Hair

Cornrows aren’t only made for long hair, but also make a fantastic refreshment for your short haircut.

11. Heart-Shaped Cornrows

Cornrows shaped into a heart are a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any other day when you’re feeling happy and in love!

12. Cornrows Into Pigtails

Check out how adorable these braided pigtails are! While this style is often linked to children, there’s no reason you can’t have fun with your cornrows, even as an adult!

13. Zigzag Cornrows

Another really cool way to braid your cornrows is the zigzag technique, offering a neat, powerful, and downright badass look!

14. Cornrows Into High Ponytail

The high ponytail is another timeless style that suits any occasion. It’s a sleek hairstyle that never goes out of fashion and pairs perfectly with cornrows.

15. Cornrows Into Bantu Knot Crown

This can easily be the coolest and slightly edgy way to wear your cornrows. The Bantu knots refer to a style where the hair is sectioned off, twisted, and wrapped in a spiral knot.

16. Alicia Keys Cornrows

Alicia Keys is widely recognized for her trendy protective styles. We love all her hairstyles, and we’re especially crazy about her cornrows!

17. Cornrows With Two-Strand Twist

Twisting two sections of hair around one another from the root to the ends is a chic way to rock your cornrows.

18. Cornrows X Fluffy Braids

There’s simply no style that doesn’t go well with cornrows! These fluffy braids are no exception, and they make cornrows even more appealing.

19. Red Cornrows On Dark Hair

If you’re up for some color, consider mixing up red and black hues in your stylish cornrows!

20. Cornrows With An Undercut

An undercut hairstyle for men is always trendy. If you really want to stand out from the rest, spice it up additionally with cornrows!

21. Cornrows Into Space Buns

The styling possibilities with cornrows are endless, and space buns are one of the most creative options for a youthful look.

22. Fishbone Cornrows With A Curvy Parting

Ask for a fishbone cornrows with a curvy parting to get a really unique style that will earn you some serious compliments.