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18 Big Braids Hairstyles You’ll Fall In Love With This Year

18 Big Braids Hairstyles You’ll Fall In Love With This Year

Regular braids are the classic protective style, but sometimes you want more drama. That’s where big braids come in—larger, thicker and totally unapologetic, they’re perfect when you want all eyes on you.

They are low-maintenance and quicker to install, but what makes them truly irresistible is their versatility. Experiment with fun colors, mix and match different shapes and lengths to create your perfect big braids hairstyle.

The examples we’ve rounded up might be just the inspiration you need.

1. Big Braids With Beads


Knotless braids are lightweight and pull on the roots less, so they’re painless and easy to wear. Customize them with beads that match their color and fit your style and you’ll have the perfect accessory for any outfit.

2. Braids Half Updo


Need a quick hairstyle? Gather half of your braids into a half-updo and you’ll have a look that works for any special occasion.

3. Big Goddess Braids


Big braids make it easy to express yourself. Here, pairing them with loose curls at the ends creates a look that’s a perfect mix of strength and softness.

4. Big Braids With Curls


Up for a super cute retro look? Leave two face-framing braids out when you tie them back into a ponytail to frame your face.

5. Big Braids In A Bun


Large braids in a bun at the top of the head have a traditional and elegant vibe, but the hot pink color transforms the look into it-girl hotness.

6. Goddess Bohemian Braids


This gorgeous style was created by mixing pre-stretched braiding hair and curls, creating a dreamy effortless look.

7. Half-Up Big Box Braids


Wearing your braids half up is practical and gives you a completely different look. Don’t pull them up too tightly, though: to keep your braids healthy, opt for loose styles that don’t strain your scalp.

8. Big Braids In Low Bun


With braids gathered into a low bun at the nape of the neck, this braided hairstyle gives the stunning design and the beautiful edges a chance to shine.

9. Big Braids With Accessories


These large braids are stunning on their own, but the golden cuffs really make them pop. Pair with golden jewelry for extra glam.

10. Large Knotless Braids With Clips


The cute and romantic French curl braids—braids that that release into bouncy curls—are the perfect match for these butterfly clips.

11. Bob Space Buns


If you prefer shorter hair but still like to play around with hairstyles, bob-length braids are the where it’s at. Need inspo? Here’s a fun look you can create.

12. Big Box Braids

Braids this long and thick must be heavy, right? Not if they’re knotless. This glam look won’t give you a headache.

13. Large Twists With Undercut


These are not your mama’s braids! Edgy and modern large, lime green twists stand out even more when paired with an undercut.

14. Box Braids With Curls


Tapering from chunky roots to more skinny ends, these waist-length braids make it easy to toss them over the shoulder and serve.

15. Big Braids In Half-Up Bun


Gather your big braids into a bun for a quick transformation. Leave a few braids loose around your face for a flattering frame.

16. Big Braid Pigtails


With a middle part, you have lots of styling options: for example, tie your braids into pigtails to create a cool Y2K aesthetic look.

17. Large Knotless Braids With Accessories


Beaded braids are not a new trend—this look dates back centuries, and yet it’s always fresh and stylish. To avoid hair damage, go for lightweight accessories made of materials like glass or plastic.

18. Big Stitch Braids


Big braids are thicker and larger compared to regular-sized braids, so they might feel heavier. All-back stitch braids are more lightweight and won’t feel heavy on your head.