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25 Braided Ponytails You Need To Add To Your Inspo Board

25 Braided Ponytails You Need To Add To Your Inspo Board

Braids keep your locks healthy and give you lots of styling possibilities. And what’s everyone’s favorite updo? The good old ponytail.

Combining these two style powerhouses brings nothing short of majestic results. Tailored for textured hair, these braided ponytails are the inspo you need to find your style, so go ahead and pin all the pics.

1. Criss-Cross Braids Ponytail


A braids/pony combo look is the best of both worlds: functional and beautiful! Take this criss-cross braided ponytail, for example. The intersecting knots secure the hair, but they’re also giving cool street style vibes.

2. Soft Locs Barbie Ponytail


Here’s a modern mashup of two classic looks: soft locs in a high ponytail. The soft locs bring a chill, effortless feel that contrasts with a structured high pony.

3. Feed-In Cornrows Ponytail


This fierce look radiates regal confidence—it’s sleek, it’s elegant, and it keeps your natural locks safe. The feed-ins? Seamless perfection. And those delicate curlicue edges? They’re a hint of your hidden soft side.

4. Butterfly Pineapple Braid


Are you a creative soul who craves whimsy? This is the look for you. It’s a fun style that will keep your hair protected and look cute doing it—there’s no need to settle for anything less.

5. Mermaid Braids Half-Up Ponytail


When you combine on-point elements, you’re creating something that’s not just stylish but one of a kind. This mix of micro braids, loose strands and a half-up half-down pony is giving dreamy, it’s giving mermaid, it’s giving ethereal—it’s giving you.

6. Side Braid High Ponytail


Fashion girlies love a look that can go from day to night, and here’s the perfect hairstyle to pair with your snazziest multifunction outfit. You’ll be slaying at the office and owning the night out with this side braid high ponytail.

7. Front Braid Ponytail


Bold and glamorous, this intricate front braiding paired with a glorious ponytail weave is absolutely a look. It’s especially flattering if you’ve got an oval or a heart-shaped face.

8. Half-Up Braided Ponytail


This easygoing half-up braided ponytail is pretty and bouncy. The tiny braids and curly tips offset the edgy high half pony and make this cute ponytail completely adorable.

9. Feed-In Braids Ponytail


The feed-ins are seamless, the pony is flawless, the vibe is stun-ning. This look is perfectly balanced, becoming the the definition of polished and powerful.

10. Braid Ponytail With Curly Tip


Goddess braids meet streetwear cool. This one is for the bold beauties who are not here to play. With all this hair and all this fabulosity, they can’t handle you.

11. Jumbo Butterfly Braid


When your weave is long and thick, braiding it will give you gorgeous and powerful look.

12. Low Braided Ponytail


I see you feeling yourself, girl! Make that ponytail tell your story. This ultra-long low braided ponytail is it, but it’s these beautiful edges that really make the look pop.

13. Fulani Braided Ponytail With Beads


Fulani braids are a traditional style that’s always popular. The red strands and the sleek metal accessories are an update to the look keeping things fresh.

14. Medium Knotless Box Braids Updo


Knotless box braids are forever cool and practical, but you know what’s even better? Remixing the classics with your own vibe to give them an extra edge. These colorful feed-ins and a high pony are an upgrade that makes a timeless look more personal.

15. Tree Braids Ponytail


Tree braids are a versatile style that manages to be sweet and easygoing, but there’s something otherworldly about it at the same time. When you’re ready for your majestic era, start here.

16. Feed-In Lemonade Braids Ponytail


Show some serious confidence and the bold spirit with this iconic lemonade braids look! The braiding is impeccable, the pony is luxurious and all you need now is an outfit that can keep up with your hairstyle.

17. Double Braided Pigtails


Pigtails usually have an innocence about them, but these the thick double braids? They’re giving a fierce look that’s all about attitude and individuality.

18. Front Braid With Braided Ponytail


This combo, featuring a horizontal front braid paired with a thick braided pony is a serious upgrade to an everyday look.

19. Small Feed-In Braids Ponytail

This edgy modern look combines fine braids with intricate patterns and a pop of color. It’s a daring and bold, but here’s the deal—you have to own it.

20. Stitch Shuku Braids Updo


Traditional, but make it fashion. This sophisticated stitch Shuku braids ponytail combines traditional influences with modern elements and the result is a visually stunning and rich look.

21. Two Braided Ponytails


Combining tiny braids and two playful ponytails, this look is serving undeniable cuteness. It’s the go-to if you’re all about leaving an adorable impression, you cutie!

22. Soft Locs High Ponytail


The nostalgia is there, but the look is fresh: highlight your soft locs by wearing it in a high ponytail that screams retro ’90s vibes. Leave out a couple of front pieces to frame your face.

23. Rapunzel Ponytail With Front Braid


Have your fairytale moment with the ultra-long Rapunzel braided pony—and if that isn’t magical enough, throw in a whimsical front braid really to really drive the point home: you’re a princess.

24. Fishbone Braided Ponytail


How to upgrade an already magnificent ponytail? Braid it! This incredible fishbone braid is a showstopper.

25. Platinum Feed-In Braids

Platinum gives these sleek braids a low-key glam look. You can wear it casual or play it up and turn up the volume.