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24 Trending Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape

24 Trending Hairstyles For Oval Face Shape

If your face is longer than it’s wide, your chin and hairline are curved and your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, congratulations—you have an oval face shape.

When it comes to beauty, all face shapes are created equal, but when it comes to versatility, you win. Oval faces are balanced and work with almost any style, so if you like it, you can wear it. Still, there are some extra flattering looks for you to consider, and we’ve got them right here.

Here are the trending short, medium and long hairstyles for oval face shape as well as some hard-to-wear elements only you can pull off.

1. Cropped Pixie


No one can wear a short crop as well as someone with an oval face shape. This dramatic cut emphasizes the balanced structure of your face, letting your features take center stage.

2. Super Pixie


Super stands for supermodel, because this flowing pixie is a callback to the haircut many of the iconic models used to sport back in the ’90s. As short as it is, it’s surprisingly versatile and can be styled in multiple ways.

3. Baby Wolf Cut


The wolf cut has moved from a cutting-edge trend to a staple, thanks to how wearable and flattering it is. This short version requires no styling if it’s cut to complement your hair texture, so it’s the ultimate effortless look.

4. Hydro Bob


The hydro bob is the latest celebrity trend taking the red carpet by storm: a short, crisp bob styled to have soft wet look. You can go the styling product route to create this look, or you can achieve the dewy strands by applying a hair mask and leaving it in your hair instead of washing it out.

5. French Bob


The classic of classics, the French bob is made for your gorgeous oval face and perfect if you’re looking for a chic signature style. While it might need some tweaks to perfectly suit other face shapes, you can wear it however you like.

6. Middle Part Blunt Bob


A blunt-cut bob with no face framing that soften the features can be less than flattering, but you won’t have any problems making it work.

7. Textured Lob

One of the most popular haircuts of the past decade, the textured lob is here to stay: you can count on it to remain trendy for the foreseeable future.

8. Skinny Lob


One of the coolest haircuts right now is the skinny lob. Also known as the stretched lob, this look is soft and elongated—as long as a bob can go before it becomes long hair. For an oval face shape, adding face-framing layers will make it even more flattering.

9. Curly Cut


How do you achieve curls like these? Through dry-cutting, one curl at a time. This technique is the secret to defined curls and a beautiful shape.

10. Soft Shag


Actually, you don’t need an oval face shape for this haircut to look gorgeous—a soft shag is nearly universally flattering—but that’s no reason to leave it out of this list.

11. Face-Framing Curls


Need curl definition and want to play with the shape of your haircut? Layered curly hair with face framing is the key to vibrant and lively locks.

12. Choppy Layers


Choppy layers add texture to the hair, so any haircut that features them is a good choice if you want to make your hair look fuller. They suit wavy hair especially well.

13. Blunt Cut


Blunt haircuts can weigh the hair down and make it look blocky. The solution? Add some beach waves to give your hair movement.

14. Layered Cut


Experiment with the super-trendy layered styles like the butterfly haircut, ’90s layers or the hush cut to find the one that fits your aesthetic.

15. Ultra Long Hair

Extra long hair is both difficult to wear, which isn’t a problem for you, and to maintain, which you’ll have to deal with—but it’s not impossible with a proper haircare routine and lots of TLC.

16. Wavy Layers


When in doubt, get wavy layered hair. With or without bangs, this is everyone’s go-to hairstyle for a reason: it’s wearable, flattering and low-maintenance.

17. Big Hair


Beyoncé brought back big Texas hair, and we’re here for it. You’ll need hot rollers and plenty of hairspray, and to get your hair higher than you thought possible, add a volumizing product.

18. Long And Straight


Long, straight hair elongates the face, so to preserve the balanced look of your oval face, add any type of bangs to your haircut to counteract this effect.

19. Low Bun


A sleek low bun is a bare bones hairstyle that brings all the features into the spotlight, but your oval face shape will make this hairstyle look classically elegant and timeless instead of severe.

20. Long Bangs


Long bangs are back, baby! You can wear them sleek for a retro Y2K look or wavy if you’re going for a romantic vibe.

21. Side Ponytail


When you want to tie your hair back but still show off your gorgeous tresses, look no further than the side ponytail. It’s the most laid-back way to embrace full glam.

22. Long Layers


The trending long layers are the best way to remove weight from your hair while maintaining the length, so if you want to lighten your hair, this is the way to go.

23. Blunt Bangs


Who can wear blunt bangs? While they can be too harsh for some face shapes, they won’t be a problem for you. Carefully select the length you go for to make sure they look good.

24. Curly Bangs


Curly bangs are just as tricky as blunt bangs, and require a skilled professional to fall just right. With bangs, it’s even more crucial to cut the hair dry and approach each curl as it falls naturally to avoid any disasters.