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Bookmark These 25 Black Hair With Money Piece Ideas Set To Dominate This Season

Bookmark These 25 Black Hair With Money Piece Ideas Set To Dominate This Season

Back in the ’90s, every single cool hairstyle included a money piece. If you wanted to look fire, you just had to have it. Well, the black hair with money piece trend is back and it doesn’t plan on going anywhere, so you better hop right on it.

1. ’90s Chunky Money Piece On Medium-Length Hair

Let’s start with the heavy artillery right away. This is the ultimate money-piece hairstyle that includes chunky 90s-inspired highlights that create a contrasting difference with the color of your hair. How dope is this?

2. Ashy Blonde Money Piece

Ashy blonde money piece is here to refresh your hairstyle and to save you from the dullness of having all-black hair all the time. And by the looks of it, it’s doing a pretty good job.

3. Blonde Money Piece And Red Color Block

A blonde money piece is not enough for your black hair? Worry not. All you have to do is add a red color block to it and you’ll end up with a unique style everyone will ask you about.

4. Velvet Red Money Piece

You already know that velvet red hair color goes extremely well with black shade, so why not put that knowledge to good use? Check out this badass combo.

5. Neon Green Money Piece

I’ll be blunt with you: neon green money piece on black hair is not for everyone It’s an eye-catching look designed for funky girls who love expressing their individuality only.

6. Light Blue Money Piece On Long Bob

Speaking of eye-catching looks, this light blue money piece on a long wavy bob cut has a personality of its own. It’s an awesome way to bring some freshness to your boring look.

7. Caramel Money Piece

On the other hand, the caramel money piece on black hair gives off a more elegant, and classy vibe. If you want to make your hair more interesting but aren’t ready to push your boundaries just yet, this is the style you’ve been looking for.

8. Blonde Money Piece On Jet-Black Hair

You know what’s the beauty of a blonde money piece on jet-black hair? Let’s face it, it’s one of the most basic looks out there. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it any less remarkable and timeless.

9. Intense Yellow Money Piece

If you choose an intense yellow money-piece, you’ll be noticed wherever you appear. Will the color wash out pretty soon? Sadly yes. Will it be the end of the world? Of course not.

10. Orange Money Piece And Peek-A-Boo

The same goes for the orange money piece on black hair. This shade is beautiful when your locks are freshly dyed. However, the awful truth is that it tends to wash out in a not-so-attractive hue, which means that you’re required to do regular touch-ups if you end up choosing this hair color.

11. White Bangs Money Piece On Black Hair

Are your grays starting to show underneath that beautiful black hair? The good news is that I have an awesome solution for you: a white bangs money piece. This way, even if your roots are gray, they’ll blend perfectly with your style.

12. Pink Money Piece

A pink money piece should be your number one choice if you’re adventurous, fun, and spontaneous. It might not be the most professional look but it sure is attractive and captivating.

13. Subtle Money Piece

But if you do look for something that will preserve your respectable look, a subtle money piece is the thing for you. Instead of choosing vivid, funky colors, play it safe, and go with blonde.

14. Aqua Blue Ombre With Blue Money Piece

Aqua blue ombre and blue money piece paired with black hair sound pretty exotic and daring in theory. Well, the good news is that this awesome combination looks even better in practice.

15. Neon Pink Money Piece

The neon pink money piece will give you a gentle, girly look. Be honest, it’s your wildest childhood dreams come true and this is your chance to please that little girl trapped inside you who always wanted this hairstyle.

16. Soft Pastel Split Money Piece

I’m warning you: you need a skilled hair colorist to pull off a soft pastel split money piece. If you already have one, just show them this inspo pic and enjoy your new, funky hairstyle.

17. Big Chop And Money Piece Transformation

Just look at these two photos and check out the marvelous transformation this girl has been through. What a refreshment! Yes, the chop has many credits, but come one, the money piece is also to blame for this awesome look.

18. Violet Money Piece

If you’re brave enough to pull off a violet money piece, please don’t stop at one shade of this magnificent color. Instead, ask your hair colorist to combine different hues of purple and to blend them all together with your black hair.

19. Cherry Money Piece On Bob Cut

The money piece style is not reserved for long hair only. In fact, sometimes, it even looks better on shorter cuts. This cherry money piece on a bob cut is living proof of that.

20. Cowboy Copper Money Piece

You can’t turn around without stumbling on cowboy copper hair color. And I get it, you want to join the trend but you don’t want to give up your black hair either. Well, who says you have to? Cowboy copper money piece on black hair is the solution you’ve been looking for.

21. One-Side Money Piece

I bet you’ve never heard of a one-sided money piece. Well, now you have. And I know that, once you see this inspo pic, you won’t wish for a different hairstyle ever again.

22. Dark Green Money Piece

If you have green, brown, or hazel eyes, I strongly recommend getting a dark green money piece on your hair. It will make the color of your eyes pop and it will update your entire look.

23. Tropical Blue Money Piece

The tropical blue money piece looks the best on girls with fair complexion and a cool skin undertone, especially if you have blue or green eyes. Combined with your black base, it will accentuate all of your gorgeous facial features.

24. Platinum Blonde One-Side Money Piece

I guess we’re not done with one-sided money pieces. And how could we be when they look this good? Platinum blonde and black base are always an impressive contrast.

25. Rainbow Money Piece And Balayage On Black Hair

Do you really want to have a hairstyle nobody has ever seen before? Call your hair colorist as soon as possible and just show them this inspo pic.