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60 Stunning Cowboy Copper Hair Inspo Pics

60 Stunning Cowboy Copper Hair Inspo Pics

As much as you try, you can’t escape the viral cowboy copper hair trend. It’s all over TikTok, and your favorite celebrities are rocking it on the red carpet. What does this tell you? That it’s about time you hop on this trend and pick the right hue for yourself.

1. Cowboy Copper Transformation

Let’s pull out the big guns right from the start! Check out this transformation and you’ll be immediately convinced to go cowboy copper.

2. Cowboy Copper Balayage On Dark Hair

Balayage is the most popular coloring technique for a reason. I mean, just look at the beauty it brings to your hair.

3. Deep Cowboy Copper

Here’s a pro tip: if you have a cool skin undertone and a brighter complexion and want deep cowboy copper hair, make sure to get more dramatic eye makeup.

4. Lived-In Cowboy Copper

A good thing about a lived-in cowboy copper is that it allows your base color to grow out naturally and gives you a chance to repair your damaged hair while looking flawless.

5. Ginger Cowboy Copper

This hair color is a bit darker than the classic ginger but it’s equally beautiful. It looks amazing on girls with lighter eye colors.

6. Cowboy Copper Medium Length Hair

If you want to update your medium-length hairstyle, here is the best way to do it: dye it cowboy copper.

7. Ashy Cowboy Copper

Ashy cowboy copper is the newest color that’s becoming more and more popular in the hair industry. And when you see this inspo pic, you see why.

8. Light Cowboy Copper

The thing about cowboy copper is that it’s not just one shade. In fact, it offers a ton of diversity, such as this lighter version of the color.

9. Dark Cowboy Copper

Speaking of diversity, this dark cowboy copper hair is an excellent example of it. But be aware of this: the darker the color, the faster it washes out.

10. Strawberry Blonde Cowboy Copper

What are the trendiest hair colors at the time? Cowboy copper and strawberry blonde, that’s right. Well now, you can have a combination of both.

11. Mahogany Cowboy Copper

Mahogany is one of the richest shades of red hair color out there. But there is a way to make it even better: by adding cowboy copper to the equation.

12. Cowboy Copper With Blonde Babylights

Do blonde babylights make every hairstyle better? Absolutely yes! And here’s a great example of that.

13. Cowboy Copper With Money Piece

This would have been a classic cowboy copper if it weren’t for this gorgeous lighter money piece that will frame your face and make the hairdo a hundred times better.

14. Different Shades Of Light Cowboy Copper

I know what you must be wondering: How come this hairstyle looks so natural? Well, the trick is in different shades of cowboy copper that blend with each other perfectly.

15. Auburn Cowboy Copper

Did someone say Auburn red? If you’re a fan of this hair color, I present you an updated version: auburn cowboy copper.

16. Cowboy Copper Fall Hair

We can’t talk about fall hair color trends without including this astonishing shade of cowboy copper, combined with beautiful curls.

17. Cowboy Red Copper Balayage

I’ll be honest: a lot is going on in this hairstyle. But at the end, you get a flattering result, perfect for the upcoming season.

18. Gold Cowboy Copper

Gold cowboy copper is another hair color that whispers quite luxury. It will make you look more elegant than ever.

19. Subtle Cowboy Copper Balayage

Cowboy copper is quite subtle here, isn’t it? But don’t worry, the important thing is that it does the trick and I promise you it will be noticeable.

20. Dimensional Cowboy Copper

If you have thin or fine hair, you need a color that will make it visually thicker. And that usually means adding dimension to your shade.

21. Warm Cowboy Copper

Here’s a perfect example of how the right hair color tone that matches your skin undertone and complexion can transform your entire image.

22. Low-Maintenance Cowboy Copper

You don’t have the time or the energy to invest in your hair but you still want to look your best? This one is for you!

23. Mini Bob Cowboy Copper

If you really need a change, cut your long tresses, ask your hairdresser for a mini bob with bangs and at the end, dye your hair cowboy copper.

24. Cowboy Copper Highlights On Dark Hair

Dark brown or even black hair is a great base for different experiments. But the most beautiful topping are definitely cowboy copper highlights.

25. Chocolate Cowboy Copper

Chocolate cowboy copper doesn’t only sound tasty; it looks even better. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

26. Classic Cowboy Copper Bob Cut

This is a pretty classic haircut: a bob cut; combined with a typical cowboy copper. But why change something so perfect?

27. Cowboy Copper With Face-Framing Highlights

You don’t even notice these face-framing highlights at first sight, do you? But the trick is that they lighten your whole face up.

28. Cowboy Copper Hair With Bangs

If you have a warm skin undertone, a cowboy copper with bangs will look flattering on you since the bangs will match your skin perfectly.

29. Wavy Cowboy Copper Bob Cut

Cowboy copper bob cut is a great way to express your unique side while looking stunning at all times. Also, this hairstyle will help you repair your damaged tresses.

30. Ultra Light Cowboy Copper

If light cowboy copper wasn’t enough for you, I present you the ultra-light version of the hair color. It looks great on women of all complexions.

31. Cowboy Copper With Curtain Bangs

One thing is for sure: curtain bangs level up every hairstyle in the world, especially if we’re talking about long cowboy copper hair.

32. Platinum Blonde With Cowboy Copper Underdye

Have you noticed that underdye is becoming more and more popular lately? If this is your thing, here’s the best combination of shades you’ll find.

33. Cowboy Copper Bob With Highlights And Lowlights

If you pair highlights and lowlights with the right hair color, this is the miracle result you get. This hair is especially flattering for thin-haired girls since it gives their locks dimension.

34. Fiery Cowboy Copper

One thing is for sure: fiery cowboy copper will skyrocket your self-confidence. And you’ll get much more suitors, as well.

35. Dark Cowboy Copper With Blonde Highlights

You’re already delighted with dark cowboy copper. However, dark cowboy copper with blonde highlights will knock you off your feet!

36. Cowboy Copper Balayage Ombre

Cowboy copper balayage ombre sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? Well, it looks even better!

37. Different Shades Of Intense Cowboy Copper

I’ll be honest with you: different shades of intense cowboy copper are not easy to maintain. But if you’ll end up looking like this, all the work sure is worth it.

38. Brownish Cowboy Copper

If you’re a brunette at heart but want a change, brownish cowboy copper should be your top pick. You can thank me later.

39. Cowboy Copper With Lighter Balayage

There is only one word to describe this cowboy copper with lighter balayage: breathtaking. I promise you that you’ll fall in love with this look at first sight.

40. Reddish Cowboy Copper

But what if you don’t want to give up your red hair? In that case, go for this stunning reddish cowboy copper.

41. Soft Cowboy Copper

Soft cowboy copper is for all the gentle, romantic girls out there who want an appealing hairstyle that won’t require so much trouble.

42. Blended Cowboy Copper On Black Hair

Can you pull off a cowboy copper even if you have black base hair color? Absolutely yes. And the best part is that it will look fantastic.

43. Cowboy Copper With Blonde Money Piece

I guess money pieces are one of the biggest trends of the season. Trust me: you don’t want to feel left behind!

44. Strawberry Cowboy Copper

Strawberry cowboy copper is for all those fierce, confident women who enjoy drawing attention and knocking everyone off their feet with their looks.

45. Cowboy Copper With Copper And Blonde Highlights

The combination of copper and blonde highlights on cowboy copper hair is spot on! Show this inspo pic to your hair stylist and let the magic happen.

46. Cowboy Copper Brown Balayage On Short Hair

Short hair has never looked better, I can guarantee you that. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of short hairstyles or you’re waiting for your tresses to grow— this is the color for you!

47. Cowboy Copper Balayage On Long Bob

The long bob, popularly called, the lob is somewhere in between a bob and a medium hairstyle. Just as cowboy copper is somewhere in between red and brown.

48. Flaming Cowboy Copper Balayage

Are you ready to get everyone’s undivided attention? Because that’s exactly what this flaming cowboy copper balayage will bring you.

49. Cowboy Copper Curls

How amazing does cowboy copper hair color look on curly hair? Nobody will stay indifferent when it comes to this pairing.

50. Cowboy Copper Finger Coils

Are you a fan of finger coils? If the answer is yes, here’s a fun way to upgrade your hairstyle.

51. Brunette With Cowboy Copper And Red Highlights

Wow! Even though this combination of colors is high-maintenance, I can promise you one thing: you’ll have a unique hairstyle everyone wants to copy.

52. Cowboy Copper Pixie Cut With Green Color Blocking

Cowboy copper is too boring for you? No problem! Just add a green color blocking to your locks and get the party started.

53. Cowboy Copper With Straight Bangs

Add a touch of edginess to your long, straight, cowboy copper hair with these interesting bangs that will take your style to the whole new level.

54. Cowboy Copper Cascades

The best part about cascade hairstyles is that they’re incredibly easy to style. And adding cowboy copper color to it won’t make a big difference.

55. Orange Cowboy Copper

If you have a red hair pigment combined with a fair skin complexion, it looks like you’ve found an ideal hairstyle for yourself.

56. Cowboy Copper Mohawk Pixie Cut

Be brave enough to dye your eyebrows cowboy copper, so they could match your hair color. How crazy is that?

57. Cowboy Copper Mullet

No, mullet hasn’t been left in the ’80s. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular nowadays.

58. Honey Cowboy Copper Highlights

Honey cowboy copper looks amazing on women of all ages, skin tones, and complexions. So what’s stopping you from getting this hair color?

59. Cowboy Copper Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Stand out from the crowd with this cowboy copper asymmetrical pixie cut and amaze everyone around you.

60. Cowboy Copper Inverted Bob Cut

An inverted bob cut gives your hair the illusion of volume. All you have to do is pair it with a trending hair color such as cowboy copper and you’re good to go.