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These Two Ponytails With Weave Looks Will Have You Feeling Yourself

These Two Ponytails With Weave Looks Will Have You Feeling Yourself

What’s the point of having one ponytail when you can have two? These hairstyles are highly customizable: show off your personal style by experimenting with textures, colors and length, all without compromising the health of your natural hair.

Ranging from easy DIY quick weave ponytails to professionally done masterpieces, these cute and glam looks will convince you that two ponytails with weave are the style upgrade you’ve been looking for.

1. Two Blonde Ponytails With Weave


Heeey, diva with the sleek, bouncy warm blonde ponytails! To style your weave like this, use a flat iron—as you’re straightening your locks, turn your wrist inwards at the bottom to create the magical combo of silky-smooth strands and flirty curled ends.

2. Two Afro Puff Weave Ponytails


Show off your own texture (while adding volume and definition) by choosing a weave that matches your natural curl pattern. These fabulous afro puff ponytails look effortless, stylish and and cute af!

3. Half-Up Half-Down Weave Ponytails With Bangs


Let’s be real: your hair is your most important accessory. And if you’re drawn to dramatic styles like this one, you know that already. The vibrant magenta color is popping, the curtain bangs are giving you that face-frame and the half-up half-down weave ponytails? They are turning heads.

4. High Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Weave


This look is a perfect blend of cute and sophisticated. Smooth it down and keep it sleek by keeping a shine serum at hand for a high-fashion finish.

5. Two Long Low Weave Ponytails With Swoop


The ultra-length, the criss-cross swoop, the silky curled tresses—with this cute ponytail hairstyle you’re slaying and setting trends.

6. Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Curly Weave


The easiest way to switch up your hairstyle is to add an accessory. These sparkly pins are making the voluminous weave and the flawless edges really pop!

7. Two Space Buns With Front Pieces


You need to be bold to choose this neon pink weave because it will draw attention. But look how cute it is! Wrap your ponytails around the base and turn them into space buns and don’t forget to fluff them up for extra volume.

8. Long Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Weave


You like to look sophisticated, but still want some sweetness in your style? Here’s a suggestion. This hairstyle is all polished edges and sleek tresses, but the twin ponytails take it from classic to cute and youthful.

9. Two High Curly Ponytails With Weave


This look will protect your natural hair and highlight the beauty of your face. Learn to do it yourself with this detailed tutorial that has all the tips and tricks you need.

10. Braided Ponytails With Curtain Bangs


Things we love about the twin ponytails hairstyle #137: it lets you play around and add your own touch to your look. The braids? 10/10, and with the face-framing bangs and the vivid color, this becomes a signature style.

11. Two Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Weave


The classically casual, and oh-so-gorgeous two half-up half-down ponytails with weave will never get old because this look is so flattering—it moves your hair out of your face to show it off, but it’s still there to frame it.

12. Deep Wave Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails


The luxurious deep wave and the gorgeous swirl edges scream opulence. You’ll be looking glam in any fit, on any occasion and at any time. You own everything!

13. Two Weave Ponytails With Swoop


Laid, slayed and you know you don’t play.

14. Two Half-Up Half-Down Long Weave Ponytails


If you’re daring and want to experiment with your look, the possibilities are endless. Choose a bold pink weave to live out your anime character fantasies.

15. Two Weave Ponytails With Barrette


The two bouncy ponytails, the ultra-sleek swoop, the baby hair swirls, the pearly barrette—there’s a lot going on here. Instead of being too much, this hairstyle looks harmonious because all the elements have the same vibe.

16. Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Clips


Feeling quirky? It’s all about the details! A zig-zag parting really pops when you wear it with two ponytails, and the butterfly clips will give your look a cute retro feeling.

17. ’90s Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Weave


Party like it’s 1999 with this cute and casual high half-up half-down ponytails with weave. The ’90s-inspired front pieces really ramp up the nostalgia, and the whole look is throwback fabulous instead of dated.

18. Two Middle Part Ponytails With Weave


Some hairstyles aren’t that great from the back, but here you have two middle part ponytails with weave that look sleek, precise and on-point.

19. Half-Up Half-Down Weave Space Buns


Need some inspo for the next time you want to get creative with your hair? Try combining different elements to create a unique look, like this adorable futuristic space buns half-updo.

20. Two Ponytails With Weave Braids


There are so many types of braids out there, but most of them need long hair. As luck would have it, you just had your ponytails with weave done—here’s your chance to try out what’s out there. Start braiding!

21. Curly Half-Up Half-Down Ponytails With Weave


You can create these vintage curls the way they used to do back in the day using strips of fabric overnight, or get them instantly with a medium-barrel curling wand. When they loosen up they become waves, so you’re getting a two-in-one hairstyle.

22. Two Ponytails With Curly Weave


Being cute is always on-trend. Choose a weave that matches the vibe you want to give off, lay those edges and you’re done.