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Save Time And Look Chic With These 23 Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Save Time And Look Chic With These 23 Easy Updos For Medium Hair

Are you tired of always wearing your hair straight or curly? Are you seeking a change, a new and easy way to style it? I hear you, and I have something for you that will upgrade your look… A collection of the most beautiful easy updos for medium hair.

There is no need to go to the salon whenever you need a hairstyle for a special occasion because these buns are a piece of cake. Even if you aren’t that handy when styling your hair, trust me, these updos will become your favorite DIY project.

1. High Bun With Two Front Strands

You can gather these front strands/bangs in your bun, but, this way, you’ll get that face-framing effect. Those face-framing bangs will balance the face shape and highlight the finest facial features. 

2. The Cutest Sleek Low Bun

Whenever you want to make a simple bun look more elegant and stylish, adding a satin bow will always do the job. Just look how cute this super easy bun looks with this pink bow. 😍

3. Braided Low Updo

Braids are also one of the ways to spice up a simple bun. They’re sophisticated and also give those cute, youthful vibes.

4. Tousled Low Bun

I like these tousled buns because of the incredible volume they give to the hair. Besides, they are stunning and look effortless, which makes them the perfect hairstyle for all occasions.

5. Dutch Braided Bun

This sophisticated bun is a lot easier to do than it looks like. Divide your hair into two identical sections and braid the Dutch braids. Once you come to the end, just wrap the braids around each other, creating a low bun, and pin them together using a hair tie or bobby pins.

6. Elegant Bridal Updo

Here is a perfect low bun for the bride. If it’s too simple for you, a cute hair accessory or jewelry will take this hairstyle to a new, more elegant level.

7. Simplistic Braid Finishing In Low Bun

The French braid combined with a low bun is definitely something you should include in your hairstyling routine. If you’re familiar and handy with braids, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to create this effortless, chic look.

8. Natural Curly Hair Updo

This multi-twist updo works for every type of curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, I have one tip for you. Always try to keep the natural textures of your curls as much as possible because it is the only way you’ll get a nice and full-of-volume bun.

9. Dutch Braids Into Space Buns

Here is the cutest example of a back-to-school hairstyle, even though you can wear it wherever you want. It’s simple yet so fancy and stylish. Oh, and it has been conquering trending these last few years.

10. Voluminous Low Bun For Thin Hair

The false volume created at the crown area makes this hairstyle perfect for those with thin/fine hair. 

There are several ways you can achieve that volume. You can use hair volumizer spray, or simply leave a roller on that area while doing the housework, or even wrap the hair around a large barrel and hold it for a few seconds, and then gently brush that part.

11. Lace Braid Low Bun

Perhaps it doesn’t seem so, but this is a super fast and easy-to-do hairstyle. Make the simplest lace braid and tie it off while you make this messy low updo. Then simply wrap the braid around the bun and attach it underneath with a bobby pin.

For a more messy look, just pull out a few strands of hair around the head, especially in that frontal part.

12. Simple And Sleek Accessorized Updo

This is the fanciest bun in this collection. It would definitely be awkward to wear this updo every day, but for some special occasions, it’ll be a real head-turner.

13. Top Knot With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs and every type of updos and buns are a match made in heaven. This high updo may seem a bit harsh, but the fringes soften those sharp angles and enhance her most eminent facial features.

14. Simple Chignon

For all of you who want a sophisticated updo, the chignon should be at the top of your buns-to-try list. It’s super easy, always trendy and elegant.

Make a low, polished ponytail and put hair spray on it. Then, twist it around to form a knot. Attach the ends with enough bobby pins and lock in your bun with hair spray. If you want to make your hairstyle last, don’t skimp on the hair spray.

15. Crown Braid Updo

It is also called the never-ending French braid bun because it’s not easy to determine where the braid starts and where it ends. It’s cute and perfect for special occasions, weddings, birthdays, and similar celebrations.

16. Bow Updo

Here is the most lovely hairstyle you’ll see today. Even though it doesn’t seem so at first glance, it’s very easy to make a bow bun.

You start by making a tight ponytail. Loop it into a knot that you divide in two. Take the rest of the hair left in the front and cover that area you’ve split before. All you have to do then is to secure the bun with bobby pins, and voila… You get this incredibly sweet hairstyle.

17. Side Braid Bun

These buns that fall at the nape of the neck are so elegant and attractive. Once you learn to make this side braid bun, you’ll always have a lovely, formal hairstyle up your sleeve.

18. Undone Updo

This effortless bun gives the impression of an undone hairstyle and that’s why it’s called so. However, these strands are left out on purpose, to create that messy, tousled look most women love.

19. Pastel Rainbow Updo

The fact is, these pastel rainbow hues make this bun look so playful and cute. I’m sure only a few women will be brave enough to try this hairstyle but still, this bun deserves its place among these trendiest updos.

20. Textured Updo

If you aren’t a fan of sleek updos but of those that bring or boost your hair volume, this textured bun is for you. It’s suitable both for straight and curly hair. If you have naturally straight hair, you’ll need to curl it before you start working on the bun.

21. Effortless Scrunchie High Bun

I think it takes a minute to make this simple bun. It’s a practical hairstyle for every day. However, it’s possible to make this classic bun look chic and modern simply by choosing a more stylish scrunchie design. 

22. Low Bun With Braided Headband

Can we all agree on how stunning this copper hue is? Simply breathtaking! This red hue brings warmth to the complexion and is compatible with every skin tone. 

I still can’t decide what is more beautiful, the color or the updo, and I’m sure some of you will have that dilemma, too.

23. Curled Updo With Side Bang

If you need a full glam updo but don’t have time to go to the salon, here is an almost effortless curled updo you can make at home.

First, you’ll need to curl the hair. Then, make this high bun by pulling your hair up very high, almost to the top of your head. If you don’t know how to do it, you can make it with the help of a hair donut. Leave this curled strand in the front for that glam effect.